2014 Lighthouse Classic Poker Tournament – Results



Trevor Delaney
Trevor Delaney

Casino New Brunswick in Moncton hosted their annual Lighthouse Classic Poker Tournament. The series ran between November 1 and 9 and included a total of 5 events with combined prize pools of around $125,000 created by 320 total tournament entrants.

The big winner of the series this year was Trevor Delaney who scooped up $25,600 after defeating a field of 160 players in the $550 buy-in Main Event which ran from November 6th through the 9th. He beat Francis Deveau in heads-up play, who walked away with a cheque for $14,800 for 2nd place finish.

Gary Lucci scored two wins in the series, shipping both the No Limit Hold’em Event #4 and the Bounty Event #5 defeating a combined 100 players.

Here are the 2104 Lighthouse Classic Poker Tournament Results.

Congratulations to the winners!


Event # 1 – 6 Handed

Prize Pool Entries
Buy-In $400+$40 $16,000.00 40
Rank Name Prize
1st Bryan Rushton $7,200.00
2nd Trevor Delaney $4,320.00
3rd Peter O $2,720.00
4th Gôoo Francis $1,760.00

Event # 2 – Omaha

Prize Pool Entries
Buy-In $180+$20 $3,240.00 18
Rank Name Prize
1st Andrew MacDonald $2,106.00
2nd Sonia McGraw $1,134.00

Event # – 4 NLH

Prize Pool Entries
Buy-In $315+$35 $10,710.00 34
Rank Name Prize
1st Gary Lucci $4,677.00
2nd Matt Layden $2,806.00
3rd Trent Hopper $1,766.00
4th Mike D $1,142.00

Event # – 5 Bounty

Prize Pool Entries
Buy-In $200+$200+$40 $13,200.00 66
Rank Name Prize
1st Darren Marchell $4,884.00
2nd Ryan Ward $2,904.00
3rd Andrew Knowles $1,782.00
4th Bruce Landry $1,254.00
5th Greg W $950.00
6th Stephen D $792.00
7th Pat M $594.00
Main Event Prize Pool Entries
Buy-In $500+$50 $80,000.00 160
Rank Name Prize
1st Trevor Delaney $25,600.00
2nd Francis Deveau $14,800.00
3rd Nick Price $9,600.00
4th Brandyn Trenholm $6,600.00
5th Tyler Cooke $5,080.00
6th Matt Layden $3,960.00
7th Rene D $3,120.00
8th Jerry Macloed $2,320.00
9th Richard Breau $1,600.00
10th Maurice H $1,320.00
11th Peter O $1,320.00
12th Jodi M $1,320.00
13th Trent Hopper $1,120.00
14th Troy D $1,120.00
15th Mike L $1,120.00



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