Canadian Duff Charette Wins DSPT Grey Eagle Championship for $284,095


The final event for Season 3 of the WPT DeepStacks Poker Tour (DSPT) concluded this week at the Grey Eagle Resort & Casino in Calgary, Alberta. A massive field of 712 entries was received, smashing the $1,000,000 guarantee. Ontario native Duff Charette topped a very strong final table to capture the title and a prize of $284,095.

Less than 10 days after bubbling the official final table of the partypoker World Poker Tour (WPT) Caribbean in Punta Cana, Charette used his seventh-place prize of USD $54,000 to take a trip to Calgary for the DSPT Championship. Two days of poker later, Charette found himself at another final table, facing the likes of two-time World Series of Poker (WSOP)  bracelet winner Kristen Bicknell, fellow WSOP bracelet winner Tyler Bonkowski, Peter Chien, and DSPT Season 3 Player of the Year Balram Bhandari.

Bicknell lead the field heading into Day 3 with 27 players remaining and would take the chip lead into the final table as well. She would add to her stack early, taking out Sam Ngai in ninth. Damian Minev would be the next to fall, losing a race with ace-king to Bonkowski’s pocket jacks. Bad timing for a short-stacked Tosha Beaudry ended her run in seventh. Beaudry moved all-in preflop with ace-jack but ran into the pocket kings of Bicknell and could not improve.

Tom Le would depart in sixth, shoving from the button and getting a call from Bhandari in the big blind. Bhandari had Lee dominated and held through the board. A little bad luck sent Peter Chien to the rail in fifth place. Having Bicknell dominated and both flopping a pair, Bicknell turned two-pair and Chien found no help on the river.

After several double-ups and a couple exchanges of the chip lead, a cooler ended the day for Bonkowski. Bicknell shoved on the button with two fours and Bonkowski called with pocket sevens, putting himself at risk. Bicknell hit a set on the flop and Bonkowski was eliminated.

The lead would be short-lived for Bicknell as Bhandari would chip away and take control of the table. After losing a big flip to Charette, Bicknell was on the short stack and would eventually get her chips in the middle against Charette once more. Unfortunately, Charette woke up with pocket kings and Bicknell’s queen-jack could not improve, ending her run in third.

Bhandari had a sizable lead heading into heads-up play but a crucial mistake flipped the table big time. After Charette opened preflop, Bhandari three-bet jammed with ace-four, and Charette snap-called with ace-queen, creating an over 100 big blind pot. Bhandari would flop a straight flush draw but Charette was able to fade to take a commanding lead.

A few hands went by before Charette got the chance to seal the deal. On the final hand, both players saw a flop in which they each flopped two-pair. All the chips went in the middle but it was Charette’s top-two that were best. Charette faded a river diamond that would have chopped the pot and all the chips, the money, the trophy, and the title of Season 3 DeepStacks Champion were his.

Final table results:

1 Duff Charette $284,095
2 Balram Bhandari $199,240
3 Kristen Bicknell $128,425
4 Tyler Bonkowski $94,695
5 Peter Chien $72,185
6 Tom Le $57,420
7 Tosha Beaudry $47,575
8 Damian Minev $37,850
9 Sam Ngai $28,405


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*Photo courtesy of the WPT DeepStacks live blog


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