Bad Beat Jackpots tops the half a Million mark


One of the more fruitful bad beat jackpots in the poker world continues to raise the barometer as the 100K minimum guaranteed jackpot hit again in the early morning hours of May 1st, 2012 at Playground Poker Club. Since the BBJ started being reseeded at 100K back in February of 2012, it has hit a total of five times paying out players over $531,000 in cash.

When asked about the increasing frequency of the BBJ hitting in such a short period, Martin Roy, the Club’s Tournament Director says that it all comes down to simple math. “The Bad Beat can be hit once in every 75,000 hands and the more cash game play at the club, the more hands are dealt and the sooner the jackpot hits”. Martin goes on to explain that traffic at the club is always steady. “Playground spreads a game for almost any level of poker player” adds Roy “so really anyone at any time can benefit from the BBJ hitting no matter what cash game table they’re playing at”.

Like the last four Bad Beat Jackpots that hit at Playground, the losing hand took home the lion’s share at $40,000 while the winning hand took home $20,000. The table was playing eight-way at the time and the other six players seated at the bad beat table were all paid $3,333 while all other cash game players pocketed $455 each, just for being in the Club.

“It pays to play at Playground” says local Players Club Member JP Piquette who is a regular tournament and cash game player at the Club. “Eventually the Million Dollar Super Beat will hit and I’m going to be here when it does. “continues JP.

Based on the historic numbers, it’s highly possible that the Bad Beat Jackpot at Playground Poker Club will pay out over 1 million dollars by August of this year.





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