$829,619 Bad Beat Jackpot Hit on PlayNow.com


The bad beat jackpot was hit yesterday on BC’s PlayNow.com for an impressive $829,619 on the Canadian poker network which also includes Quebec’s EspaceJeux. Six players participated in the hand at a $1/$2 NL table, 4 from BC and 2 from Quebec. The showdown was between players “Suckitup” and “YJ” both from British Columbia.

Suckitup:  :Ks :Kh
YJ:        :As :Ad

The flop was :Ah :2s :Kd

Turn: :Kc

River: :Ac

On the river the players went all in, each holding four of a kind.

The $432 pot turned into a $829,619 bad beat with “Suckitup” winning $414,809 for losing with four kings against YJ’s four aces. “YJ” picked up $207,404 for winning the hand. “chastah”, “Rufus” and “rigggggged” took home close to $70,000 each.

While rare to see bad beat jackpots due to the fact that most online poker rooms have eliminated them from their software altogether, it is even more rare to see online bad beat jackpots that approach such sizeable proportions. Last December the jackpot reached $992,990.97 on PlayNow and EspaceJeux.

The new bad beat qualification hand is now quad 8’s.

Congratulations to all players involved in the hand.


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