BCLC Hits a Snag with their New Website


BCLCIt appears that after the B.C. Lottery Corporation announced two days ago that they were ready and prepared to re-launch their website PlayNow.com that they might have not been as prepared and ready as they thought. The site was overhauled so that in addition to lotteries and sports betting, (which it already had) users on the site would now be able to play casino games like blackjack and roulette and a poker room was on the horizon. Well, it seems as if the dreams of having an online gaming site in B.C. will have to wait as the BCLC were forced to pull the site down just hours after it launched because of a major glitch in the system.

It is unclear as to what the exact reason was for the problem, but BCLC vice-president of corporate affairs Kevin Gass had to do some damage control for the media afterwards. He claims that the new site just was unable to handle the traffic as so many people were interested in the new proposition and were looking for answers about what this new online gaming site would be like. If that is the case then the BCLC has a lot of work ahead of them to ensure that traffic concerns are met, because if Rich Coleman (Minister of Housing and Social Development) was correct with his statement that British Columbians spend about $100 million a year in offshore gaming sites, then PlayNow.com should never have a problem in regards to handling traffic. The longer it takes to get this site up and functional again means that the longer it will be for the local economy to reap the benefits that this site promised.

When asked how long it would be until the site was restored, Gass replied with “I’m hopeful in the near term but quite honestly until it’s ready, I don’t know when ready is going to be.” Not a promising outlook for gamblers and the implications this will have on the poker room launch in the near future is not to be forgotten about. With a problem like this the BCLC could go in a few different directions regarding its online poker room launch. If they rush back into it and become “deadline driven” then don’t be surprised if the poker room has some initial follies to begin with as well. However, if they manage to take their time with this situation, fully address the problem and come up with proper solutions then the poker room should be able to run smoothly and profitably, whenever that may be.

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