2014 WPT Canadian Spring Championship – Day 1B Updates



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The $1,100 buy-in partypoker WPT Canadian Spring Championship has a guaranteed prizepool of $1 million. To reach the guarantee, the field needs to expand to 1,000 entries.

If more players don’t show up, Playground Poker Club will have to put up that money to meet the guarantee. The overlay is worth $285,000!

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Day 1b: Friday March 28


Day 1B at the partypoker WPT Canadian Spring Championship has come to a close and 92 players have advanced to Day 2 on Sunday from the 308 that entered today. The total number of entries now stands at 527 with a total of 152 returning for Day 2.

The chip leader at the end of play is partypoker qualifier Simon Quintal with 303,900.

First Name Last Name Status Chip Count City
Simon Quintal Still in 303,900 Saint-Jerome
Francois Binette Still in 258,700 Sainte-Therese
Joseph Verdugo Still in 240,500 Aurora On
Justin Miller Still in 236,700 Cornwall
Pascal Bibeau Still in 233,700 Mirabel
Marco Caza Still in 220,800 Legardeur
Daniel Watton Still in 214,700
David Szymanowicz Still in 211,600 Montreal
Stephane Hamel Still in 193,100 Mirabel
Josh Kimmel Still in 188,200 Montreal
Frederic Moulin Still in 185,200 saint-hippolyte
Mike Leah Still in 168,700 Innisfil
Sebastien Lebrun Still in 165,400
Mario Lim Still in 164,800 Markham
Konstantinos Fotopoulos Still in 164,200 Calgary
John Henhoeffer Still in 162,200 Kitchener
Matthew Brunskole Still in 151,600 NEwmarket
Gary Lucci Still in 151,100
Andrew Helleur Still in 138,500 Montreal
Rodney Lawrence Still in 138,200 Markham
HongKong Nguyen Still in 137,400 Hamilton
Eric Theroux Still in 130,300 Montreal
Timothy Vukson Still in 128,700 Ottawa
Ami Alibay Still in 128,000 Blainville
Steven Chu Still in 122,700 Unionville
Edward Hislop Still in 120,300 Ottawa
Benoit Pesant Still in 119,600 saint-jerome
Kevin MacDonald Still in 119,600 Miramichi
Noy Still in 118,300 Montreal
Justin Leeson Still in 115,900 Calgary
Alexandre Lavigne Still in 112,000 Quebec
Johnny Mazzaferro Still in 109,200 Kirkland
Kara Scott Still in 108,800 Parma
Huong Do Still in 107,000 brampton
Bradley Roe Still in 105,000 Sarina
Peter Beshay Still in 104,000 Toronto
Antonio Pace Still in 103,200 Kitchener
Yan Touchette Still in 102,000 Ste Martine
Harley Stoffmaker Still in 101,400 C.S.L.
Selajtin Jakupovski Still in 101,300 Mississauga
Gaetano Buda Still in 100,400 Woodbridge
Dean Murphy Still in 100,000 Beaconsfield
Frederic Mercier Still in 97,600 pointes-aux-trembles
Frederick Laurin Fortin Still in 94,900 Montreal
Jonathan Cohen Still in 94,900 Montreal
Michael Neuber Still in 94,300 Pickering
Fuad Nasser Still in 92,900 Ottawa
Jean Francois Bouchard Still in 88,500 Montreal
Paul Basi Still in 86,600 Nepean
Patrick Braga Still in 86,300 Montreal
Charles Normand Still in 85,700 Montreal
Real Boisvert Still in 82,800 Sainte-Therese
Jonathan Theriault Still in 78,800 Roberval
Bill Kontaratos Still in 77,000 Laval
Nicky Evans Still in 75,500 Toronto
Vincent Fhuozg Still in 73,600 mississauga
Pierre Paul Paulin Still in 73,200 St-Simon
Conrado Corpus Still in 72,300 Toronto
Danny Rouleau Still in 70,300 Drummondville
Jason Comtois Still in 68,300 Montreal
Louis Boutin Still in 67,000 Laval
Derek Boucher Still in 65,600 St-Jerome
Jino Veizi Still in 65,400 Montreal
Chee Kian Chan Still in 64,900 Richmond Hill
David Brunelle Still in 62,000 Montreal
Andrew Humphrey Still in 56,600 Howie Centre
Osman Soubra Still in 56,000 Richmond Hill
Josue Sauvageau Still in 53,700 Quebec
Fraser Malcom Harold Still in 53,200 Thorburn
Maxime Auger Still in 52,300 Saint-Lin-Laurentide
Jordan Martin Still in 52,200 Cambridge
Giovanni Abate Still in 51,600 Woodbridge
Eraldo Edouard Still in 50,500 Laval
Presten Cloutier Still in 46,800 Cochrane
Georges Hallak Still in 46,700 Laval
George James Still in 44,500 East York
Charles Macdonald Still in 43,600 upper kennetcook
Karl Gingras Still in 43,200 Trois-Rivieres
Yoan Poulin Still in 40,600
Johnathan Neil Hansmeyer Still in 39,600 Lethbridge
Stephanie Goertz Still in 39,400 Niagara on the Lake
Anthony Fiumidinisi Still in 35,300 Montreal
Claude Dussureault Still in 34,500 St-Constant
Laurence Grondin Still in 33,600 Montreal
Ryan Moriarty Still in 32,300 Pearl River
Alemu Makonen Still in 28,900 Edmonton
Hugo Dumoulin Still in 28,600 Notre-dame-de -l’ile-perrot
Owen Snow Still in 27,700
Dino Cicora Still in 23,500 Longueuil
Ari Koukopoulos Still in 17,300

