Alex Wice of Toronto Aiming for 8 Time SuperNova Elite Status on PokerStars

Alexander Wice

Online poker player Alex Wice from Ontario was the first player in 2013 to reach SuperNova Status on PokerStars in 2013. SuperNova used to be the highest VIP level on PokerStars before SuperNova Elite status was introduced. Alex achieved SuperNova by playing around 40 hours of multi-tabling during the first couple of days in the year.

It requires a lot of stamina and mental discipline a deep bankroll and not losing all of one’s money.

PokerStars has a rewards system that assigns VIP Player Points (VPPs) and Frequent Player Points (FPPs) based off of the rake collected in each hand. The VPPs count towards cash bonuses and increased FPP multipliers at certain milestones. The FPPs are redeemable for cash bonuses, electronics, clothing and even a car!

A million VPP’s are required to reach SuperNova Elite status. Achieving SuperNova Elite status gives you around 60% cash rakeback.

In a blog, Wice posted how he has a goal of reaching SuperNova Elite status 8 times during 2013.

“This goal isn’t talk. Over the past couple of months I have been reshaping my life solely to be able to do this. I lost 20 lbs (and will lose more), have very good nutrtion overall and a very good computer setup. This includes chair, gloves, eyewear, a heated room [I heat the room +3C to increase circulation and reduce symptoms of anxiety], towel, humidifier/air purifier, backup internet, backup power, mouse/keyboard, etc. Every setup inside and outside of poker is perfect. And by perfect, I mean catered specifically towards the goal. Winning over everything.”

8 million VPP’s which would effectively be calculated to around $1.5 million of rake and around 80% potential rakeback cash value in VIP benefits.

Currently Alex is still leading the PokerStars SuperNova leaderboard followed by “MouldyOnions” from the United Kingdom. A total of 17 players in the top 100 SuperNova leaderboard are from Canada.

Achieving SuperNova Elite status takes hundreds of hours of play per month.


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