Bad Beat Jackpot Hit on EspaceJeux & PlayNow for about $540,000


On the evening of March 17, the Bad Beat Jackpot was hit on the Canadian poker network shared by Espacejeux and PlayNow.

Bad Beat Jackpots reward players who have extremely strong hands and get beaten by an even stronger hand.

The hand in question took place at a $1-$2 6-Max player no-limit and was QQ vs. JJ all-in pre-flop. The flop was QQJ with a Jack on the river. The winner of the bad beat was the player with the screen name “ticoune” who had his four Jacks beat by four Queens and won about $270K. The winner of the hand was Espacejeux sponsored poker pro Laurence Grondin aka “LadyLuck”who won $135K. The remaining 4 players shared $135K between them.

The progressive jackpot is divided as follows:

  • 50% of the progressive jackpot is won by the loser of the hand (the player with the second-highest ranked hand)
  • 25% goes to the winner of the hand (the player with the highest-ranked hand)
  • 25% is shared equally among the other players who received two pocket cards

The previous bad beat jackpot that was won in December was for over $992,000. Currently, the new bad beat jackpot is sitting at over $118K.

Congratulations to the winners (or losers)…


  1. doesn’t the network take 10% of the jackpot as an ‘administration fee’ AKA ‘Rake’??

    total BS that the jackpot is raked, they already pull massive funds out of circulation.

    • I believe they take the 10% admin fee and 20% new jackpot seeding fee as soon as the hands are played so only the net amount is added to the jackpot pool. Other poker sites take their cuts only after the jackpot is hit.


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