$26,00 in Poker Money Seized by U.S. Customs


U.S. Customs Authorities seized $26,158 from a pair of brothers seeking a flight back to New Jersey as they were going through customs at at Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau, according to a news report.

Sean Ruane, 18, and Michael Ruane, 23, told a U.S. customs officer that they were not in possession of funds exceeding $10,000 even though they actually were carrying $26,158 according to sources.

The cash was a percentage of more than $1 million in winnings from the PCA poker tournament at the Atlantis Resort. A cousin, Thomas Freeman Jr., 18 who was also travelling with the pair pleaded guilty to aiding the brothers in their actions by transporting part of the money.

After going through a pre-clearance search, the brothers were searched a second time because Sean Ruane appeared nervous and was sweating. The second search showed the brothers were each in possession of $9,400. Freeman was carrying the rest of the $26,000 that was confiscated for non-declaration. The trio assumed the declaration law applied to individuals, but the magistrate advised that the law also applies to families but they were told that all they needed to do was to fill in a form instead of trying to deceive the customs officers.


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