2014 WPT Montreal Main Event – Day 4


Day 4  – partypoker WPT Montreal


Official Final Table is set!

Here are the official seating positions and chip counts for today’s six-handed final table, which will be shown on CanadaPoker.com at 3:00PM EST.

Final Table Chip Counts

Seat 1.  Jonathan Jaffe  –  7,495,000
Seat 2.  Samuel Chartier  –  2,065,000
Seat 3.  Guillaume Nolet  –  2,060,000
Seat 4.  Kevin MacPhee  –  1,570,000
Seat 5.  Ratharam Sivagnanam  –  6,845,000
Seat 6.  Mukul Pahuja  –  1,900,000


Level:  28
Small Blind: 30k
Big Blind: 60k
Ante: 10,000
Chip Average: 2,200,000
Players Remaining:  6
Total Entries Day 1C:  732



Phillip Hui
Phillip Hui

Philip Bui Out in 7th Place $74,800

Ratharam Sivagnanam min-raises UTG+1 to 120,000, Phillip Hui moves all in from the big blind, and Sivagnanam calls.

Philip: :As   :Qh

Ratharam: :Ad  :Kc

Philip managed to pair his queen, but Ratharam then ran a flush to scoop the pot on the :2d :2c :Qc :Ac :8c  board.

We have our Final Table!




Lonnie Hallett
Lonnie Hallett

Lonnie Hallett Out in 8th Place $59,490

After a min-raise from Jonathan Jaffe, Lonnie Hallett announced all-in from the button holding a stack of 1,600,000 and Jonathan called.

Jonathan:  :9d :9c

Lonnie:    :Ad :Kc

Hallett pairs his king on the flop,  :Kd :Tc :3c :5d :9h  only to see Jaffe river a set of nines to win the pot. Hallett is eliminated from the tournament in 8th Place taking home $59,490.





Marc-Andre Ladouceur
Marc-Andre Ladouceur

Marc-Andre Ladouceur Out in 9th Place $44,680

Jonathan Jaffe opened the action to 140,000 from the hijack position.  Samuel Chartier then moved in for roughly 1,400,000, which was followed by Marc-Andre Ladouceur who calls all in from the small blind for about 790,000.

Jonathan mucked his hand, letting Samuel Chartier and Marc-Andre Ladouceur battle it out.

Samuel:       :Ah :Qs

Marc-Andre:    :Ks :Kh

Samuel found the ace he needed on the flop, and the  :8d :Ts    board was the last one Marc-Andre would see in this event.




Sheraz Nasir
Sheraz Nasir

Sheraz Nasir Out in 10th Place $33,080

Sheraz Nasir moves all in from the cutoff . Jonathan Jaffe made the call from the small blind, and they were off to the races!

Sheraz Nasir:        

Jonathan Jaffe:    

Jonathan’s pocket pair held on the board,  to win the pot and eliminate Nasir in10th place.


Level 28 – Chipleaders

Jonathan Jaffe 7,200,000

Lonnie Hallett 2,770,000

Kevin MacPhee 2,425,000

Jonathan Jaffe
Jonathan Jaffe

Phillip Hui 2,155,000

Ratharam Sivagnanam 1,940,000

Guillaume Nolet 1,635,000


Level 28 – 10 Players Remaining

Blinds: 30k / 60k  10,000 ante

The players return from break to begin Level 28, with increased blinds of  30k / 60k  and a 10,000 ante. The average chip stack is about 2,2M with 10 players remaining.

Action will continue today until the field is down to the final six players for tomorrow’s WPT Final Table.



Final 10 Players


The final 10 players have redraw for seats at the final table.

Seat 1. Jonathan Jaffe
Seat 2. Samuel Chartier
Seat 3. Guillaume Nolet
Seat 4. Marc-Andre Ladouceur
Seat 5. Phillip Hui
Seat 6. Kevin MacPhee
Seat 7. Lonnie Hallett
Seat 8. Ratharam Sivagnanam
Seat 9. Sheraz Nasir
Seat 10. Mukul Pahuja



Kevin Hislop
Kevin Hislop

Kevin Hislop Out in 11th Place $33,080

Edward Hislop opened from middle position, and called off his under 20 big blind stack when Guillaume Nolet shoved from the blinds.

Edward Hislop:    

Guillaume Nolet:     

Guillaume paired on the board eliminating Edward  in 11th place taking home $33,080.


