2014 WPT Canadian Spring Championship – Day 1C Updates



Day 1C has come to a close at the WPT Canadian Spring Championship. There were 172 players who advanced to Day 2. The official total field size reached 1,079 topping the $1 million guarantee. There will be 311 players returning for Day 2 on Sunday.

Day 1C chip leader is Pierre Guenette with 378,900. Day 1c players eliminated include Chanracy Khun, Chris McClung, Erik Cajelais, Gavin Smith, Norm Overdijk, Antonio Esfandiari, Kyle Hartree and  Jeff Gross.

Top 5 finishers of Day 1c were Pierre Guenette 378,900,  Ricky Tang 331,600,  Frederic Bunchan 292,800,  Jean-Philippe Piquette 279,600 and Selajtin Jakupovski 270,100.

First   Name Last Name Status Chip Count Table Name Seat Number City
Pierre Guenette Still in 378,900 64 7 Quebec
Ricky Tang Still in 331,600 57 7 Toronto
Frederic Bunchan Still in 292,800 63 4 Montreal
Jean-Philippe Piquette Still in 279,600 66 3 Montreal
Selajtin Jakupovski Still in 270,100 52 9 Mississauga
Louis Alexandre Cabana Still in 262,500 49 8 St Jean Sur Richelieu
Paul Naccarato Still in 259,700 52 8 woodbridge
Marc-Andre Racine Still in 249,700 70 5 Montreal
Serge St-Pierre Still in 239,300 62 10 Wendover
Badri Abboud Still in 224,100 69 10 Laval
Olivier Demers Still in 221,300 70 2 Saint-Sauveur
Sammy Chao Still in 217,500 64 3 Montreal
Francis Labonte Still in 215,500 59 10 charny
Shpend Kllokoqi Still in 214,000 63 6
Ryan Higgins Still in 193,400 69 5 Montreal
Maxime Theroux Still in 185,700 65 4 MTL
David Lanthier Still in 181,700 62 2 Rouyn-Noranda
Ryan Levine Still in 171,900 50 8 Hampstead
Michael David Yeomans Still in 171,800 49 4 Riverview
Azim Lavji Still in 171,400 53 2 Toronto
Johnny A Benehoutsos Still in 168,500 69 3 Toronto
Azim Popatia Still in 161,000 65 2 Markham
Scott Robert Cagan Still in 158,200 68 10 Gypsum
Chaayanath Mysore Still in 157,800 64 8 Oakville
Zachary Lament Still in 157,500 59 7 Ardmore
James Nortcliff Still in 149,000 49 1 Compton
Matthew Durand Still in 148,900 53 9 Montreal
Richard Armstrong Still in 148,700 70 6 Toronto
Richard Gauvreau Still in 144,500 60 2 Quebec
Anthony Carbery Still in 135,900 57 10
Frederick Deguzman Still in 135,600 66 10 Ottawa
Kal Raichura Still in 134,400 60 7 Ottawa
Manuel Moffatt Still in 134,100 66 5 St Feix de Valois
Mathieu Roy Arbour Still in 133,000 68 5 Boisbriand
Mohamed Sharfuddin Still in 132,700 60 1 Montreal
Edward Hakim Still in 128,500 52 3 Montreal
Omid Shahbazian Still in 126,800 59 9 owatta
Ron Shepherd Still in 123,800 53 10 Toronto
Paul Petten Still in 122,400 69 9 Toronto
Ronald Greig Still in 120,800 59 3 Brantford
Steve Simpson Still in 117,700 56 6
Danny Boyaci Still in 115,000 61 7 Mtl
Maxime Marcouiller Still in 113,100 61 5 Laval
