64 Players Return For Championship Round Of 2011 Atlantic Canada Poker Championships

Atlantic Canada Poker Championships

After 4 sold out fields of 80 player Qualifying Rounds, a total of 320 entries for the $550 No Limit Hold’em 2011 Atlantic Canada Poker Championships has now been reduced to just 64 players.

Only half of the players taking their seats today will reach the pay-outs and with a top prize of $40,000 there is sure to be some hard fought poker in store for today; Ryan Drake has held the chip lead since the initial starting rounds and with 83,600 looks to be almost 3.5 times the chip average.

By our math (5000 x 320) there should be about 1.6 million chips in play today, making the chip average an even 25,000…well almost…

For those readers that notice any repeat names on the chip counts, (Norman Overdyke for one) and despite today being billed “double vision Sunday” in other poker, you aren’t seeing things; like other major events in the east, players are allowed to purchase seats and play in multiple qualifying rounds, even if they already advanced. It seems Norm wasn’t satisfied with a top 3 chip count after the first few rounds and played another starting seat; in the end he was able to secure around 3,000 more chips on his second go around, keeping himself in third to begin the Championship Round. His smaller stack will be removed from play, meaning the actual starting field will be only 63, making the average stack around 24,542.

Blinds roll back to 200/400 with a 25 ante to start today, meaning what might appear to be extremely short stacked players actually still have ample opportunity to take down the title.

Good Luck to all the players playing at Redshores Casino and Racetrack in Charlottetown today!

For those interested in checking them out, our 1a and 1b photo galleries from the 2011 ACPC are already up for viewing; check back soon for more pictures and updates. In the mean time, here are the chip counts heading into the final day:

Player Name Chip Standing Player Name Chip Standing
1 Ryan Drake 83,600 17 Michael Johnson 29,800
2 John Boutlier 58,450 18 Matt LeBlanc 29,150
3 Norman Overdyke 56,925 19 Nick Henneberry 28,350
4 Dan Hughes 56,650 20 Ryan Theriault 27,925
5 Norman Overdyke 53,825 21 Rob Davis 27,400
6 Stephen Kirk 52,025 22 Vandra Duff 26,075
7 Jeff Kennedy 48,100 23 Dave Edgett 25,425
8 Jamie Drisdelle 44,975 24 Gerald MacLeod 25,250
9 Cecil Luke 42,325 25 TJ Burke 24,600
10 Paul Goulden 39,350 26 Eric Place 24,250
11 Kyle Myers 39,275 27 Claude Rideout 24,125
12 Shawn Schiebel 38,050 28 Jack MacDonald 23,750
13 Raymond Boutlier 36,175 29 Troy Gallant 23,275
14 Danny Lee 32,700 30 Daniel Tomah 23,025
15 Bob Acorn 30,300 31 Eli Critchley 22,200
16 Jerome Theriault 30,025 32 Gary Lucci 22,125
Player Name Chip Standing Player Name Chip Standing
33 Robert Gringas 22,000 49 Emmerson Duff 16,700
34 Craig Rout Gallant 21,950 50 Joseph Hinkley 13,875
35 Mike Doucette 21,575 51 Allison Amero 12,875
36 Jordan Brown 21,550 52 Mitchell Proctor 11,.650
37 Renee Miller 21,500 53 Roman Gallivan 11,450
38 Shane Brotherwood 21,125 54 Daryl Gallivan 10,400
39 Bill Walsh 20,100 55 Armand King 8,850
40 Justin Cummings 19,550 56 Rob Gardiner 8,725
41 Trevor Mercer 18,900 57 Allen McLaughlin 7,250
42 Dale Carrol 18,750 58 Danielle Casario 7,100
43 Matt Wilkins 18,675 59 Patrick Neary 6,925
44 Todd Webb 18,275 60 Guy Cruickshanks 6,375
45 Solomon Dawe 18,150 61 Brent MacDonald 6,100
46 David Meunier 18,150 62 Tammy Bailey 5,975
47 Jerry Atlas 17,650 63 Dale Tapper 5,550
48 Craig Crossman 17,475 64 Patrick Leger 3,600
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