9th Annual Western Canadian Poker Classic Results @ Casino Yellowhead


The 9TH ANNUAL WESTERN CANADIAN POKER CLASSIC wrapped up this weekend at Casino Yellowhead  in Edmonton Alberta.  The series consisted of a total of 4 events, including a two start day $500 event that came in at some of the country’s best turn out numbers at this buy-in level for quite some time, with 300 total entries. Perhaps Edmonton will take over as Alberta’s tournament hub in the future?

CanadaPoker.com was able to take in some of the fierce competition at the final 2 tables of the $1000 event, here are some quick highlights:

Bubble play seen some fierce completion, with players treading cautiously until well known player Mary Gabriel moved all in holding pocket nines versus Shane Brotherwood’s Jacks.  She would catch no luck, finally seeing the money start for the remaining 12.  Shortly after, Alem Makonen would be Brotherwood’s next victim, being eliminated the hard way, tabling pocket 66’s to Shanes Ace Queen.  A board of JJ778 was no help, and the final table of 11 players was set.

Play was pretty standard until about two and half hours later, when John Wilson’s pocket Jacks eliminated both Lee Spence and Roger Simpson to bring the table down to five.  Although a deal was briefly discussed, not everyone came for a mere $15,600 and play continued.  Navroop Shergill was eliminated next, collecting $9,000 for his day’s work.

Once again, the final 4 decided to continue play until eventually, John Wilson and Jason Bidniak were left Heads Up.  A small deal was made, but about 5th place money, bragging rights and the ring were left in the middle.  John Wilson emerged the victor after around 14 hours of play, an incredible comeback story as after taking a crippling beat with pocket aces near the bubble had been left with about 3 blinds.  Forced to take a flip with Q5 and surviving, Wilson didn’t look back and was one of the player’s who insisted on playing it out.

Congrats to all!

Casino Yellowhead  $300 Event #1

Edmonton Alberta, April 27th, 2011

1st Jimmy “The Greek” Anagnostou $13,600
2nd Al Thome $8,500
3rd Devin Verstraelen $5,500
4th Jonathan Kozel $4,000
5th Kimberly Mcleod $3,000
6th Lane Merta $2,500
7th Jody “Jofay” Fayant $2,100
8th Roger Hoyt $1,900
9th Aaron Haw $1,700
10th Scott Davis $1,500
11th Jason Vwan Koughnett $1,300
12th Kenneth Bernard $1,100
13th Jerome Makonen $1,100
14th Ronald Swanson $1,000
15th Jeffery Wittmeier $1,000
16th Gordie Ell $847
17th Charles Osgood $718
18th Michel Miltais $700

Total Prize Pool $52,065 ($53400-2.5% AGLC Charity Portion)

Total Entrants: 178

Casino Yellowhead $500 Event #2

Edmonton Alberta,

April 28th (1a), 29th (1b), May 1st Finals

*3 way Deal for $25,000.  Played to completion for remaining $4000, Title and Ring

1st Richard Horseman $40,000*
2nd Brian Lee $24,000*
3rd Malcom Bolger $15,000*
4th Ryan Zdunick $10,000
5th John Hopkins $6,500
6th Norm Thistlethwaite $5,500
7th Alex Dunning $4,500
8th Jason Bidniak $4,000
9th Brad Young $3,500
10th Frank Kreiner $3,000
11th Glen Cymbaluk $2,600
12th Kenny Robinson $2,200
13th Harold Boutillier $1,800
14th Tyson Lastiwka $1,800
15th Navroop Shergill $1,800
16th Mikhail Vaynshteyn $1,600
17th Ronald Lightning $1,600
18th Calvin Kochan $1,600
19th Dan Macnamara $1,400
20th Candace Eggers $1,400
21st Kelly Dalke $1,400
22nd Ron Lauzon $1,200
23rd Brandon Lang $1,200
24th Charles Osgood $1,200
25th Kathryn Chodzicki $1,200
26th John Wilson $1,200
27th Russ Rimmer $1,050
28th Alemu Makonen $1,000
29th Ka Chun Yung $1,000
30th Nick Forsyth $1,000
31st Mikail Wilkin $1,000

Total Prize Pool: $146,250 ($150,000 – 2.5% AGLC Charity Portion)

Total Entries: 300

Casino Yellowhead $1000 Event #3

Edmonton Alberta, April 30th, 2011

1st JOHN WILSON $33,000
2nd JASON BIDNIAK $19,000
6th ROGER SIMPSON $7,000
7th LEE SPENCE $5,550
8th FRANK KREINER $4,500
10th GLEN CYMBALUK $3,100
11th KRIS STEINBACK $2,700
12th ALEM MAKONEN $2,500

Total Prize Pool $117,000 ($120,000-2.5% AGLC Charity Portion)

Total Entries: 120

Casino Yellowhead $300 Event #4

Edmonton Alberta, May 1st, 2011

1st Jonathan Sanborn $9,500
2nd Thomas Doran $5,500
3rd Carl Phin $4,300
4th Vince Lam $3,200
5th Jerome Makonen $2,500
6th Ken Pham $2,000
7th Miklo “X” $1,600
8th Yemane Nugusse $1,300
9th Macky Chimayt $1,000
10th Dennis Greffard $9,00
11th Edgar Zurawell $8,00
12th Tony Catena $745

Total Prize Pool: $33,345 ($34200 – 2.5% AGLC Charity Portion)

Total Entries: 114

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