2013 WSOPc Vancouver Sees Top Talent at Tough Final Tables So Far


WSOP-CHalfway through the series, WSOPc Vancouver can claim already claim some of the toughest, talent packed and exciting final tables the Canadian events have seen so far over 2013; we haven’t seen any record shattering fields as of yet, but there has been no lack “local heroes” and long time grinders of the poker community have squaring off in some of the year’s most exciting title seeking competition.

Chris Back

Perhaps the most celebrated rail of the champions gold rings awarded came in Event 2, at arguably one of the toughest tables of Canadian talent seen in years as multiple FTOPS jersey winner Chris “maxxscam” Back, 2 time WSOP bracelet winner Daniel Idema, 2007 $1,500 NLHE bracelet as well as Sunday Million winner Robert Cheung and rising star Jason Mann occupied almost half of the available seats.

Watching Twitter feeds light up in support of one or the other, or a combination of all of the above, it was clear the ring was going to go to a fan favorite. Eventually, heads up play would find the two players chasing their first gold in an intense battle for bragging that would last several hours. Both had plenty at stake as Back was Canada’s “most often in the money finisher” in 2012, yet without a career major title to call his own, while the Edgewater’s 5k High Roller champ Mann was coming off a year of more than $350,000 worth of deep, oh-so-close WSOP & WSOPE finishes.

Despite being the shortest stack of the final 25 players, Chris Back would emerge the victor of this one however; along with the second largest pay-out of first 6 events, he also threw the “title monkey” (if there really is such a thing) off his back, much like fellow online pro Jason Lavallee recently did in the EPT London High-Roller. As many top pros have coined 2013 as the “Year of Science”, both victories add merit to the mantra that fundamentally sound poker will eventually prevail.

Only a few days later, another monster sweat took place as 2013 bracelet winner Calen McNeil faced Lorne Willment “Mano a Mano” for the title in Event 5, a $365 No Limit Hold’em with 419 starting entries. Calen, who’s first WSOP bling came this summer in via an Omaha Hi/Lo event, was looking to accessorize with the gold ring from this one, but would have to wait another day as Langley’s Willment slammed that door hard, grabbing more than $27,600 with his new ring.

Also hailing from Langley, Sukhpaul Dhaliwal has been racking up the cash with a runner up finish in Event #1, a $365 NLHE, and then doing one place better in Event #6, a $580 Pot Limit Omaha to seal the deal in scoring his title ring.  All told the two excellent performances were worth almost $42,000 combined…not bad for a few days work.

The biggest pay-day of the first half still belongs to Kelowna’s Jordan Hamilton though, who scored roughly $66,000 for taking down the 275 player field in the 1k event.  Hamilton has had some deep runs out west, finish well in both the West Coast Poker Championship and BCPC Main Events, so it seems deserved and overdue that he takes down the title here.

Vincent Wong
Vincent Wong

The $1,675 Main Event, which seen over 1,000 runners for it’s inaugural Vancouver running in 2012 has closed registration for Day 1a at the time of writing, drawing 273 players so far and with everybody being allowed to re-enter again on 1b & 1c, there is a great chance the field will climb to four figures once again.

While we wait and see, here are the results from the first 6 tournaments, totaling more than $903,000 in prize money already:


Event 1 –  $365 No Limit Hold’em    511 Entries for $153,300 Prize-Pool

Place Name City Prize
1st Vincent Wong Vancouver $32,956
2nd Sukhpaul Dhaliwal Langley $20,378
3rd Nathan Drury Abbotsford $14,887
4th Art Toye Kelowna $11,036
5th Duck-Sin Jong Burnaby $8,300
6th Sean Handlin Richmond $6,331
7th Mackenzie Yamamoto Langley $4,989
8th Donavan Cox Vancouver $3,843,
9th Jay Lai Richmond $3,058
10th Lawrence Leung Richmond $2,467
11th Evan Thomas Victoria $2,467
12th Grant Judge DNA $2,467
13th Donald Thrasher Delta $2,017
14th Shawn Aronson Victoria $2,017
15th Jennifer Nadon Kelowna $2,017
16th Adam Attwood Victoria $1,671
17th Lamar Williams Mount Currie $1,671
18th Matthew Harms DNR $1,671
19th Alicia Reyes Vancouver $1,403
20th Jill Iacino Maple Ridge $1,403
21st Fredrick Leak Victoria $1,403
22nd Anthony Mar North Vancouver $1,193
23rd Dmitry Afanasyev DNR $1,193
24th Daniel Pointon North Vancouver $1,193
25th Jingtao Chen DNR $1,027
26th Ross Tretick Coquitlam $1,027
27th Varinder Sandhu Surrey $1,027
28th Steven Kuipers Kelowna $897
29th Michael Davis Nanaimo $897
30th Darren Kennedy Redmond $897
31st Lorne Willment Langley $793
32nd Eric Chong Langley $793
33rd Glenn Land Coquitlam $793
34th Shaddoc Kishineff Delta $710
35th Sidney Lukie Kelowna $710
36th Jeremy Murrell New Hazelton $710
37th Jack Da Rocha Delta $642
38th Cory Parent Richmond $642
39th Sean Stevens Coquitlam $642
40th Tyler Lee Victoria $642
41st Kevin Top Nanaimo $642
42nd Jun Ishii Coquitlam $642
43rd Kin Shin Tang Burnaby $642
44th Jordan MacDougall Richmond $642
45th Lu Teng Li Vancouver $642
46th Daniel Takagawa Vancouver $589
47th Majid Farashbandi Vancouver $589
48th Terence Nicholas Richmond $589
49th Alan Schmelzel Port Moody $589
50th David Rogue Vancouver $589
51st Yong Mei Sun Whiterock $589
52th Eric Wilde Victoria $589
53rd Dick Williams North Vancouver $589
54th Chris Kushnerik Richmond $589