Maxime Gervais Still in 113,000 69 4 Repentigny
Geoffrey Robert McNeely Still in 112,400 53 1 Thornhill
Trieu Dung Hong Still in 112,100 50 6 Toronto
Pierre Paul Paulin Still in 111,600 59 6 St-Simon
Vince Dwyer Still in 111,500 69 2 Oakville
Casey Smith Still in 110,100 55 6 Toronto
Ali Yasir Still in 109,300 57 9 Markham
Daniel Fortier Still in 109,200 59 1 Laval
Albert Phillips Still in 109,100 62 9 Plattsburgh
Garry Hugh Still in 108,100 56 10 Richmond Hill
Jonathan Renaud Still in 107,000 63 7 St-Eustache
Vlad Faubert Still in 107,000 50 4 Montreal
Justin Dean Still in 106,500 60 10 Pembrooke
Chris Arvanitis Still in 104,000 65 10
Sylvain Laviolette Still in 104,000 54 6 Rockland
Ashutosh Sharma Still in 103,000 70 1 Toronto
Yong Li Still in 102,900 65 6 Vancouvre
Ramzi Karam Still in 100,500 52 1 Montreal
Daniel Charette Still in 99,300 60 3 Joliette
Sylvain Siebert Still in 99,200 65 9 Chaput Hugues
Spencer Stacey Still in 96,300 53 3 Kahnawake
Nicholas Petrina Still in 95,600 53 8 Kitchener
Johnathan Neil Hansmeyer Still in 95,300 50 3 Lethbridge
Armenak Kizirian Still in 95,200 63 10 Laval
Carlo Nini Still in 94,900 56 1 Montreal
David Shores Still in 94,000 55 8 Calgary
Shawn Zibenberg Still in 93,300 69 1 Maple
Terrance Plagenz Still in 92,100 52 4 Barrie
John Paul Tabago Still in 91,900 53 4 miss
Jerome St-onge Still in 91,400 61 2 gatineau
Mike Sexton Still in 90,400 49 2
Maxime Laberge Still in 90,100 49 6 Stoneham Et Tewkesbury
Jean Francois Beaulieu Still in 88,600 62 8 Longueuil
Tanveer Dhanjal Still in 88,100 65 5 Scarborough
Tyson Erback Still in 87,600 55 1 Chestermere
Danny Lauzon Still in 86,800 63 1 Cornwall
George Daoukakis Still in 85,200 54 5 Laval
Brady Hinnegan Still in 84,600 55 9 Toronto
Camille Mikhael Still in 84,200 55 7 Gloucester
David Baba Still in 84,000 66 6 Toronto
Domenic Durante Still in 84,000 62 1 Kirkland
Sebastien Soares Still in 83,700 66 9 Boucherville
Anthony O’Hagan Still in 82,700 66 1 paris
Arthur W Still in 79,700 60 9 Montreal
Shawn A, Martell Still in 79,600 55 2 Colchester
Philippe Boucher Still in 78,400 61 9 champlauin
Camille Godin Still in 77,900 65 8 Moncton
Walt Asatoorian Still in 76,700 68 3 Laval
Diana Shamshoum Still in 76,500 57 6 Montreal
Khalid Popal Still in 75,200 63 8
Sascha Pietrowski Still in 74,900 52 2
Doris Charlebois Still in 72,700 68 8 Mirabel
Thibaut Delmarle Still in 72,300 55 3 mtl
Jim Goertz Still in 72,100 68 2 Niag-on-the-lake
Charles Macdonald Still in 72,000 55 10 upper kennetcook
Frederic Pierre Still in 71,500 57 5 St ann De lac
Younan Beddaoui Still in 71,400 63 2 Gatineau
Troy Reardon Still in 69,900 66 8 St Johns
Vi Thanh To Still in 69,700 60 6 toronto
Everol Davis Still in 69,400 66 2 Mississauga
Larry Farr Still in 69,300 70 10 Barrie
