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The World Cup of Cards is happening at the Playground Poker Club in Kahnawake, Quebec for four weeks from August 18th to September 14th and will feature 28 events with guaranteed prize pools of over $2,000,000 across the entire festival.

CanadaPoker will have running updates throughout the series. Check back daily to see the latest news and events.


  • Event 18: $300 + $30 NL Hold’em PPC World Cup of Cards


Dave Jeanneau-Cyr
Dave Jeanneau-Cyr










Bob T
Bob T










David Valcourt-Dube
David Valcourt-Dube










Jonathan Bussières
Jonathan Bussières










Andre Pelletier
Andre Pelletier










Dave Jeanneau-Cyr
Dave Jeanneau-Cyr









  • Event 9: $300 + $30 NL Hold’em 6-Max

Francois Goulet
Francois Goulet

Everyone received extra legroom for this tournament as the $300 +$30 No Limit Hold’em 6-Max event took place.  181 contestants entered creating a prize pool of $52,671.  First place would receive a whopping $12,200 while a min cash in 19th would get $600.

When play got to six-handed, there was a deal which left an extra $1,050 to play for along with the champion’s trophy. Francois Goulet, who was the short stack at the conclusion of the deal went on a run and managed to get heads up with Michael Levy who held the chip lead at the time of the deal.  Levy and Goulet managed to get their hands all-in preflop with Levy having :Kc :Th against the :Ah :Td of Goulet. Goulet was holding the slight chip advantage at the time. The board ran out :5s :6d :Qs :5c :4d and Goulet was awarded the extra $1,050 and the trophy.

Place Name Payout
1 Francois Goulet $7,050*
2 Michael Levy $7,520*
3 Yohann Wagner $6,680*
4 Sebastien Morin $6,420*
5 Michel Cloutier $6,251*
6 Joey Boczek $6,100*
7 Michael Korovine $2,150
8 Samuel Roussy $1,600
9 Ara Asatoorian $1,200

*Denotes a deal made at six-handed

For the full list of payouts please see the World Cup of Cards event page


Shawn Daigle
Shawn Daigle

Event 8 was the No Limit Hold’em Big Ante tournament which saw the ante half of the small blind. 88 players entered the event creating a prize pool of $8,536.  Only the final table of 9 players would cash the tournament which saw $2,200 go to first place while the first player eliminated at the final table would receive $260.

When they combined the unofficial final table of 10 players the players adjusted the prize pool for an extra spot.  In the end, it was Alim Ismail battling Shawn Daigle heads up for the trophy and adjusted first place prize of $2,111.  Ismail was short stacked with only four big blinds when he shoved with :Ad :3d.  Daigle made the call for the extra three big blinds with :Qd :6c.  The flop came :Kd :Tc :9c and Ismail was still in the lead.  The turn gave Daigle a plethora of outs when the :7c was placed on the board giving him a double gutter straight draw, and a flush draw to go along with hitting a queen or a six.  The river was the :8s giving Daigle a straight and the win.

Here are the full adjusted payouts for Event 8:

Place Name Payout
1 Shawn Daigle $2,111
2 Alim Ismail $1,630
3 Marcello Simonetti $1,250
4 Ryan Sgrignuoli $985
5 Maxim Foucault $755
6 Daniel Coleman $575
7 Keith Laflam $440
8 Michael Hunter $335
9 Dominic Jipos $255
10 Christopher Kinstler Primeau $200
  • Event 7: $150 + $20 + $50 NL Crazy Pineapple Bounty

William Blais
William Blais

The rarely played Crazy Pineapple was the game played for Event 7 at the World Cup of Cards. All players received three cards before preflop betting took place and then discarded one card after a three card flop was dealt.  130 players put up the $220 total buy-in which would see a total prize pool of $18,915 along with a $50 bounty on each player’s head for when they were knocked out of the tournament.  First place would receive $4,500 while a min-cash in 14th place would get $300 plus any extra $50 bounties.

