2014 Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Poker Open Results


The 2014 Manitoba Lotteries Poker Open took center stage this past week with four great events and more than 900 entrants taking part. The Open kicked off with a $600 buy-in Winnipeg Sun No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament. Dylan Ellis of Winnipeg was the first winner cashing in $24,797.

Event #2 was  the $300 No Limit Bounty Tournament. There were 384 entries paying out a prize pool of $105,600 with $19,200 of that amount paid in bounties. The winner of the event was Jordan Thomas who cashed in a first prize of $22,517. 

The highlight of the Open was the $1,100 Main Event which garnered 167 entrants creating a prize pool of $167,000. The big winner was Rajinder Singh of Winnipeg who cashed in $44,818 after defeating Donald Karasewich in heads up. Karasewich, also from Winnipeg, still made out with $28,608 in prize money. In third was Paul Espoti of Thunder Bay who cashed for $19,311.

The Manitoba Lotteries Poker Open wrapped up with the PlayNow.com $400 buy-in event that took place on Saturday. A total of 210 players created a prize pool of $78,750 and $20,906 of that went to first place finisher Kyle Irvine of Regina Beach, Saskatchewan.

Congratulations to the winners!


2014 Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Poker Open Results

92 CITI FM   $300 No Limit Texas Hold’em Bounty Tournament

April 24, 2014

1st        Jordan Thomas           $ 22,517      21st      Ed Dyck                           $ 620           

2nd       Bryce Pichlyk                   14,123      22nd    Kyle Doberstein              620

3rd        Kyle Clarke                        9,313      23rd      Sean Daulat                     620

4th        Dave Waytiuk                     6,427      24th      Robert Peters                620

5th        Jose Recabarren              4,623      25th      Khai Nguyen                    620

6th        Dennis Comber                3,453      26th      Andrew Carello             620

7th        Chris Wolters                    2,668      27th         Rosario Bullaro              620

8th        Stephan Taplin                  2,126      28th      Nelson Genaille              476

9th        Rob Whyte                          1,741      29th      Scott Dunford                 476

10th      Chinn Nguyen                    1,460      30th      Milton Tenenbien          476

11th      Eric Johnson                     1,252      31st      Clayton Edmondson     476

12th      Jeff Perin                           1,095      32nd     Sheldon Appell              476

13th      Bel Roque                              973      33rd      Neil Bechdoldt                476

14th      James Gauthier                   878      34th      Everett Mazulat              476

15th      Henry Menard                      803      35th      Denys Hepelle                476

16th      Brendan Kaplan                    742      36th      Chris Wakeman             476

17th      Trevor Zwarich                    693      37th      Scott McGregor             332

18th      Jason Wilson                        653      38th      George Okalik                332

19th      Tomas Loro                          620      39th      Melissa Parenteau        332

20th      Chris Lahoda                        620      

384 Entrants

Prize Pool                                     $86,400

Bounties                                         19,200

TOTAL PRIZE POOL                   $105,600


Manitoba Lotteries Main Event – $1,100 No Limit Texas Hold’em 

Friday, April 25 – 26, 2014

1st     Rajinder Singh          Winnipeg, MB                        $  44,818

2nd    Donald Karasewich   Winnipeg, MB                         28,608

3rd     Paul Esposti               Thunder Bay, ON                      19,311

4th     Michael Mutch          Winnipeg, MB                           13,733

5th     Peter Pawluk             Winnipeg, MB                           10,246

6th     Jordan Thomas        Winnipeg, MB                             7,984

7th     Mike Bakeman           Winnipeg, MB                            6,467

8th     Rob Whyte                  Winnipeg, MB                            5,419

9th     Garrett Rossset          Winnipeg, MB                           4,674

10th   Mike Krakalovich     Winnipeg, MB                          4,133

11th   Mike Thomas              Winnipeg, MB                           3,730

12th   William O’Neill           Winnipeg, MB                         3,425

13th   Clayton McLeod        Springfield, MB                       3,190

14th   Garry Jansen             Glenboro, MB                           3,007

15th   Robert Hodgins        East St Paul, MB                       2,861

16th   Jimmy Olias              Winnipeg, MB                           2,744

17th   Jeremy Plett              Winnipeg, MB                           2,650

TOTAL PRIZE POOL                       $     167,000

167 Entrants


PlayNow.com – $400 No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament

Saturday, April 26, 2014 

1st     Kyle Irvine                             Regina Beach, SK     $  20,906

2nd    Michael Smith                     Saskatoon, SK               13,264

3rd     Erick Johnson                    Winnipeg, MB                  8,880

4th     Shawn Serymgeour          Winnipeg, MB                  6,249

5th     Keith Sanburn                    Thompson, MB                4,605

6th     Steven Mager                      Winnipeg, MB                  3,538

7th     Shawn Sperber                    Winnipeg, MB                  2,823

8th     James Hopps                      Winnipeg, MB                  2,329

9th     Deborah Foster                  Kenora, ON                      1,978

10th   Kris Klimosko                     Saskatoon, SK                 1,722

11th   Brandon Billings                Winnipeg, MB                  1,532

12th   Carl Pottinger                     Winnipeg, MB                  1,389

13th   Dave Trozzo                        Winnipeg, MB                  1,278

14th   Dan Nord                             Winnipeg, MB                  1,191

15th   Zhenyu Gao                        Winnipeg, MB                  1,122

16th   Anthony Imperial             Winnipeg, MB                  1,067

17th   Joey Monteiro                    Winnipeg, MB                  1,023

18th   Glenn Billey                        Arnes, MB                            986

19th   Mel Podaima                       Fisher Branch, MB           956

20th   Wade Figal                          Winnipeg, MB                   956

21st   John Medina                      Winnipeg, MB                     956 

TOTAL PRIZE POOL                $     78,750

210 Entrants




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