Shane Flewelling Still in 69,300 61 10 Iqaluit
Brent Wheeler Still in 68,700 56 2
Phil Diamantakos Still in 68,600 65 1 Laval
Ema Zajmovic Still in 68,500 68 4 Saint-Augustinde desmaures
Lance Syme Still in 67,300 65 7 North york
Fadi Chamoun Still in 67,000 54 2
Marc Guerbilsky Still in 66,900 62 4 Montreal
Wing Seto Still in 66,600 61 8 Toronto
Philippe Boucher Still in 66,500 70 8 Quebec
Jason Mandanici-Turcot Still in 66,200 59 4 Montreal
Peter Johnson Still in 65,200 62 3 Courtile
Samuel Chartier Still in 64,900 54 8 Montreal
Frederic Tremblay Lacombe Still in 63,800 54 10 quebec
Daniel Gagne Still in 63,300 57 4 Alma
Charles Dalton Shapiro Still in 62,300 49 3 West Vancouver
Pascal Fournier Still in 60,800 59 2
patrick st-onge Still in 60,800 54 9 Montreal
Charles Gagnon Still in 58,700 53 5
Gaston Groulx Still in 57,300 69 6 Montreal
Wei Xu Still in 57,100 63 5
Roberto Rodriguez Still in 55,900 70 3 Luisa
Kyle Wilson Still in 55,700 52 5 Abbotsford
Tian Lin Liao Still in 55,700 49 10 BC
Jean-Philippe Goulet Still in 55,600 56 8
Bryan Bouchard Still in 54,200 64 1 Niagara Falls
Tyler Lee Still in 53,900 69 7 Victoria
Kenneth McFarlane Still in 50,200 63 3 Pickering
Thomas Mulverhill Still in 48,900 68 1 constable
Francois Gauthier Still in 47,600 68 6 saint-eustache
Peter Kavouras Still in 46,600 64 10 Montreal
Vincent Jacques Still in 46,300 56 7 Sherbrooke
Adam Mizzi Still in 46,100 54 1 Montreal
Edouard Dupuis Still in 46,100 64 4
Faizel Satchu Still in 45,700 60 5 Toronto
Alistair Melville Still in 45,500 50 2 Hamilton
Albert Aiello Still in 44,900 56 5 Scarborough
Robin Leblanc Still in 43,900 53 7 Saint Jean Sur Richelieu
Adam Jan Hamaoui Still in 43,500 50 7 Montreal
Mickael Boualavong Still in 43,100 54 7 hampsead
Joseph Menard Still in 42,100 56 9 London
Sevan Emmian Still in 42,000 52 10
Michel Belanger Still in 40,900 52 6 St-Rock de L’achigan
Gerry Ceci Still in 40,200 66 4 Markham
Domenic Gatto Still in 39,400 56 3 Oshawa
Max Droege Still in 37,800 61 4 Toronto
Fernandes Jason Still in 37,700 61 1 Brooklin
David Longpre Still in 36,500 64 9 Sacksville
Michel Lacroix Still in 36,200 59 8 Cantley
Jean Roy Still in 36,000 59 5 Cowansville
Thomas Fortin Still in 34,000 57 2 ST-LAMBERT
Sebastien Proulx Still in 32,900 55 5 Laval
Denis Cyr Still in 32,600 53 6 ste-brigitte-de-laval
Jeff Howe Still in 32,100 61 6 Afton
Michael Bailey Still in 31,300 49 7 oshawa
Linas Balaisis Still in 30,800 60 4 Brechin
James Bernard Sullivan Still in 30,500 49 9 brunwick
Irina Tchakarova Still in 30,000 50 5 Chateauguay
Serge Denis Still in 27,700 56 4 Montreal
Xiao Peng Still in 26,200 50 1 Toronto  On
Marcello Simonetti Still in 25,800 61 3 Montreal
Kevin Kosari Still in 22,400 70 7 Thornhill
Steven White Still in 13,500 57 1 Hans county


