Actor Ben Affleck banned from Hard Rock Casino


hard-rock-hotel-las-vegasOscar-winning actor Ben Affleck, who recently played a role as an online gambling website operator in the film Runner Runner, has been barred from the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas for counting cards at the blackjack tables and winning hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Affleck was in Vegas with wife actress Jennifer Garner, prior to filming the sequel to Man of Steel where he will take on the role of Batman. He was removed from the blackjack table but still allowed to play in other games after surveillance teams observed him using perfect basic – an industry term for card counting, but also takes insurance according to the count.

BEN-AFFLECK-POKERCard counting is a mathematical strategy that players use to keep track of the distribution of cards over a number of hands and use that information to influence their bets. While it is not illegal, it id frowned upon by casinos.

Alerts apparently surfaced days prior on the Surveillance Information Network, a warning system for Las Vegas casinos, that Affleck was suspected of counting cards.

Affleck is said to have won $800,000 in a single night at the blackjack table and handed out tips amounting to $150,000 to dealers and waitresses at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, prior to being banned from there.


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