Aria Las Vegas Introduces Multi-Table Live Poker


Live poker players are finally getting a taste of multi-table poker, a luxury that has only been available on online poker sites. A new form of poker called Multi Action Poker has been launched exclusively at the Aria Resort and Casino poker room in Las Vegas this week that gives poker players the ability to play two games simultaneously and effectively decreasing the time players must wait to act.

In Multi Action Poker, a player is actively engaged in two hands dealt at the same time and must consider two sets of opponents, chips stacks and of course community and hole cards.

There are two dealers sitting across the table from each other, each dealing a separate hand. The table is divided so that each player actually has 2 spaces clearly marked where to receive cards. One space is marked with a blue circle and the other with a red circle and chips stacks are kept separate.

Two flops are laid out at the center of the table on the respective colours, blue or red.

The Aria will be testing this concept over the next month. It is certainly an interesting innovation to live poker and helps keep the game moving for players who become ever impatient waiting for the next hand. Online poker has already proven that players want to play multiple hands simultaneously because it also makes more business sense to them.


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