B.C. Judge Approves Class Action Lawsuit for Two Problem Gamblers


Two problem gamblers from British Columbia who enrolled themselves in the Province’s self-exclusion program that is meant to bar them from government run casinos have received the green light from a B.C. judge to proceed with a class action lawsuit to aim to get back their winnings.

Both Hamidreza Haghdust and Michael Lee argue that the BCLC “wrongfully withheld” approximately $75,000 in total winnings for the pair from jackpots.

At least 300 self-excluded gamblers have been denied winnings since April 2009, according to the lottery corporation.

There are more than 6,000 British Columbians enrolled in BCLC’s self-exclusion program, a voluntary program which means they’ve admitted to a gambling obsession and agreed to have the lottery corporation bar them from its gambling establishments. Under the program though, it is also up to the gamblers to take the responsibility to stay away from the casinos.

This is not the first time BCLC is being sued by gamblers around the issue of self-exclusion, however, in those instances the gamblers are taking aim at the self exclusion program as not being effective due to them being allowed entry into the casinos where they lost hundreds of thousands of dollars after being allowed to play.


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