Level 27 Chipcounts: Final 11 Players


Seat 1. Jonathan Jaffe – 3,060,000
Seat 4. Mukul Pahuja – 1,775,000
Seat 5. Sheraz Nasir – 1,265,000
Seat 6. Samuel Chartier – 1,370,000
Seat 9. Lonnie Hallett – 2,465,000


Seat 1. Kevin MacPhee – 3,190,000
Seat 2. Philip Hui – 2,595,000
Seat 5. Guillaume Nolet – 1,410,000
Seat 6. Marc-Andre Ladouceur – 1,340,000
Seat 8. Ratharam Sivagnanam – 2,150,000
Seat 9. Edward Hislop – 1,315,000


Level 27 – Players Left

Blinds: 25k / 50k  5,000 ante

Players have started in Level 27 with increased blinds of 25k / 50k and a 5,000 ante.
Action will continue today until the field is down to the final six players for tomorrow’s televised WPT Final Table.


Alexandre Blanc
Alexandre Blanc

Alexandre Blanc Out in 12th Place $33,080

Alexandre Blanc moves all in on Lonnie Hallett

Lonnie Hallett:  

Alexandre Blanc:

The board comes   Hallett wins the pot and eliminates Blanc in 12th place from the tournament.





Level 26 – 12 Players Remain

2014 WPT Montreal Day 4Blinds: 20k / 40k  5,000 ante

The players return from break to begin Level 26, with increased blinds of 20k / 40k and a 5,000 ante.

The average chip stack is about 1,7M with 12 players remaining.


Official Chip Counts: Final 12 Players


Seat 1. Jonathan Jaffe – 4,380,000
Seat 3. Alexandre Blanc – 765,000
Seat 4. Mukul Pahuja – 575,000
Seat 5. Sheraz Nasir – 965,000
Seat 6. Samuel Chartier – 2,400,000
Seat 9. Lonnie Hallett – 950,000


Seat 1. Kevin MacPhee – 3,415,000
Seat 2. Philip Hui – 1,340,000
Seat 5. Guillaume Nolet – 2,010,000
Seat 6. Marc-Andre Ladouceur – 1,560,000
Seat 8. Ratharam Sivagnanam – 2,680,000
Seat 9. Edward Hislop – 995,000


Maurice Hawkins
Maurice Hawkins

Maurice Hawkins Out in 13th Place $26,410

Sam Chartier opened preflop to 65K, Lonnie Hallett called and Maurice went all-in for his last 65K and Sheraz Nasir calls from the big blind.

The flop came and Sheraz and Samuel both checked. Lonnie then bet 100K and succeeded in folding out the other two players in the hand.


The river was the and the turn was the   eliminating Maurice Hawkins from the 2014 WPT Montreal tournament.


Level 25 Chipleaders

Jonathan Jaffe 3,800,000

Ratharam Sivagnanam 2,850,000

Guillaume Nolet 2,400,000

Kevin MacPhee 2,400,000

Phillip Hui 2,100,000

Samuel Chartier 1,565,000


Maduka Meragal
Maduka Meragal

Maduka Meragal Out in 14th Place $26,410

Maduka Meragal was on the shorter end of the leaderboard when he got all his chips in preflop versus Kevin MacPhee. Maduka moved all in for about 650k.

Maduka Meragal:   

Kevin MacPhee:      

Kevin made a running straight on the board, eliminating Maduka Meragal.



Level 25 – 15 Players Remaining

Blinds: 15k / 30k, 5,000 ante

Level 25 has begun with increased blinds of 15k / 30k and a 5,000 ante.
The average chip stack is about 1,5M with 15 players remaining.

Phong Troung
Phong Troung

Phong Truong Out in 15th Place $26,410

Phong Truong was eliminated on the first hand back form break, as he 3bet shoved from the big blind after Jonathan Jaffe opened to 70,000 from UTG+1.



Jonathan’s jacks held on the board, eliminating Phong Truong from the tournament.





Jeffrey Mulder
Jeffrey Mulder

Jeffrey Mulder Out in 16th Place $22,960

Alexandre Blanc moves all in under the gun from middle position, Jeffrey Mulder called with his shorter stack. The blinds folded and the cards were exposed.

