Andrew Pantling and Phil Laak Heads Up at WSOPE Event #1


Final WSOPE 2010 Pantling LaakThe incoming chip leader in Day 3, Canadian Andrew Pantling, has been steadily building his chip lead throughout this Final Table. Here are some final table highlights.

Willie Tann eliminated in 6th place

Pantling’s first victim was Willie Tann, who came in as the short stack with 72,000 chips making him easy prey.

After the flop game :3s :4d :3h , Tann led in with a bet and Pantling raised. Tann re-raised all in for the showdown.

Pantling           :9d :9c

Tann                :7d :7s

Looking for a 2-outer, the turn was :4c and then the river :6h and Tann was escorted out as the first casualty of the final table but managed to pocket £23,900.


Ilan Rouah eliminated in 5th Place

The next player to be eliminated was Ilan Rouah and Laak was the man to do it. Rouah had the better hole cards :Ac :Th to Laak’s :Js :9h and Rouah moved all in pre-flop from the small blind and Laak called.

Flop came down :Jd :7h :3s and Laak got the pair.

Rouah needed and Ace but the turn and river were :6s and :Qs which didn’t help him. Rouah is eliminated in 5th place and takes £33,000 for his finish.

David Peters eliminated in 4th place

The next elimination was at the hands of Pantling. David Peters raised under the gun as Pantling called from the big stack in the big blind. Both players saw the flop :Kh :Qs :2s and then they both checked. On the :4s turn, Pantling bet and Peters called but was getting low on chips. Then on the river of :2c, Pantling went all in. Peters remaining stack was 111,000 chips and he contemplated it for a few minutes before calling.

Pantling flipped :Kc :Jd. Peters mucked but the WSOP rules state that that all in hands must be shown down so the dealer was instructed to flip the cards :8h :8d as Peters made his way from the table.
Peters leaves the tournament in 4th place and £48,202 in prize money.

Chris Bjorin eliminated in 3rd place

Two-time WSOP bracelet winner, Chris Bjorin, was the shortstack on his exit. He managed to get coolered out of the event. He had queens against Phil Laak’s kings and made £70,473 for his 3rd place finish.

Heads Up – Pantling vs. Laak

Going into Showdown, approximate chip counts are:

Laak – 755,000

Pantling – 1,075,000

For the most part, it’s been a back-and-forth heads-up battle between the two men essentially trading punches back and forth with Laak chipping away at Pandling’s lead until finally taking over the chip lead.

Soon after, in an interesting switch hand, Pantling raised to 33,000 from the button and Laak called to see the flop which came :9c :7s :2d. Laak called a follow-up bet of 42,000.

The turn came :9s and as Laak checked Pantling raised 103,000 chips. Laak called and the river came :6s. Laak checked and Pantling bet 240,000 after a long pause. Laak called quickly.

Pantling turned over :Ac :9h to make trip nines winning the biggest pot during the heads-up match and putting Laak down to 730,000 chips versus Pantling’s 1.1 million stack.

On the very next hand…

The board is :Tc :7c :6c :Ks  and there is about 50,000 in the pot. Pantling checks and Laak made an overbet of 180,000. Pantling went all in and Laak made the call, putting his entire stack at risk.


Pantling           :6s :8c

Laak               :6h :7h

Laak had the lead with two pair but Pantling was hopeful as he was so close to the bracelet. The river came :Th and that was just what Laak needed. This was the biggest pot of the tournament and Laak doubled up to finally take a commanding chip lead. After this hand, Laak was at 1.4 million while Pantling has just 430,000 left.

Phil Laak wins the match

Andrew Pantling raised on the button to 33,000 and Laak moved all in with his better half Jennifer Tilley watching. Pantling called with his remaining chips.

The two showed cards and it was Laak’s :Kd :5c against Pantling’s :Ah :9h suited.

Then the flop came :7h :4h :4c and Pantling was ahead and also picked up a flush draw, eliminating some outs for the Unabomber.

Laak took the lead after hitting one of the few cards in the deck that could have helped him, a :5d on the turn.

After a pause, the river was turned at it was :Qc. Laak wins the hand, £170,802 ($274,000 CAD) in prize money, and a bracelet which he even managed to wear over the cast on his right arm which he got from his recent ATV accident. After a 3 Day battle, Pantling finishes as the runner-up and takes £105,506 ($169,000 CAD).

Congratulations Phil.



(photo credit Greasie Wheels)


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