Austin Poker Game Gets Raided


As ridiculous as this may sound, the game of Texas Hold’em is illegal in the state of Texas; actually, all gambling is illegal!  And we all know what prohibition does, just creates others to find an illegal way to get their fix.

On Monday August 23rd, the Travis County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Kenneth Davis, along with 4 other accomplices for operating an illegal gambling operation in Southwest Austin.  This comes only a few weeks after a major bust took place in Houston (3 hours South of the Capital City).

A deputy received a tip that an illegal poker game was taking place at a house on Rawhide Trail.  After getting access to participate in the poker games at the residence owned by Kenneth Davis, the Deputy discovered that Davis was interviewing people to attend the poker game, money was exchanged for poker chips, and a portion of each pot was taken by the dealer for the house.

While several people were hired to work at the poker game, 4 were charged with misdemeanors for dealing the games and hosting the games.

A quote posted by a user on pretty much sums it all up:

“I thought we were trying to stimulate the economy – why bust up an operation that’s harming no one and providing a couple of jobs…?”

While it isn’t our place to decide what is legal and not legal, it’s definitely a good thing to be a Canadian and have legal Casinos and Poker Games around!


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