2015 Deep Freeze Bounty Tournament Results at Red Shores


The Red Shores Racetrack & Casino in Charlottetown, PEI hosted their annual Deep Freeze poker tournament this weekend. There was a total of 197 entries that made up the $59,100 prize pool in addition to $20,000 of bounties paid out for knocking out a fellow player from the tournament.

Out of the nearly 200 starters from Friday and Saturday, 40 returned on Sunday for the Championship session with 20 of them cashing in. The winner of the tournament was Brandyn Trenholm of New Brunswick who took home the top prize of $17,245. He beat Jay May of Nova Scotia in heads up battle to become the 2015 Deep Freeze champion.

2015 Deep Freeze Results

Brandyn-Trenholm1 $17,245.00 Brandyn Trenholm NB
2 $9,455.00 Jay May NS
3 $5,220.00 Richard Breau NB
4 $4,330.00 Norman Overdijk NS
5 $3,740.00 Kendrick Banks PE
6 $3,150.00 John McCormack PE
7 $2,660.00 Laurie Beaman NB
8 $2,170.00 Mike Levi NB
9 $1,675.00 AJ Salah NS
10 $1,375.00 Tye Ali NS
11 $1,180.00 Laura MacMillan PE
12 $985.00 Trevor Gallant PE
13 $985.00 Eddie Phalen PE
14 $790.00 Jessie Wheatley PE
15 $790.00 Bill Avery NS
16 $790.00 Darren Gray PE
17 $640.00 Ed Doyle PE
18 $640.00 Leo Handregan PE
19 $640.00 Steve Wilson NS
20 $640.00 John Campbell NS


Championship qualifiers:

Allen Ferguson Bill McLean
Bob Acorn Cindi Ladner
Darin Affleck Janet Cowper
Jon Jadis John Marshall
Kiel Vessey Rene Wade
Lawrence LeBlanc Matt Laydon
Richard Roberts Scott Crane
Shane MacKinnon Sharona Levi
Shawn Driscoll Stephen MacDonald
Tex Hall Lloyd Cudmore

Congratulations to all the winners.

Pictures from the annual Deep Freeze Bounty Poker Tournament taking place at Red Shores Racetrack & Casino in Charlottetown.


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