Bianca Rojas-Latraverse rejects Parole


Bianca Rojas-LatraverseThe ex-girlfriend of Jonathan Duhamel who is known for masterminding the 2010 in-home robbery of the former WSOP Champion where he was beaten and robbed of over $100,000 thousand in cash, a Rolex and diamond-encrusted Championship bracelet was being forcibly paroled.

Rojas-Latraverse was sentenced last summer to two years in prison, plus 18 months already served.

During her detention in Tanguay Prison until last year, the young woman was described as a manipulative. She’s a problem described a probation officer. She has a lot of influence on people around her.

In 16-months of detention, Rojas-Latraverse had several disciplinary offenses ranging from possession of cocaine and fights with fellow inmates. She was so popular that she herself was transferred for some time in Quebec City.

The nearly 23-year-old woman rejected parole said she wanted to “do her time and her sentence,” telling the board that she hoped it would “reduce the pain” of Duhamel. Parole Board Commissioner Anne-Marie Asselin replied that the young woman had to be released automatically after two-thirds of her sentence.

“The Corrections and Conditional Release Act stipulates that she will be released under supervision on the prescribed date and remain (free) until her sentence expires,” Asselin wrote.

Jonathan Duhamel was not able to comment, said his agent, because he is currently in Las Vegas for the World Championship Poker WSOP.


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