Blue Water Classic XIII and recent Great Blue Heron Charity Casino Results


With another near sellout, the Blue Water Classic XIII Poker Tournament series wrapped over the same weekend of the WCPC and we now have the results for those interested.

The Point Edward Ontario poker series was just 18 entries shy of reaching its maximum player caps, building a combined prize-pool of $177,846. Both the $150 and $300 No Limit Hold’em events had no problems filling their 120 player seats, while the $600 came very close, thanks in part to a unique rule at the events that can cause a little confusion when looking at the result tables…

It is easy to see Zeb Paszkowski was the big winner over the series, cashing 3 times over the events for more than $35,000; what raises eyebrows is how he came both first and last in the same $600 event.

While it may appear to be a mistake, it most likely isn’t; as medium limit tournaments are rare in the area and more often fill to capacity days before the events even start, players are given the option of purchasing seats to both the Day 1A and 1B to largest buy-in tournament of the series. Should they advance to Day 2 in the first attempt, players can request a refund minus the registration fee, or if they aren’t happy with their chip count, play the other seat.

Should the same player advance twice, the better chip stack is kept and last place money awarded for the smaller stack. If several people make it through in this fashion, the same number of last place spots are added together, with each player receiving an even cut. Different, but it makes sense.

Here is the final results:


Event #1, No Limit Hold’em $150

1 Pat Foster $4,617.00

2 Graham Lupton $3,249.00

3 Bexis Pavlos $2,223.00

4 John Smith $1,710.00

5 Robert Clift $1,368.00

6 James Brown $1,026.00

7 Brian Massender $855.00

8 Joey Crocker $684.00

9 Paul Rodrigues $513.00

10 Marvin Young $342.00

11 Ciaran Carter $257.00

12 Jason Lee $257.00

 Total Prize-Pool: $17,101 Total Entries: 120


Event #2, No Limit Hold’em $300

1 Justin Van Boxtell   $9,234

2 Bryan Snedden $6,498

3 Russell Clarke $4,446

4 Murray Griffin $3,420

5 Tony Huynh $2,736

6 Gerard Decaluwe $2,052

7 Ian Gare $1,710

8 Danny Testani $1,368

9 Paul Rodrigues $1,026

10 Zeb Paszkowski $684

11 Hari Srinivasan $513

12 James Brown $513

 Total Prize-Pool: $34,200 Total Entries: 120


Event #3 No Limit Hold’em $600 (2 Day Event)

1 Zeb Paskowski $33,533

2 Peter Bodnad $20,753

3 Ethel Tari $12,654

4 Matthew Brunskole $9,301

5 Barry Kruger $7,276

6 Martin Welch $5,378

7 Nick Ttofalis $4,113

8 Richard Mallow $3,480

9 Phillip Tunstill. $2,847

10 Justin Van Boxtel. $2,278

11 John Lennox $1,772

12 Keeth Beharrell $1,772

13 George Karaouzas. $1,772

14 Raymond Martin $1,772

15 Murray Griffin $1,772

16 Jones Jones $1,392

17 Howard Kotchie $1,392

18 Pamela Alguire $1,392

19 Maureen Sands $1,392

20 Roger Haupt $1,392

21 Troy Hamilton $1,139

22 Gregory Paratchik. $1,139

23 Robert Boss $1,139

24 Tony Huyng $1,139

25 Alissa Pluss $1,139

26 Amand Mesko $1,139

27 Carmela De Ciantis $1,139

28 Zeb Paskowski $1,139

Total Prize-Pool: $126,545 Total Entries: 222

The Great Blue Heron Charity Casino also hosted a couple of special events recently, both a Ladies No Limit Hold?em $200 and a $750 Deep Stack.

For those that missed out and plan on being in the area, the Great Blue Heron poker room will once again be hosting its annual Fall Classic $1000+$100 scheduled for October 12th. Players begin with 10,000 starting chips, with 30 minute blinds and a 110 player “hard” field cap.

Here are the results from their last two events:

2011 Ladies No Limit Hold’em Freeze out Tournament

This event had 47 players participating for the prize pool of $8,930.00. The buy-in for the tournament was $200+ $20 admin.

1st PHYILLIS VIRGINLLO $3,572.00 Mississauga Ont.

2nd SHELLEY GARDY $2,232.50 Orillia Ont.

3rd DANIELLE MICALLLEF $1,339.50 Peterborough Ont.

4th SHERRY STANTON $1,071.60 Port Perry Ont.

5th GUY DELORM $714.40 Ottawa Ont.


$750 No Limit Deep Stack Hold?em Freeze Tournament

This event had 78 players participating for the prize pool of $55,575.00. The buy-in for the tournament was $750+ $75 admin.

Markham’s John Lam is definitely amongst the notable names, with about $425,000 in live career winnings over almost a dozen cashes. Lam has won the Great Blue Heron Charity Casino $500 events on several past occasions and a Venation Deep Stack $300, though his biggest score came first; a 3rd place finish in the $10,000 World Poker Tour North American Poker Championship worth more than $300,000.

Here are the full results:

1st Everol Davis $20,007.00 Mississauga Ont.

2nd Dany Boudiwan $12,782.25 Brampton Ont.

3rd John Lam $6,669.00 Markham Ont.

4th Abe Sasson $5,001.75 Thornhill Ont.

5th Nancy Tied $4,446.00 Scarborough Ont.

6th Anita Halfpenny $3,334.50 Belleville Ont.

7th Justin Brennan $2,223.00 Bowmanville Ont

8th Rob Graham $1,111.50 Belleville Ont.

Congratulations to all the Ontario poker players who finished in the money in these OLG events!

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