Atlantic Lottery to Accept Single Event Bets


In effort to offer a wider gaming variety to meet consumer demand, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) have found a creative way to accept single bets on wagers other than sporting events.  The Atlantic Lottery will be taking single bets on individual outcomes of Academy Awards scheduled for February 24. Wagering on single sporting events, however, is still not permitted by the Criminal Code of Canada.

The restriction in the Criminal Code has forced the Canadian provincial lotteries that offer sports betting to accept bets on the combined outcome of a minimum of 3 events. Only recently has that number dropped to two events and a restriction that Parliament may soon altogether lift as the Provincial lotteries are lobbying for.

From the lotteries’ perspective, while it might be more profitable as the chance of predicting the outcome of multiple events become increasingly difficult, they argue it makes their offering less competitive in comparison to international offshore and European bookmakers who are able to offer bets on single outcomes.

From a customer’s perspective, being forced to bet on multiple sports events correctly is much harder and puts them in a disadvantage when it comes to predicting all outcomes correctly. Sports betting, however, is something that should be for recreational purposes for sports fans.

In the meantime, while the ALC is looking for new ways to keep its customers happy, it will be allowing people to place wagers on what films and actors will take home Oscars next month, one Oscar at a time.


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