2013 WSOP Main Event Day 5- Yann Dion, Ami Alibay & Jason Mann Among Dozen Canadians Remaining

Yann Dion

Yann Dion

239 players have advanced to Day 5 of the 2013 World Series of Poker $10,000 Main Event, with a dozen Canadian players still in contention to become part of this year’s “November 9” and quite possibly the next No Limit Hold’em World Champion. 2 players from Quebec are currently leading our charge to the more than $8.3 million top prize; Yann “Yadio” Dion (6th), who has made at least 3 huge final tables in the last year. Dion won an FTOPS Main Event, and has finished at the final tabled the PCA Main Event and Sunday Million over the past 12 months for more than $800,000 combined, more than proving he can crush tough, big field tournament poker. He’s joined by Ami Alibay (10th) in the top ten chip counts to start Saturday’s play.

Ami Alibay

Ami Alibay

Both players are around the T2,000,000 at Level 21, with blinds at 8000/16,000 and a 2000 ante. Not far behind, British Columbia players Jason Mann sits at about 1,780,000 in the 16th spot and Yi Fang is in 38th with nearly 1.4 million in chips.

Marc McLaughlin – 1,223,000 (QC), Alexander Livingston – 1,190,000 (NS) and Umang Dattani – 1,187,000 (AB) are also sitting on above average stacks, while Dustin Septa – 620,000 (AB), Stephane Blouin – 544,000 (QC), Ivan Mamuzic – 311,000 (ON), Greg Mueller – 300,000 (BC), David Pecaski – 199,000 (BC) and Ontario’s Mike Dietrich with a count of 193,000 round out the list of remaining Canadians.

Those players remaining are now guaranteed a bit over $37,000 with the next money jump at 225th to nearly $43,000.

As for those players eliminated in the money on Day 4, here is a list of Canadian results by pay bracket:

Current (239th) to 288th: $37,019

Stephane Lacas (QC) – 266th

289th to 360th: $32,242

Jeff Cote (QC) – 304th

Adam Kende (BC) – 316th

Timmy McIntyre (BC) – 320th

Guillaume Rivet (QC) – 326th

Michael Malm (ON) – 328th

Matt Marafioti (ON) – 329th

Carla Sabini (QC) – 343th

Jason Mandanici (QC) – 346th

James Hudson (QC) – 351st

Simon Charette (ON) – 358th

Julien Fautex (DNR) – 360th

361st to 432nd: $28,063

Benny Chen (PEI) – 391st

Harsukhpaul Sangha (BC) – 410th

Marc Carpentier-Perrault (QC) – 422nd

Jair Beltran (ON) – 424th

Jamie Dawick (ON) – 428th

433rd to 504th: $24,480

Samuel Gagnon (QC) – 441st

505th to 576th: $21,495

Joel Bullock (AB) – 510th

Michelle Doiron (NB) – 511th

Daniel Koschok (AB) – 532nd

Nicholas Verkaik (ON) – 548th

Evan Jarvis (ON) – 565th

Peter Kshonze (ON) – 569th

577th to 648th: $19,106

Daniel Landriault (AB) – 582nd

Mike Watson (ON) – 589th

Yan Lee (BC) – 593rd

(World Series of Poker Event #62 – $10,000 Buy-in with 6,352 entries)

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