Level: 13
Small Blind: 100
Big Blind: 2000
Ante: 300
Chip Average: 91k
Total Players Remaining: 354
Total Entries: 1079

Level 12

Level 11 comes to an end, and after a 15-minute break Level 12 begins with increased blinds of 800-1,600 and a 200 ante. Blinds: 800-1,600, 200 ante.Action will continue tonight until the end of Level 13, which will be around 9:45 pm ET.


Level 11

Blinds: 600-1,200, 200 ante

Level 11 begins with blinds of 600-1,200 and a 200 ante. Action continues without a break.
The average chip stack is about 74k. There were a combined 527 entries from Days 1A & 1B, and 552 from Day 1C for a total field size of 1,079.
Action will continue tonight until the end of Level 13, which will be around 9:45 pm ET.

Level 11 Chipcounts

Frederic Bunchan 208,000
James Nortcliff 192,000
Sammy Chao 172,000
Louis-Alexandre Cabana 168,000
Selajtin Jakupovski 166,000
Serge St-Pierre 156,000
Jim Goertz 126,000

partypoker Qualifiers


no images were found

IMG_0583Level 10 (314 Players Left)

Blinds: 500-1,000, 100 ante

The players return from break to begin Level 10, with increased blinds of 500-1,000 and a 100 ante. With 314 players remaining from a Day 1C field of 552, the average chip stack is about 52.7k . Combined with the 527 entries from Days 1A and 1B, that creates a total field size of 1075. Action will continue tonight until the end of Level 13, which will be around 9:45 pm ET.

Level 9 Begins (1,079 Entries)

Level 9 begins with increased blinds of 400-800 and a 100 ante. Play continues without a break. With 362 players remaining from a Day 1C field of 552, the average chip stack is 63k. Action will continue tonight until the end of Level 13, which will be around 9:45 pm ET.

Unofficial Chipleaders Level 9

Mike Sexton 107,000, Walt Asatoorian 94,000, Kal Raichura 94,000, Peter Labib 70,000, Jeff Gross 68,000

Level 8 (1,079 Total Entries)

Blinds: 300-600, 75 ante

Level 8 begins with increased blinds of 300-600 and a 75 ante. Play continues without a break. Action will continue tonight until the end of Level 13, which will be around 9:45 pm ET.


Level 7 (1,079 Entries)

Blinds: 250-500, 75 ante

Level 7, with increased blinds of 250-500 and a 75 ante.

435 players remaining from a Day 1C field of 552. Combined with the 527 entries from Days 1A and 1B, that creates a total field size of 1,079 and counting.

Level 6 (1,075 Entries)

Blinds: 200-400, 50 ante

Level 6 begins with blinds of 200-400 and a 50 ante. Action continues without a break. With 626 players remaining from the Day 1 field of 1075, the average chip stack is about 51k.

Level 4 (1,053 Entries)

Blinds: 75-150, 25 ante

Level 4 begins with blinds of 100-200 and a 25 ante. Action continues without a break. With 500 players remaining from a Day 1C field of 526, the average chip stack is about 48K. Combined with the 527 entries from Days 1A and 1B, that creates a total field size of 1,053 and counting.

Level 3 – 1,036 Entries

Blinds : 75-150, 25 ante

Level 3 begins with blinds of 75-150 and a 25 ante. With 499 players remaining from a Day 1C field of 509, the average chip stack is about 30k.

Combined with the 527 entries from Days 1A and 1B, that creates a total field size of 1,036 and counting. Registration remains open until the end of Level 6.


Level 2

Blinds: 75-150, ante

Tournament clock is showing more than 500 players registered for today’s Day 1c.

Late registration remains open through Level 6.

Mike-sexton-2014-WPT-Canadian-Spring-ChampionshipDay 1c – Shuffle Up and Deal!

936 Players and Counting…

Level 1: 50-100, ante

Mike Sexton has announced “Shuffle up and deal” and cards are in the air on Day 1C at the 2014 WPT Canadian Spring Championship. Blinds begin at 50-100 for the first 45-minute level of the day.

This event has a $1 million guaranteed prizepool, but they need a field of at least 1,000 players to reach that number.

There are 936 Players at the moment with an overlay of $64,000.

$1 Million Guarantee Overlay!

The $1,100 buy-in partypoker WPT Canadian Spring Championship has a guaranteed prizepool of $1 million. To reach the guarantee, the field needs to expand to 1,000 entries.

If more players don’t show up, Playground Poker Club will have to put up that money to meet the guarantee. The overlay is worth $285,000!

So if you are at all on the fence about whether or not to play the WPT Canadian Spring Championship, come on down and give it a shot!


