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Canada Poker is a poker community offering comprehensive poker and gaming related news for Canadian poker enthusiasts. Through our news and poker forums, our team covers live and online poker events, follow and report on the National poker scene, provide updates on Canadian poker tournaments and track Canadian Poker players.

Our goal is not only to provide you with news, but to give Canadian Poker Players a one stop solution for all of their poker needs! Our members benefit by:

  • Our Free Poker School
  • Online Canadian Poker League
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  • Video Broadcasting of Live Poker Events
  • Free Poker Tools
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  • Exclusive Offers to Live and Online Poker Rooms

The demands of poker enthusiasts and professionals continue to grow and change, and our intent is to keep Canada Poker growing each and every day. The Canada Poker Team is dedicated to continually adding new content and features to the site, and you can look forward to seeing more Tools, Contests, Offers and of course news on a regular basis!

Our team of journalists, poker enthusiasts, poker professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners all have 2 things in common:  Their love for the game and their nationality as Canadians!  Poker is not only our business, but a way of life.  After years of researching and studying the game, we realized that there was a strong need for a poker portal dedicated to Canadian Poker Players of all kinds.  Canada has become a strong audience to the game through television and online resources, and now CanadaPoker.com offers its users a multi-functional resource for all things poker!

Our community’s success depends on you!