Play has ended for Day 1b. Stay tuned for chip counts….


Level: 13
Small Blind: 1000
Big Blind: 2000
Ante: 300
Chip Average: 104k
Total Players Remaining: 152
Total Entries: 527

partypoker Qualifiers



no images were found


Level 12

Blinds: 800-1,600, 200 ante

The players return from break to begin Level 12, with increased blinds of 800-1,600 and a 200 ante. With 127 players remaining from today’s field of 308, the average chip stack is about 72k.

Action will continue tonight until the end of Level 13, which will be around 9:45 pm ET.

Level 12 Chipleaders

Joseph Verdugo 291,000
Harley Stoffmaker 192,000
Justin Miller 180,000
David Szymanowicz 180,000
Huong Do 167,000
Simon Quintal 145,000
Josh Kimmel 135,000
Ami Alibay 101,000


Unofficial Chipleaders From the Break

Level 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

During the break, a scan of stacks with at least 150,000 in chips. 1. Joseph Verdugo – 195,000 2. David Szymanowicz – 180,000 3. Harley Stoffmaker – 172,000


Level 10

Blinds: 500-1,000, 100 ante

The players return from break, with increased blinds of 500-1,000 and a 100 ante. 167 players remaining from today’s field of 308, the average chip stack is about 69k. This event features re-entry, so players who bust today may re-enter tomorrow Day 1c. Action will continue tonight until the end of Level 13, which will be around 9:45 pm ET.


  • Players are on 15min break


Level 9 Chipcounts

  1. Harley Stoffmaker 158,000
  2. Josh Kimmel 135,000
  3. Ami Alibay 101,000
  4. Chris Sarena 88,000
  5. Paul Basi 80,000
  6. Karl Gingras 69,300

Level 9 Begins

Blinds: 400-800, 100 ante

Level 9 begins with increased blinds of 400-800 and a 100 ante. Play continues without a break. 192 players remaining from today’s field of 308. There were 219 entrants on Day 1A, so the total field size is 527.



Level 7 Chipcounts

Harley Stoffmaker 197,000 – Chris Sarena 88,000 – Paul Basi 80,000 – Gavin Smith 78,000 – Karl Gingras 69,300 – David Symanowicz 55,000

Level 7 (524 Entries)

Blinds: 250-500, 75 ante

The players return from break to begin Level 7, with increased blinds of 250-500 and a 75 ante. The average chip stack is about 39k. There were 219 entrants on Day 1A, so the total field size is 524 and growing.

Level 6

Blinds: 200-400, 50 ante

Level 5 comes to an end, and Level 6 begins with increased blinds of 200-400 and a 50 ante. Play continues without a break. Registration remains open until the end of Level 6. There were 219 entrants on Day 1A, so the total field size is 519 and growing.

Level 5

Blinds: 150-300, 50 ante

Level 5 begins with increased blinds of 150-300 and a 50 ante. Play continues without a break.

Chipleaders Level 3

  • Karl Gingras 69,300
  • David Symanowicz 55,000
  • James Bernard Sullivan 39,700
  • Danny Rouleau 39,500

Level 3

Blinds: 75-150, 25 ante

Level 3 begins with blinds of 75-150 and a 25 ante. Play continues without a break. The tournament clock shows 262 players in today’s field. Registration remains open until the end of Level 6.


Level 2

Blinds: 75-150, ante

Level 2 begins with increased blinds of 75-150. Play continues without a break. The tournament clock shows 248 players in the field so far for today’s Day 1B.