Alexandre Blanc:

Jeffrey Mulder:    

Two clubs on the flop gave Jeffrey a glimmer of hope, and the turn was even more hopeful… but the on the river ended Jeffrey Mulder from the WPT Montreal.

Level 24 Chipcounts

Jonathan Jaffe 2,500,000

Guillaume Nolet 2,400,000

Marc-Andre Ladouceur 1,990,000

Kevin MacPhee 1,970,000

Mukul Pahuja 1,970,000

Maduka Meragal 1,670,000


Jeremie Damret
Jeremie Damret

Jeremie Damret Out in 17th Place $22,960

Samuel Chartier calls on the small blind preflop and Jeremie Damret raises all in on the big blind. Chartier calls and they table their cards.


Samuel’s Ace-high was ahead and the board runout of was no help to Jeremie Damret.





Edward Arnold
Edward Arnold

Edward Arnold Out in 18th $22,960

Edward Arnold went all-in on the flop of . Maduka Meragal folds,  Ratharam Sivagnanam moves all in over the top for more than 2 million. Kevin Macphee snap-calls all in for 480,000.

Edward Arnold:               
Ratharam Sivagnanam:  
Kevin Macphee:               

Kevin had flopped middle set while Edward had bottom set. Rotherham’s pair improved to a set on the turn , but Kevin’s pocket 88 was still better, and the  didn’t change that.

Kevin wins the pot with his set of eights to double thru Ratharam and eliminate Edward Arnold.


Level 24 – 18 Players Remaining

Blinds: 12k-24k, 4,000 ante

Level 24 begins with increased blinds of 12k / 24k and a 4,000 ante. Play continues without a break.

The average chip stack is about 1,2M with 18 players remaining.

Action will continue today until the field is down to six players.


Welcome to Day 4 at partypoker WPT Montreal

Play will resume at 12pm November 25th with approximately 6 minutes left in level 23. Play will continue on Day 4 until the official WPT Final Table of 6 players remains.


Jonathan Jaffe


The chip leader at the end of  Day 3 is Jonathan Jaffe with 2.5M. Other top stacks were bagged up by Ratharam Sivagnanam 2,380,000, Marc-Andre Ladouceur 2,066,000, Guillaume Nolet 2,000,000, and Maduka Meragal 1,821,000.



Day 4 Seating Chart and Chip Counts

Alexandre Blanc 61 3 367000
Jeffrey Mulder 61 5 719000
Jeremie Damret 61 7 369000
Jonathan Jaffe 61 1 2500000
Lonnie Hallett 61 9 1440000
Maurice Hawkins 61 2 614000
Mukul Pahuja 61 4 1782000
Phong Truong 61 8 492000
Samuel Chartier 61 6 863000
Edward Arnold 62 4 470000
Edward Hislop 62 9 1671000
Guillaume Nolet 62 5 2000000
Kevin Macphee 62 1 554000
Maduka Meragal 62 7 1821000
Marc Andre Ladouceur 62 6 2066000
Philip Hui 62 2 691000
Ratharam Sivagnanam 62 8 2380000
Sheraz Nasir 62 3 1072000


The 2014 WPT Montreal has attracted a total of 732 entries, which generated a net prize pool of $2,485,140.00. Last year this tournament attracted 862 players and the WPT Montreal Champion was Derrick Rosenberger, who took home $517,049 and a $15,400 seat to the WPT World Championship.

A total of 90 players will cash in this event, and the prize pool will be distributed according to the following table.

Note that first prize includes an entry in the WPT World Championship at Borgata, which is valued at US$15,400. Based on the exchange rate at which we collected US funds (1.08), this is C$16,632.00, which has been removed from the payout schedule. Therefore, the cash prizes in the following table add up to $2,468,508.00.


Finish Prize
1 $446,800.00 plus WPT World Championship entry
2 $313,318.00
3 $201,920.00
4 $149,340.00
5 $111,820.00
6 $90,350.00
7 $74,800.00
8 $59,490.00
9 $44,680.00
10-12 $33,080.00
13-15 $26,410.00
16-18 $22,960.00
19-21 $20,240.00
22-24 $18,020.00
25-27 $15,800.00
28-36 $13,820.00
37-45 $11,850.00
46-54 $10,120.00
55-63 $8,390.00
64-72 $7,160.00
73-81 $6,170.00
82-90 $5,430.00


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