Players Eliminated Day 1C

Kara Scott Busted out
Michael Noor Busted out
Zachary Anslow Busted out
Chee Kian Chan Busted out
Kevin Rivest Busted out
Marcello Rosa Busted out
Joseph Hanna Busted out
Andy D’Alessandro Busted out
Jean-Nicolas Fortin Busted out
Dejan Kovinic Busted out
Arman Soltani Busted out
Shawn O’Dell Busted out
Helene Tennier Busted out
Punisher Chiniara Busted out
David Dusome Busted out
Shane Brotherwood Busted out
Byron Doyle Busted out
Mark Aridgides Busted out
James Wesley Busted out
Douglas Sheehan Busted out
Peter Papadakos Busted out
David Scott Busted out
Thanh Phu Busted out
Camille jr Lefebvre Busted out
Michael D Brown Busted out
Gregory Zujko Busted out
Omri Moga Busted out
Wilson Igwe Busted out
Stephanie Goertz Busted out
Nicola Basile Busted out
Andrew Forest Busted out
Alemu Makonen Busted out
Gregory Buchner Busted out
Yann Tremblay Busted out
Adrian Mcturk Busted out
John Kalopedakis Busted out
Gavin Smith Busted out
Sammy Lafleur Busted out
Douglas Mcginnis Busted out
Joshua Abiscott Busted out
Carlo Cotroneo Busted out
Mark Byczkiw Busted out
Marko Busted out
Daniel Neves Busted out
Simon Huard-Dufresne Busted out
Charle-Alexandre Bergeron Busted out
Murad Khan Busted out
Dawson Brown Busted out
Mark Salerno Busted out
Constantinos Psallidas Busted out
Stephane Houle Busted out
George Moukal Busted out
Yanick Colpron Busted out
Jian-Xin Ma Busted out
John Clarke Busted out
Alain Pare Busted out
Pascal Munger Lapointe Busted out
Chulsoo Park Busted out
Yves Deschamps Busted out
Jordon Johnstone Busted out
Michael Purcell Busted out
Nick Nickoletopoulos Busted out
Philippe Olivier Busted out
Travis Robertson Busted out
Richard Lajeunesse Busted out
Teodor Gheorghe Busted out
Etienne Leduc Busted out
Frank Katana Busted out
Ramesh Puradchithasan Busted out
George Kazarian Busted out
Marie-Josee Mc Duff Busted out
Eric Guindon Busted out
Martin Feijo Busted out
Dirk Marquardt Busted out
Anna Khait Busted out
Jeffrey Cormier Busted out
Jean Rene Lafleur Busted out
Jean-Louis Arseneau Busted out
Michel Henri Busted out
Jaehwa Son Busted out
Mario Letourneau Busted out
Shawn Sutton Busted out
Stephane Boisvert Busted out
Michael Korovine Busted out
Patrick Fortin Busted out
Denis Charbonneau Busted out
Ilya Ekshtut Busted out
Christopher Annouza Busted out
Anil Anand Busted out
James Armstrong Busted out
Robert Muzzatt Busted out
Roman Berson Busted out
Brian Beggs Busted out
Pirooz Bayat Busted out
Derek Hart Busted out
Matthew Lafontaine Busted out
Bo Wang Busted out
Christian Bonneau Busted out
Devon Morgan Busted out
Jhonatan Morales Busted out
David Barabe Busted out
Benoit Vaillancourt Busted out
Alexander Hartung Busted out
Christopher Barry Busted out
Chanracy Khun Busted out
Pascal Domingue Busted out
Alain Rondeau Busted out
Michele Corbeil Busted out
Patrick Johannes Mengelkamp Busted out
Omar Ben Mekki Busted out
Anthony Dalpra Busted out
Jeffrey Dale Gross Busted out
Chris Pitsikoulis Busted out
Kyle Irvine Busted out
Christopher Bower Busted out
Jeffrey Bartlett Busted out
Jean-Luc Piquemal Busted out
Nick-Real Seide Busted out
David Barter Busted out
Vincenzo Abate Busted out
Thi Nguyen Busted out
Jean Francois Gariepy Busted out
Sandra Dube Busted out
Raymond Trieu Busted out
Yves Loiselle Busted out
Stuart Kerridge Busted out
Matthew Swift Busted out
Mathieu Laframboise Busted out
Christine Bryant Busted out
