2019 Deep Freeze Bounty – Results


Trevor Delaney Wins the 2019 Deep Freeze Bounty Poker Tournament

The Red Shores Racetrack & Casino in Charlottetown, PEI hosted their annual Deep Freeze poker tournament this weekend. The event was sold out with 200 player entries that made up the $60,000 prize pool!

2019 Deep Freeze Bounty Poker Tournament Winners and Results

RankNameProvince% of Pool*$ Payout*
1Trevor DelaneyPE29.17%$ 17,500.00
2Ed DoylePE16.00%$ 9,600.00
3Greg WalshPE8.83%$ 5,300.00
4Todd BaglionePE7.33%$ 4,400.00
5Johan LevyssohnNB6.33%$ 3,800.00
6Kurtis BrooksNB5.33%$ 3,200.00
7Shawn HuangNS4.50%$ 2,700.00
8Tyler BettsPE3.67%$ 2,200.00
9Jon JadisPE2.83%$ 1,700.00
10Andrew MinifieNB2.33%$ 1,400.00
11Murray McCartneyNB2.00%$ 1,200.00
12Colby O’DonnellPE1.67%$ 1,000.00
13Ray CarterNB1.67%$ 1,000.00
14Cyril ArsenaultPE1.33%$ 800.00
15Bill MacMillanPE1.33%$ 800.00
16Ryan TaitNS1.33%$ 800.00
17Sean ConnellPE1.08%$ 650.00
18Allen ComeauNS1.08%$ 650.00
19Cindi LadnerPE1.08%$ 650.00
20 Pat HanlonNB1.08%$ 650.00



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