Level 1

Blinds: 50-100, ante

There are 186 players here for Day 1B in the field. Combined with the 219 entrants from Day 1A, that creates a field size of 405 entrants and climbing.

Registration remains open until the end of Level 6 and players who bust today have the option of re-entering tomorrow on Day 1C.

  • Starting Stack: 30,000 tournament chips. Pre-purchased stacks will be “live” on the table from the beginning of the tournament. Late registrants and alternates will be sold a full starting stack.
  • Blind Level Length: 45 minutes on Days 1 and 2, and 60 minutes on Days 3 and 4.
  • Breaks: There will be 15-minute breaks after every 2 levels of play on Days 1 and 2. There will be a 15-minute break after each level on Days 3 and 4.
  • Levels per Day: Days 1 will play for 13 levels. Day 2 will play for 11 levels. Day 3 will play until 6 players remain. Day 4 is the Final Table.

Day 1b Players Eliminated

Etienne Lanteigne Busted out
Stephen Dias Busted out
Richard Chia Busted out
Richard Figiel Busted out
Ron Farber Busted out
Marko Busted out
Michael Malm Busted out
Giovanni Massa Busted out
Allan Puzantian Busted out
Martin Dufour Busted out
Salvador Villaluz Busted out
Ray Mahomed Busted out
Etienne Leduc Busted out
Mike Giancola Busted out
Stephane Edme Busted out
George Caragiorgas Busted out
Rob Brown Busted out
Troy Hamilton Busted out
Gavin Smith Busted out
Steven White Busted out
Wayne Obrien Busted out
Mario Lepine Busted out
Marc-Andre Naud Busted out
Miguel Goncalo Busted out
Kathy Sawers Busted out
William Trudel Busted out
Setrak Suloukji Busted out
Ivan Mamuzic Busted out
Ted Ly Busted out
David Kruger Busted out
Robert Muzzatt Busted out
Jordon Johnstone Busted out
Lily Kornik Busted out
Philippe Dumas-Couture Busted out
Christophe Fracheboud Busted out
Jerome St-onge Busted out
Maurice Simard Busted out
Mike Di Criscio Busted out
Martin Surprenant Busted out
Ryan Higgins Busted out
Barouir Kazandjian Busted out
Murad Khan Busted out
Brian Beggs Busted out
Cristian Stanciu Busted out
James Bernard Sullivan Busted out
Jiachen Gong Busted out
Bichr Awad Busted out
Eric Doyle Busted out
Nicola Basile Busted out
Joe-Elie Assio Busted out
Kevin Godin-Patenaude Busted out
Mike Sexton Busted out
Ron Corber Busted out
Eric Guindon Busted out
Yves Leveille Busted out
Trieu Dung Hong Busted out
Jean Pierre St Martin Busted out
Stefano Sorgini Busted out
Armry Senat Busted out
Danielle Micallef Busted out
Benoit Jean Busted out
Yi Fan Dong Busted out
Denis Scott Busted out
Chris Sarena Busted out
Marcello Rosa Busted out
Alexandre Morin Busted out
Deron Noksana Busted out
Norman Henry Overdijk Busted out
Spencer Stacey Busted out
Michael Pinoudis Busted out
Michael Korovine Busted out
Danny Rouleau Busted out
Dylan Miller Busted out
Ryan Levine Busted out
Alain Blais Busted out
Gregory Buchner Busted out
Walt Asatoorian Busted out
Steve Kidman Busted out
Trong Dao Busted out
Alim Perales Busted out
Garry Hugh Busted out
Jeffrey Cormier Busted out
Michel Simoneau Busted out
Julien Fauteux Delorme Busted out
Tony Stratopoulos Busted out
Mathieu Boulanger-Vaugeois Busted out
Carlos Ghazal Busted out
Yves Loiselle Busted out
Jose Pereira Busted out
Fadi Haddad Busted out
Chris McClung Busted out
Danny Freitas Busted out
Michel Mcgraw Busted out
Dimitrios Helmis Busted out
Azim Popatia Busted out
Erica Freeman Busted out
Chad Beecraft Busted out
Charle-Alexandre Bergeron Busted out
Ivan Markovic Busted out
Tony DiMaria Busted out
Alex Barrette Busted out
Armand King Busted out
Denis Cyr Busted out
Bo Wang Busted out
Ashton Chin Busted out
Sylvain Siebert Busted out
Joseph Hanna Busted out
Faizel Satchu Busted out
Peter Labib Busted out
Qiang Dong Busted out
Dominick Brunet Busted out
Francis Falardeau Busted out
Vince Dwyer Busted out
Serge St-Pierre Busted out
Thanh Tri Nguyen Busted out
Alain jobin Busted out
Thanh Phu Busted out
Jean Claude Bernatchez Busted out
Mathieu Boucher Busted out
David Lanthier Busted out
Jean Rene Lafleur Busted out
Richard Mallow Busted out
Colin Moffatt Busted out
Wei Xu Busted out
Travis Robertson Busted out
Joshua Abiscott Busted out
Danny Boyaci Busted out



Day 1A at the WPT Canadian Spring Championship has come to a close with 62 remain from the 219 that entered today. The chip leader in Montreal tonight is Eric Davis with 276,300.

