Canadian Cheryl Peng Leads Final 8 of Asian Poker Tour Macau


Xiao “Cheryl” Peng

It doesn’t seem to matter where Canadians are taking their seats at the poker table in 2013, they just keep stacking chips and winning bricks of cash.  Canada’s Xiao, also known as “Cheryl” Peng is currently poised and in great shape to bring home another title for our players at the Asian Poker Tour Macau $25,000HK Main Event with nearly double the chip count of her next closest competitor.

Peng leads the final 8 of 193 entries, with a first place prize of more than $1,000,000 HKD (~$135,000 CAD) reserved for today’s winner, with play resuming at 2:00PM local time at Level 21, with blinds at 5k/10k and a 1k ante.

Xiao “Cheryl” Peng (Chips) 1,048,000 Canada
Henrik Tollefsen 615,000 Norway
Gang Jia 568,000 China
John Conkright 550,000 USA
Hui Wen 448,000 China
Feng Zhoa 338,000 Singapore
Phong  “Turbo” Nguyen 177,000 USA
Alvin Cheam 116,000 Australia

With 6 countries represented at this final table, it’s sure to be an exciting conclusion, so check back on this post for results and payouts to be posted later.  Canadian Yu Pin Lin also finished in the money but we don’t have the prize information quite yet.

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2013 Asian Poker Tour Macau Final Eight


Asian Poker Tour Macau Results

1st Henrik Tollefsen Norway 1,076,000 HK ~ $143,323 CAD
2nd John Conkright USA 620,000 HK ~ $82,584 CAD
3rd Hui Wen China 422,000 HK ~ $56,210 CAD
4th Phong  “Turbo” Nguyen USA 301,000 HK ~ $40,093 CAD
5th Xiao “Cheryl” Peng Canada 245,000 HK ~ $32,634 CAD
6th Feng Zhoa Singapore 198,000 HK ~ $26,373 CAD
7th Alvin Cheam Australia 159,000 HK ~ $21,178 CAD
8th Jia Geng China 129,000 HK ~ $17,182 CAD

Buy – in + 25,000 HK ~ $3,330 CAD     Total Entries:  193

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