Canada is Well Represented in the 2010 WSOP Main Event


Now that the final table is set for the 2010 WSOP Main Event, the “November Nine” as they are calling it features two Canadians, including the current chip leader. No Canadian has ever won the main event, but with the success of our nation’s poker players already in 2010 (5 bracelets and numerous other final table appearances) this could very well be the year that “O Canada” is played at something other than a hockey or Olympic event to celebrate a victory.

Jonathan Duhamel from Boucherville, Quebec is a 22 year-old poker pro that dominated the later stages of this tournament before reaching the final table. Duhamel was the beneficiary of a nice rush during the late stages of Day 8 and was able to accumulate a large number of chips and now heads into the final table with 65,975,000 chips; good enough for the chip lead. With second place sitting with 46,250,000 in chips and no other player topping the 24 million chip mark, Duhamel has a great opportunity to not only go deep in November but take home the title.

jonathan duhamel
Jonathan Duhamel

With so many players well below him in stack size, Duhamel can use his chips as power early on and put the pressure on the other players. By forcing the action against the smaller stacks, Duhamel can pick up pots relatively cheaply and will be able to not only build on his lead, but climb up the prize ladder as well. With first place paying $8,944,138, that would be a great pay day for the young poker pro, and he will be set for life as far as finances and a career goes. He will have all of Canada rooting for him, but he will have to share some of that praise at the table because he is not the only Canuck vowing to get that title.

Matthew Jarvis, a 25 year old from Surrey, BC is also at the final table with Duhamel and currently sits in 5th place with 16,700,000 in chips. Jarvis will have to make some moves eventually if he wants to get the victory, but he is a sound poker player/student that has made it this far already. He knows that he will have so much support from family and friends, along with an entire nation rooting him and Jonathan on, so Matthew’s job is to go out there, relax, and try not to make any big mistakes early on. There are a few players with significantly shorter stacks then he, so if he can let them fall by the waste side (or knock them out) he will be well on his way.

matthew jarvis
Matthew Jarvis

With two Canadians at the final table, obviously the dream scenario for would be to see them battle heads-up for the title, in an impromptu “East vs. West” showdown for millions of dollars and immortality. Both of these players plan on taking some well-deserved time away from the game over the next few months in order to clear their heads and get away from poker for awhile. With both of them about to become millionaires, these two will need to be sharp if they want to claim the title.

Just think of how proud Canadians will be in the poker world if one of them can capture the bracelet and how dramatically their lives will (or already have) changed. It is great to see all the success Canadian poker players have had at the 2010 WSOP and Jarvis and Duhamel can cap it off by claiming the biggest prize it has to offer.

We here at cannot wait for November to come so we can watch these two pros take their shot at history and truly put Canada’s poker scene on the map. Sure, we have Daniel Negreanu and Gavin Smith as the most recognizable Canadian poker pros out there, but they would have to make room for one of these two if they are crowned World Champion. Canadian poker players are on the rise and 2010 proved it.


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