Martin Fournier Busted out
Danielle Micallef Busted out
Ivan Mamuzic Busted out
Behrooz Salemi Busted out
Peter Labib Busted out
Santiago Cabrera Busted out
George Grady Busted out
Mark Abrantes Busted out
Marcello Iacovella Busted out
Scott Mcfarlane Busted out
Mike Saragossi Busted out
Henri Balcazar Busted out
Alexis Bouchard-Amyotte Busted out
Hen Levin Busted out
Phithaksery Phaboriboun Busted out
Gabriel Houle-Morin Busted out
Alex Arsenault Busted out
Brent F Mccue Busted out
Adam Hui Busted out
Senthuran Vijayaratnam Busted out
Michael Hunter Busted out
Martin Charette Busted out
Kyle Hartree Busted out
Daniel Johnston Busted out
Jair Beltran Busted out
Sebastien Legault Busted out
Scott Dorey Busted out
Ghislain Gilbert Busted out
Anesti Kocini Busted out
Janos Kalo Busted out
Jason Gracie Busted out
Michael Malm Busted out
Elie Abdulkarim Busted out
Tony Koumentakis Busted out
Nuno Vieira Busted out
Raymond Carter Busted out
Felix Sides Busted out
Christian Cyr Busted out
Eric Fournier Busted out
Tony Habib Busted out
Alex Fiorani Busted out
Adam Salesse Busted out
Adam Delormier Busted out
Khoa Dang Nguyen Busted out
Ron Khanna Busted out
Donato Iafrati Busted out
Donald Abdelhay Busted out
Tina Sigalos Busted out
Troy Hamilton Busted out
Stephane Blouin Busted out
Nicholas Boehler Busted out
Chris McClung Busted out
James McDermott Busted out
Grant Guevremont Busted out
Joshua Keith Tucker Busted out
Medhat Ramzy Busted out
Nimer Ltaif Busted out
Yvon Cyr Busted out
Tyson Yu Busted out
Daniel Smouha Busted out
Levon Dedeyan Busted out
Johnson Phanyaseng Busted out
Brian Bond Busted out
Rajesh Sharma Busted out
Gagandeep Singh Busted out
Jeff Cote Busted out
Michele Beliveau Busted out
Nicolas Girard Busted out
Stephen Caplan Busted out
Ricky Campanelli Busted out
Josh Brueckner Busted out
Peter Athenaios Busted out
Trong Dao Busted out
Sylvain Blais Busted out
Giuseppe Galluzzo Busted out
Christien Beaudoin Busted out
Douglas Mcqueer Busted out
Terry Flood Busted out
Marc Andre Girard Busted out
Luigi Fantigrossi Busted out
Jean Louis Forino Busted out
Jocelyn Blanchette Busted out
Samuel Barre Busted out
Rodney Harris Busted out
Adam Tuk Busted out
Charles Boynton Robbins Jr Busted out
Lewis Vance Hanes Busted out
Steven Kavanagh Busted out
Eric Desjardins Busted out
James Gallant Busted out
Martin Levert Busted out
Mounzer Awada Busted out
Jean-Francois Lauzon Busted out
Deron Noksana Busted out
George Karagiorgakis Busted out
Amirmasoud Babakhani Busted out
Pat Johnston Busted out
Kerry Long Busted out
Ivan Markovic Busted out
Osman Soubra Busted out
Martin Messier Busted out
Presten Cloutier Busted out
Giancarlo Santolin Busted out
Salvador Villaluz Busted out
Lydia Tremblay Busted out
Jean-Michel Thibodeau Busted out
Yassin Choukri Busted out
Jiachen Gong Busted out
Yannick Labattaglia Busted out
Carson Ha Busted out
Justin Grady Busted out
Robert Leboeuf Busted out
David Guay Busted out
Claude Coulombe Busted out
Domenico Scalamogna Busted out
Patrick Cavanagh Busted out
Danny Freitas Busted out
Eric Danis Busted out
Kris Swanson Busted out
Marie Josee Hardy Busted out
Frederic Cossette Busted out
Lorne Wechsler Busted out
Hrayr Hakimian Busted out
Marco Robidoux Busted out
Raphael Villeneuve Busted out
Kyle Zechner Busted out
Richard tarbell Busted out
Erik Cajelais Busted out
Jimmy Lucifaro Busted out
Vasco Morgado Busted out
