Bluffing in Online Texas Hold’em


To put it simply, if bluffing did not exist in the game of Texas Holdem, then the game would be relatively boring! If everyone was completely honest about their hands, then there really would be little skill involved in the game. Hiding the strength of your hands and betting when you are weak is a huge part of what creates complexity in Texas Holdem Strategy.

Bluffing should be done less in online poker than what you would do in a live Texas Holdem game. This is due to the fact that players will call you more frequently online. This is because players do not take money as seriously online and also because many players like to be more aggressive online, since they do not have the physical tells to use. Since players are bluffing more online, they are assuming that other players are doing the same, therefore, they call more often.

Bluffing in low-stakes online Texas holdem is pretty much unacceptable. In addition to online players generally calling you down in most situations, the size of the bet in relation to the pot nearly always makes calling a correct decision, even when players don’t think they are best.

Bluffing in Mid to Low stakes Fixed Limit Holdem, is pretty much a waste of time online! The odds are always there for players to call, even with Ace High! So please keep this in mind.

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