Tune back in tomorrow at 11 a.m. ET to follow along with the Day 1B coverage from the WPT Spring Championship.

End of Day 1A and Chip Count

First Name Last Name Status Chip Count Table Name Seat Number City
Eric Davis Still in 276,300 57 5 Calgary
Andre Turcotte Still in 267,800 54 7 St-Jerome
Boyd Oneill Still in 241,100 57 4
Mark Wilson Still in 225,400 60 9 Grande Prairie
Ruben Perceval Still in 218,300 65 9 Montreal
Nicolas Aubin Still in 216,700 60 6
Jean-guy Boyer Still in 207,100 54 1 saint jerome
Steven Schartner Still in 193,900 60 5 Vernon
Eric Levesque Still in 180,000 56 3 MTL
William R Mullen Still in 162,600 57 2 Fort Qu’appelle
Alain Toledano Still in 161,200 54 9
Ioannis Pentefountas Still in 160,500 56 9 Montreal
Georges Anthony Dunst Still in 155,000 57 3 Las Vegas
Chase Olsen Still in 136,400 54 6
Jonathan Poissant Still in 134,600 53 8 St Michel
Bill Loukanikas Still in 133,200 57 9
Eric Afriat Still in 131,500 54 3 Montreal
William Foxen Still in 126,400 53 3 Cold Spring
Amirmasoud Babakhani Still in 125,000 60 2 Thornhill
Joseph Leblanc Still in 121,100 57 6 Saint John
Marc Etienne Blais Still in 117,400 65 3
Oliver David Greer Still in 117,100 56 8 stittdville
Mathieu Martin Still in 115,800 53 2 Montreal
Leng Khauv Still in 112,900 56 6 Laval
Glen Hammers Still in 108,100 65 7 Montreal
Dale Chalifoux Still in 105,000 56 4 Kinuso
Wafic Fala Still in 105,000 56 2 Pointe Claire
Victor Adams Still in 99,700 53 9 Toronto
Gerry Lye Still in 99,400 60 3 St John
Michel Naggar Still in 98,000 53 6 Montreal
Danny Ayoub Still in 97,000 57 8 Ottawa
Daniel Schreiber Still in 93,700 56 5 montreal
Jean-Philippe Matte Still in 92,500 65 1 qc
Jean-Yves Blais Still in 90,400 53 1 Montreal
Dan Wells Still in 89,200 54 8 sharron
Tony DiMaria Still in 88,500 60 4 Toronto
Xuan Liu Still in 87,300 54 4 toronto
Patrick Lalonde Still in 83,600 53 5 Saint-Simon-de-Bagot
Daniel Cote Still in 77,400 61 7 Montreal
Ben Menache Still in 73,700 57 1 Montreal
Kevin St Denis Still in 70,000 53 7
Alexender Wong Still in 66,600 60 8 Ottawa
Kevin MacDonald Still in 64,100 60 1 Miramichi
David Ormsby Still in 61,300 61 4 Ottawa
Darcy J. Wright Still in 60,000 53 4 Calgary
Antoine Berube Still in 59,700 65 2 Quebec
Youssef Bejjani Still in 57,700 61 5 Oakville
Olivier Racine Still in 56,200 60 7 Montreal
Dylan Wilkerson Still in 55,100 61 8
Rayan Chamas Still in 49,100 61 3 Dollard Des Ormeaux
Stephen Caplan Still in 48,600 54 5
Roger Lamia Still in 47,900 61 1 gloucester
Tam Ho Still in 42,900 61 2 Ottawa
Shawn A, Martell Still in 41,800 65 4 Colchester
Robert Cohen Still in 41,600 65 5 Montreal
Joel Bullock Still in 38,600 61 6 Calgary
Gregory Katayama Still in 38,000 56 7 Missisauga
Charles – Eric Benoit Still in 36,200 56 1 Mont-Royal
Alexandre Morel Still in 36,000 54 2 brossard
Garen Galanti Still in 31,200 57 7 Montreal
Shawn O’Dell Still in 25,500 65 8 Oshawa
Ramzi Karam Still in 24,500 61 9 MTL


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