Apex Casino in St-Albert, Alberta Closes 24-Hour Poker Room


The Apex Casino in St-Albert, Alberta has recently announced the closing of its 24-hour poker room slated to close some time in early February, citing lack of demand for the casino’s decision.

Owners confirmed that the poker room had not lived up to its financial expectations after being open for a full year.

Casino co-owner Bruce McPherson credited the room’s lack of business to several factors. He said most serious poker players already have tables at different casinos at which they prefer to play and Apex hasn’t been able to lure those players to its room.

“People get established where they go to play poker at and it’s very difficult to pry them away from their existing facilities.”

Apex was also one of the last casinos in the region to open a 24-hour poker room, McPherson said according to an article in the St. Albert Gazette, which made finding players hard.

Apex is not the only casino closing its 24-hour poker room, but whereas Apex will be getting out of the poker business all together, the other casinos have decided to keep their poker tables running during regular gaming hours.

Truth be told, the poker room is the least money making game in a casino when you consider the amount of space the poker tables take up. This is even more the case during tournaments which can run for hours or even days.

There are also no firm plans on what the casino will do with the space.

If you would like to visit the Apex Casino which is in St. Albert, just minutes from Edmonton, you can go to their website at www.apexcasino.ca to get more info.


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