Bash Ramahi Ships 2013 Klondike Classic Poker Series Main Event


Klondike ClassicBash Ramahi has wasted no time in validating a recent feature in WPT Magazine spotlighting the Edmonton player, having now added the 2013 Klondike Classic Main Event Champion to his growing poker resume almost before the ink had time to dry.

His latest win at the Pure Poker Room at Casino Yellowhead was worth $34,300 and is his second title at a major Edmonton tournament series and will see Ramahi take over the 6th spot on the  All Time Money list for the venue, on top of currently occupying the top spot at the sister venue, Casino Edmonton (Argyll).  All told, Bash has won more than $145,000 to date over Edmonton’s medium limit tournament circuit; a big congratulations to him on this latest success!

Also of note, Tony Hoang might be considered the “best grinder” of the series, cashing in 3 of the 6 events for more than $10,000 combined, while Dale Chalifoux  and Garrett Bok also stand out as having multiple in the money finishes.

All told, nearly $300,000 in prize-money was awarded over a bold schedule of varying poker disciplines that both entertained and was clearly a refreshing change for those that turned out from the standard  “play it safe”,  nine or ten-handed No Limit Hold’em only series that are all too often offered.

Here is how all that money was divvied up:

Event #1 – $225 + $25 No Limit Hold’em Re-buy

1st Doug McGinnis $9,540
2nd Tony Hoang $6,310
3rd Raymond Trieu $4,700
4th Tyler Melski $3,490
5th Kyle Strap $2,821

Total Add-Ons:  37   Entries:  52  Re-buys:  169    Total Prize Pool:  $26,861

Event #2 – $500+$50 Six Max No Limit Hold’em

1st Kevin Barrett $11,000
2nd Devin Verstraelen $6,900
3rd Brian Fleming $5,300
4th Jesse Stevenson $3,700
5th Jeffrey Wilson $2,700
6th Raymond Chen $2,400
7th Mel Morris $2,125

Total Entries:  70     Total Prize Pool:  $34,125

Event #3 – $300+$30 “Shoot-Out”, No Limit Hold’em

1st Rahim Hassam $7,250
2nd Randall Moore $4,560
3rd Dale Chalifoux $3,450
4th Andrew Watt $2,400
5th Tony Hoang $1,760
6th Richard Lauman $1,520
7th Gilles Plouffe $1,350
8th Garrett Bok $1,110

Total Entries:  80    Total Prize Pool:  $23,400

Event #4 – $250+$25 Pot Limit Omaha

1st Sal Sen $10,000
2nd Homer Jiminez $5,854
3rd Scot Munro $3,800
4th Ted Timmermans $2,830
5th Steve Dyck $2,260
6th Reginald Ching $1,860
7th Albert Hahn $1,520
8th Rahim Hassam $1,330
9th Igor Gorelkik $1,150
10th Kevin Bruinsma $970
11th Ron Lauzon $870
12th Joe Herlein $800
13th Greg Merritt $750
14th Tony Luong $700
15th Garrett Bok $650

Total Entries:  145  Total Prize Pool:  $35,344

Event #5 – $500 + $50 3 Day No Limit Hold’em Main Event

1st Bashar Ramahi $34,300
2nd  Phong Truong $20,650
3rd  Ryan Strap $16,200
4th  James Banh $12,000
5th  Ted Timmermans $9,300
6th Allen Butkovic $7,000
7th  Donald Becken $4,900
8th Malcolm Bolger $3,400
9th  Alan Bell $2,800
10th Tony Hoang $2,200
11th  Raymond Chen $1,750
12th Paul Brar $1,750
13th Tala Shoush $1,500
14th Richard Comely $1,500
15th  Greg Merritt $1,500
16th  George Broomas $1,500
17th  Craig Floehlich $1,350
18th  Ken Lakusta $1,350
19th  Ronald Piasetski $1,350
20th Norman Thistlewaite $1,250
21st Joel Bullock $1,250
22nd Nicole Cervenka $1,250
23rd Jimmy Lee $1,250
24th Dickie Deng $1,200
25th Robert Fediuk $1,200
26th Sandy Brown $1,200

Total Entries:  280  Total Prize Pool:  $134,900

*Full Results will be posted here shortly

Event #6 – $400 + $40 “Bounty” No Limit Hold’em

1st Richard Comely $12,000
2nd Lap Chi $7,000
3rd Brian Anderson $4,500
4th Xin Ming Huang $3,360
5th Lori Mann $2,670
6th Calvin “X” $2,210
7th Jeff Harcourt $1,810
8th Peter Go $1,580
9th Woodroin Payler $1,370
10th Scot Munro $1,160
11th Darrell Jomha $1,030
12th Dale Chalifoux $900
13th Jesse Stevenson $900
14th Laurence Quon $780
15th Keith Stick $780

Total Entries:  145   Total Prize Pool:  $42,050

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Jon Harnish
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  1. Don’t see why Garrett and Dale would get mentioned and not Rahim Hassam. Garrett had two cashes, one of which was a final table, for a total of $1,760. He likely had an unprofitable series.

    Dale had two cashes, one of which was a final table, for a total of $4,350.

    Rahim also had two cashes, but both were final tables and one was a win for a total of $8,580. Equal number of cashes with more final tables, a win, and more $ won, and he didn’t even play event #6!.

    One could argue that if 3 names should be mentioned in this article, it would be Bash, Tony, & Rahim.


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