2019 Atlantic Canada’s Poker Championship Results


Below are the Official Prize Payouts for the 2019 Atlantic Canada’s Poker Championship and photos of the winner, James Robinson.

RankNameProvince$ Payout*
1James RobinsonMAINE$40,000
2Jean Louis ArseneauNB$22,500
3Darren GrayPE$13,500
4Jamie RobertsonPE$10,000
5Ramy NasrallahNS$7,500
6Philip JenkinsPE$6,200
7Stan DrillenNB$5,100
8Cy KorunNS$4,500
9Chase ConwayBC$3,700
10Chris O’HalloranPE$3,200
11Brian ClarkeNB$3,000
12Colin McHughNS$3,000
13Rob BrookinsNB$2,500
14Peter HarrisNS$2,500
15Dave MacKinleyNB$2,100
16Brad EllisNS$2,100
17Allan SmythePE$1,750
18Andrew DunningPE$1,750
19Andrew KnowlesNB$1,750
20Adam TimmonsNS$1,450
21Harold FraserNS$1,450
22Rob AndersonNS$1,450
23Trevor DelaneyPE$1,200
24Bill MacMillanPE$1,200
25Kyle MyersNS$1,200
26Brian DeveauPE$1,200
27Allen FergusonPE$1,050
28Ed DoylePE$1,050
29Bob AcornPE$1,050
30Stephen DraneNB$1,050
31Robert LaheyNB$500


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