In the end, it was William Blais who went wire to wire as the chip leader from the bubble to outlast Martin Welch heads up when his :Ad :5c went up against Welch’s :Kd :Qs.  Ace high was good enough for Blais, who came into the final table with about 40% of the chips in play, on a board reading :6s :Jd :3d :6h :8h. Blais walked away with $4,500 for first prize as well as 16 bounties for a combined total of $5,300.

Here is the full payout list of all 14 players who cashed (Does not include bounty amounts):

Place Name Payout
1 William Blais $4,500
2 Martin Welch $3,400
3 Mehdi M $2,600
4 Maurice Simard $2,000
5 Daniel Pepin $1,500
6 Vasilios Sklavounos $1,115
7 Keith Laflam $850
8 Steven Mavrigiannakis $650
9 Jason Conforti $500
10 Siamak S $400
11 Mike Fraser $400
12 Norman Dowdall $350
13 David Cadoche $350
14 Hagay Brener $300


  • Event 6: $135 + $25 All-Stars for Starlight

Tommy Coulombe
Tommy Coulombe

Event #6 brought the World Cup of Cards charity event which benefited the Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada. No Limit Hold’em was the game played for this event and guaranteed a $100,000 prize pool. Of the total $160 buy-in from each player, $25 went to the charity.

A total of 850 entries bought in across four starting flights creating a prize pool of $111,307 along with $21,250 to Startlight Children’s Foundation Canada.  90 players would cash this event seeing a payout of at least $250 while the winner would receive $21,000.

A three handed deal took place giving the top three finishers each $14,465 leaving an additional $1,502 to play for along with the trophy.  In the end, it was Tommy Coulombe outlasting Charles La Boissonniere heads up for the title when his pocket threes held off La Boissonniere’s King-Jack on a board of :Tc :9s :Td :2d :2s.

Here is the list of final table payouts:

Position Name Payout
1 Tommy Coulombe $15,967*
2 Charles La Boissonniere $14,465*
3 Samuel Chaput $14,465*
4 Sagar Shetye $8,000
5 Felix Leclerc $6,000
6 Charles-Eric Benoit $4,560
7 Nick-Real Seide $3,280
8 Denis Simard $2,320
9 Jacob Lafleur $1,750

*Prizes based on three-handed deal

For the full list of payouts please visit the World Cup of Cards event page


  • Event 5: $200+$20 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Low (8 or Better)

Michael Malm
Michael Malm

World Series of Poker bracelet winner Michael Malm captured the World Cup of Cards Event #5 champion’s trophy and a top prize of $3,113. A total of 57 entries gathered creating a prize pool of $11,058.

Just the top six positions were to make the money but as play stalled on the bubble, the final seven players decided to forfeit a percentage of the prize pool and pay the bubble. Once three-handed, the remaining players discussed a deal and came to an agreement based on an ICM chop. There was still $243 left to play for, and the trophy. Here is how the payouts broke down:

1 Michael Malm $3,113.00
2 Ryan Fisher $2,830.00
3 Sagar Shetye $2,445.00
4 Kurtis Ruhl $1,180.00
5 Arthur W $790.00
6 Olivier Courcelles $460.00
7 Elisabetta Bertucci $240.00


  • Event #4: $100+$10 No Limit Hold’em Freeze

Francesco Maltese
Francesco Maltese

Event #4 took place on August 24, 2016 and saw 146 players enter the $100+$10 No Limit Hold’em Freeze.  This generated a total prize pool of $14,162.  15 players would cash taking home at least $220 for their efforts. In the end, it was Francesco Maltese heads up against Andrej Markovinovic.

The final hand produced a classic race where the players got all the chips in preflop in which Maltese held :7c :7h against the :Ah :Kd of Markovinovic.  The board ran out true for Maltese who held the chip lead when it ran out :8s :3c :6s :Qc :3d.  Maltese won $3,462 along with the trophy.

For the full list of results for Event #4  check out the World Cup of Cards event page.