Event 2 – $580 No Limit Hold’em     343 Entries for $171,500 Prize-Pool

Place Name City Prize
1st Chris Back Vancouver $39,439
2nd Jason Mann Burnaby $24,386
3rd Trevor Hebert Langley $17,790
4th Daniel Idema Vancouver $13,195
5th Peter Vu Burnaby $9,940
6th Hooman Depars North Vancouver $7,603
7th Robert Cheung Vancouver $5,900
8th Jason Gagne Vancouver $4,644
9th Steve Lum Richmond $3,708
10th Saad Fadl-Alla Vancouver $3,000
11th Aaron Eyjolfson Mission $3,000
12th Feng Wen Chen Vancouver $3,000
13th Michael Niwinski Delta $2,461
14th Francois Colbert Sooke $2,461
15th Nicholas Immekus Jefferson Hills $2,461
16th David Carlson DNR $2,046
17th Terry Tsang Burnaby $2,046
18th Tuan Minh Duong Vancouver $2,046
19th Francois Sauve DNR $1,724
20th Salim Mawani Port Coquitlam $1,724
21st Dung Nguyen Surrey $1,724
22nd Justin Ciolfitto Burnaby $1,471
23rd Jeffrey Widney Beaumont $1,471
24th Michael Collins Vancouver $1,471
25th Andrew Tai Richmond $1,273
26th David Barter Compton $1,273
27th Son Chau Victoria $1,273
28th Douglas James Vancouver $1,115
29th Damir Krolo Surrey $1,115
30th Eddie Hum Vancouver $1,115
31st Russell Samples Friday Harbour $988
32nd Chi Tsun Chan Vancouver $988
33rd Rahman Khakban Burnaby $988
34th Derek Shannon Washago $887
35th Robbie Roscoe Mill Bay $887
36th Jesus Fuentes Mount Vernon $887


Event 3 – $365 No Limit Hold’em     328 Entries for $98,400 Prize-Pool

Place Name City Prize
1st Eric Kim Vancouver $23,123
2nd Daniel Park Bothell $14,298
3rd David Bryce Port Alberni $10,384
4th Tan Duy Pham Vancouver $7,670
5th Zhiran Chen Burnaby $5,758
6th Valentino Cadiz Vancouver $4,392
7th Lamarr Williams Mount Currie $3,402
8th Joseph Lind Everett $2,675
9th Jason Hoang Prince Rupert $2,134
10th Daniel Cheetham Port Alberni $1,729
11th Vincent Wong Vancouver $1,729
12th George Phipps North Saanich $1,729
13th Giovanni Rota Richmond $1,421
14th Mehrdad Shariatmadari Seattle $1,421
15th Jurg Richards DNR $1,421
16th Cory McClure Surrey $1,185
17th Justin Trivisano Vancouver $1,185
18th Michael Kovacs Burnaby $1,185
19th Kin Chi Chan Vancouver $1,002
20th Kochakrit Sriranpong Vancouver $1,002
21st Elliott Ming Edmonton $1,002
22nd Matthew Kwok Vancouver $859
23rd Jeffrey Myles Abottsford $859
24th Erica Ikari Vancouver $859
25th Louise Jean Vancouver $747
26th Glorielou Balatbat Richmond $747
27th Warren Kim Bellevue $747
28th Eric Lonon DNR $658
29th John DeCarvalho Richmond $658
30th Carey Nagy Comox $658
31st Jeffery Hanak DNR $587
32nd Tyler StClair Edmonton $587
33rd Kenneth Westlake Ucluelet $587