Monica Sharkansky Busted out
Eric Boily Busted out
Peter Joseph Oneil Busted out
Kenneth Little Busted out
Eddie Bangash Busted out
Eric Danis Busted out
Steven Morais De Sousa Busted out
Philippe Castro Busted out
Francois Graton-Valiquette Busted out
Long Phi Pham Busted out
Franck Di Scala Busted out
Raphael Verdugo Busted out
Philippe Drouin Busted out
Cole Skye Busted out
Jonathan Gagnon-Villeneuve Busted out
Michael Gabrial Busted out
Mario Bouchard Busted out
Yannick Harvey Busted out
Kevin Bijian Busted out
Tim Gullackson Busted out
Eli Israel Busted out
Mario Gratton Busted out
Calogero Graci Busted out
Jeffrey Gross Busted out
Patrick Cartier Busted out
Daniel Ginou Busted out
Richard Wilkinson Busted out
Pawel Czyrnek Busted out
Xavier Cena Busted out
Richard Figiel Busted out
Mathieu Boucher Busted out
Michelle Davis Busted out
Istvan Nagy Busted out
Kelly Cameron Busted out
Francis Lavallee Busted out
Marlene Lapointe Busted out
Kieu Hoa Lam Busted out
Yves Mercier Busted out
Jonathan Poulin Busted out
Jean Francois Daunais Busted out
Philippe Genequand Busted out
Michael Zenetzis Busted out
Nabil Karrass Busted out
Aaron Motoyama Busted out
Michael Mellor Busted out
Sebastien Tremblay Busted out
Ted Ly Busted out
Philippe Dumas-Couture Busted out
David Kapel Busted out
Etienne Lanteigne Busted out
William Mitchell Busted out
Thanh Phong Trieu Busted out
Nuno Pinto Busted out
Andrew Robertson Busted out
Steve Pouliot Busted out
John Yang Huynh Busted out
Jason Clarke Busted out
Antonio Esfandiari Busted out
Angus Wong Busted out
Steven Taylor Busted out
Francis Hamel Busted out
Jocelyn Gaumond Busted out
Maurizio LeRusso Busted out
Guillaume Turcotte Busted out
Jacques Iza Busted out
Mathieu Laforce Busted out
Michael Dentale Busted out
Fraser Fraser Busted out
Regent Lacroix Busted out
Patrick Renaud Busted out
Linda Huard Busted out
Jean-Manuel Estrala Busted out
Jean Pierre Hetu Busted out
Alexandre Nadeau-Levesque Busted out
Joao Fernandes Busted out
Sylvain Cazes Busted out
Norman Henry Overdijk Busted out
Stuart Taylor Busted out
Wayne Obrien Busted out
Andrew Humphrey Busted out
Benjamin Beaulac Busted out
Angelo Sabini Busted out
Francis Carriere Busted out
George James Busted out
Jonathan Dsouza Busted out
Randy Khalil Busted out
Setrak Suloukji Busted out
Ashton Chin Busted out
Gilles Asselin Busted out
Kyle Sparks Busted out
Dimitri Tchakarov Busted out
Armand King Busted out
Steve Ulloa-Torres Busted out
Alexandre Bedard Busted out
Alain Neveu Busted out
Garen Galanti Busted out
Amer Sulaiman Busted out
Manny Anagnostakis Busted out
David Gauthier Busted out
Andrew Decristoforo Busted out
Mathieu Parent Busted out
Ron Grover Busted out
Yi Fan Dong Busted out
Dimitrios Helmis Busted out
Hapet Tutunjian Busted out
James Danchuk Busted out
Scott Aylward Busted out
Rick Shamshoum Busted out
Luigi De Lellis Busted out
Kyle Chang Busted out
Jameson Voll Busted out
Colin Kingston Busted out
Carla Sabini Busted out
Michael Malette Busted out
Conrad Corrigan Busted out
Michael Zujko Busted out
Jean-Francois Marin Busted out
Stefano Sorgini Busted out
Kice Soroor Busted out
Tony DiMaria Busted out
Tedde Ballanger Busted out
Dominique Morin Busted out
Sebastien Labbe Busted out
Robert Petronio Busted out
Sebastien Drolet-Poitras Busted out
Krzysztof Birecki Busted out
Eduardo Vieira Busted out








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