  • Event #3: $200+ $20 Pot-Limite Omaha Freeze

Four-card poker was on the docket for Sunday, August 21st for Event #3, the $200+$20 Pot Limit Omaha Freeze.  A total of 78 players put up the money to enter this eight-handed tournament creating a prize pool of $15,132. All players received 20,000 chips while playing 20-minute levels. The final table of eight players were guaranteed to walk away with a minimum cash of $400 while the winner would walk away with $5,100.

Steve Daraiche and Dave S made a deal heads-up that saw both players lock up $4,000 and play for the remaining $532 in the prize pool.  At the start of heads-up play Daraiche held a narrow chip advantage with 869,000 to Dave’s 692,000.

In the end, it was Dave S who outlasted Daraiche for the remaining $532 and the trophy with his :Jc :Tc :6c :7h against Daraiche’s :Jd :8h :3c :Qc on a board of :2c :7c :Ah :2d :Kh.

For the full list of results for Event #3  check out the World Cup of Cards event page


  • Event #2: $50+$20+$100 Bounty Builder

Kenneth Wigfield
Kenneth Wigfield

Event #2 was a $50+$20+$100 Bounty Builder event, which took place on Friday, August 19th.  From each buy-in, $50 went to the prize pool while each knock-out a player delivered would earn themselves an additional $100.  All players received 20,000 in chips with 20-minute levels throughout the tournament.

There were 316 entrants for this event which created a prize pool of $15,326 plus bounties.  A total of 45 players made it into the money but Kenneth Wigfield was able to survive them all and win the Bounty Builder for $3,766 plus an additional 14 bounties.

Here is how the final table shaped-up without bounties calculated:

Rank Name Prize Money
1 Kenneth Wigfield $3,766
2 Sebastien Poirier $2,300
3 Kauvsegan Ehamparam $1,500
4 Yan Nadeau $1070
5 Georges Rombotis $820
6 Derek Hinchliffe $620
7 Alberto Scuderi $460
8 Zachary Finn $340
9 Marc Antoine Chadwick $250

For the full list of results for Event #2  check out the World Cup of Cards event page.


  • Event #1: NL Hold’em Quantum

Event #1 of the World Cup of Cards is the NL Hold’em Quantum event and features 10 starting flights with multiple buy-in levels and a $200,000 guarantee.  Any players surviving Day 1 will be given $400 and the opportunity to come back for Day 2 to play for more prize money.  Buy-in levels for this event are $150+$20, $225+$25, $315+$35, and $500+$50 depending on the starting flight and play into the money.  Players also have the opportunity to buy directly into Day 2 for $2050+$150. Players buying into day 2 will be given 150,000 in chips with blinds at 1,200/2,400 with a 400 chip ante.

The first three starting flights took place on August 18th (Flight 1a), August 20th (Flight 1b), and August 24th (Flight 1c).  All three of these flights featured a $150+$50 buy-in and players received starting stacks of 12,000 chips.

Flight 1a saw 161 entries and with 8% of the field being paid meant that the end of the day would stop when 13 players were remaining. Kathric Ravichandran topped the field amassing 399,100 in chips.  Eric Ranger (301,900), Aidan Quin (253,400), Alain Levesque (186,400) and Kathy Sawers (169,800) round out the top five chip counts for the day.  For full chip counts please visit the world cup of cards website.

Day 1b saw 144 players start the flight and 12 players finish the day to collect $400. Ramsey Belmaaza finished the flight as the top stack with 369,200.  Reid Fortin (260,000), Erim Gulec (198,600), Georges Lygitsakos (196,400), and John Helou (195,700) amassed a top five-chip count for the flight.

Day 1c saw 170 plays put up the $150+$50 entry fee for this flight of the Quantum. The third of 10 starting flights saw 14 players survived the day and will be taking their stacks onto Day 2.  After the final elimination of the day saw Jonathan Bussieres end Day 1c as the chip leader and second overall through the first three flights with 383,100.



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