Event 4 – $1,125 No Limit Hold’em      275 Entries for $275,000 Prize-Pool

Place Name City Prize
1st Jordan Hamilton Kelowna $65,995
2nd Kevin McColgan Douglassville $40,788
3rd Matthew Mortensen Delta $29,596
4th Monsoor Habib Vancouver $21,835
5th Conor Beresford York $16,376
6th Andy Le Mount Lake Terrace $12,480
7th Chi Tsun Chan Vancouver $9,658
8th Yonathan Yacoubov North York $7,590
9th Afshin Majidi Richmond $6,056
10th Thomas Cemm Maple Ridge $4,903
11th Sean Eichendorf Whitehorse $4,903
12th Alemu Makonen Edmonton $4,903
13th Ryan Yu Burnaby $4,029
14th Taylor Irving Vancouver $4,029
15th Duck-Sin-Jong Burnaby $4,029
16th Elliott Miao Edmonton $3,358
17th Peter Koumoutsidis Surrey $3,358
18th Randy Lavoie DNR $3,358
19th Jason Kirstein White Rock $2,838
20th Eric Kim Vancouver $2,838
21st David Cung Calgary/Victoria $2,838
22nd Peter Vu Burnaby $2,434
23rd Dustin Boyachek Nelson $2,434
24th Rodney Knapp Williams Lake $2,434
25th Adam Crawford Langley $2,115
26th George Mounsef Edmonton $2,115
27th Mark Lofthouse Vancouver $2,115
28th Justin Mandair Surrey $1,865
29th Wipada Butwong Vancouver $1,865
30th Jeremy Howe Delta $1,865


Event 5 – $365 No Limit Hold’em     419 Entries for $125,700 Prize-Pool

Place Name City Prize
1st Lorne Willment Langley $27,650
2nd  Calen McNeil Victoria $17,089
3rd Brandon Rollinson Canoe $12,487
4th Dinh Hoang Langley $9,272
5th Scott Campbell Delta $6,991
6th Scott Davies Las Vegas $5,351
7th Blake Graves Vancouver $4,156
8th Jonathan DaCruz Delta $3,273
9th Anthony Mar North Vancouver $2,615
10th Richard Mullen White Rock $2,117
11th George Duncan Surrey $2,117
12th Seah Yun Chong Richmond $2,117
13th Jeffery Chan Vancouver $1,737
14th Gerard Clancy Nanaimo $1,737
15th Alex Ngo Vancouver $1,737
16th Justin Ciolfitto Burnaby $1,446
17th David Bui Vancouver $1,446
18th Alan Schmelzel Port Moody $1,446
19th Chi Kung Fo Richmond $1,218
20th Derek Shannon Washago $1,218
21st Luciano D’Angelo Victoria $1,218
22nd Gordon Clark Aldergrove $1,040
23rd Toan Pham Surrey $1,040
24th Trevor Huber Regina $1,040
25th Krinh Zieu Calgary $899
26th Michael Nixon Duncan $899
27th Jian-Wan Wen Surrey $899
28th Brett Kennedy Seattle $787
29th Chris Kushnerik Richmond $787
30th Thomas Doran Sherwood Park $787
31st Ian Moelder New Westminster $698
32nd Mark Echlin Vancouver $698
33rd Sean Mussett Whistler $698
34th David Smith Burnaby $626
35th Nicholas Sepi Jr. Coquitlam $626
36th Richard Comely Edmonton $626
37th Cody Wells Williams Lake $568
38th Mario Kucharek Surrey $568
39th Victor Deol Burnaby $568
40th Tung Chee Port Moody $568
41st Cole Michael Harmon Courtenay $568
42nd Garret Blaney Grande Prairie $568
43rd Malcom Powell Richmond $568
44th Habeeb Wathiq Coquitlam $568
45th Mark Warren North Vancouver $568


Event 6 – $580 Pot Limit Omaha        159 Entries for $79,500 Prize-Pool

Place Name City Prize
1st Sukhpaul Dhaliwal Langley $21,467
2nd Marc Verheil North Vancouver $13,265
3rd Steven Schartner Vernon $9,549
4th Seth Martez Surrey $6,998
5th Laszio Somogyi Coquitlam $5,220
6th Jason Lowe Seattle $3,961
7th John Agelakis Vancouver $3,058
8th Gregory Eyster Raleigh $2,399
9th Mark-Daniel Hughes Vancouver $1,913
10th Oscar Tan Vancouver $1,549
11th Samir Rmeili Burnaby $1,549
12th Gerald Carter St. Albert $1,549
13th James Cermak Edmonton $1,275
14th Jeffery Guild Vancouver $1,275
15th Roberto Tria Sherwood Park $1,275
16th Son Quoc Chau Victoria $1,066
17th Jaki Kneisen Steinbach $1,066
18th Sean Desjardins Vancouver $1,066
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