Derrick Rosenbarger Wins partypoker WPT Montreal 2013 Main Event



WPTMontreal Final HandDerrick Rosenbarger from New Mexico, USA  is the new Champion of the 2013 WPT Montreal!

Derrick  raised to 600K preflop and Pahuja reraised all in for 6,975,000. Derrick  quickly called with pocket queens and Pahuja flipped over Adiamond4diamond

The board was  9heart6diamond3club4spade2heart and that secured the WPT Montreal title to Derrick Rosenbarger.






 Heads-up Mukul Pahuja versus Derrick Rosenbarger


The winner will take home $517,049 in cash, a $15,400 seat to the WPT World Championship, and let’s not forget the WPT Montreal Belt! Second Place is $362,430.

Level 35: 150/300k, 50k ante

Mukul Pahuja – 7,250,000
Derrick Rosenbarger – 18,600,000


Name Seat Chip Count

Mukul Pahuja

Seat 2


Derrick Rosenbarger - 1,985,000

Derrick Rosenbarger

Seat 3




Level 34

Blinds: 125k/-250, 25k ante

The players are in the midst of a 15-minute break. When play resumes, the blinds will be 125,000/250,000 with an ante of 25,000.



Level 33

Derrick Rosenbarger WPT Heads UpBlinds: 100k/200k, 25k ante


Chip Counts

Mukul Pahuja – 5,600,000
Derrick Rosenbarger – 20,250,000



Level 32

Mukul Pahuja WPT Montreal Heads UpBlinds: 75k/150k, 25k ante


Level 32 Chip Counts

Blinds: 75k/150k, 25k ante

Mukul Pahuja – 14,450,000
Derrick Rosenbarger – 11,400,000



Level 31

IMG_1920Blinds: 60k/120k, 20k ante


Level 31 Chip Counts

Mukul Pahuja – 17,600,000
Derrick Rosenbarger – 8,250,000

IMG_1930Serge Cantin Eliminated in 3rd Place $220,170

Mukul open to 350K, Serge 3bet to 1M, Mukul 4bet to 2.65M and finally Serge move all-in. Mukul snapped called, and they were off to the races.



The board was     , and Mukul, who had only 250K more than Serge, picked up the huge pot to go into heads-up with a 2-to-1 lead versus Derrick Rosenbarger.


Name Seat Chip Count
Serge-Cantin-small Serge Cantin Seat 1  Eliminated
Mukul-Pahuja-small Mukul Pahuja Seat 2 17,600,000
Derrick-Rosenbarger-small Derrick Rosenbarger Seat 3 8,250,000
Sylvain-Siebert-Thumb Sylvain Siebert Seat 6  Eliminated
Lily-Kiletto-small Lily Kiletto Seat 5  Eliminated
Alexandre-Lavigne-small Alexandre Lavigne Seat 4  Eliminated



IMG_1899Sylvain Siebert Eliminated in 4th Place $162,936

Sylvain moved all-in from the button for 1.82M, and was called by Serge Cantin from the small blind. Mukul, sitting in the big blind, gave it a minute before he folded, showing the .



The board runs out     , and Serge took the pot with his set of 8s.



Level 30

Blinds: 50k/100k, 10k ante

The players are in the midst of a 10-minute break. When play resumes, the blinds will increase to 50,000/100,000 with an ante of 10,000.


  • Lily Kiletto Eliminated in Fifth Place $121,848

Lily Kiletto

Lily moves all in for 650k on the cutoff preflop and both Mukul Pahuja and Sylvain Siebert called. The flop is  Qspade J heart4spade and both live players check. The 4diamond follows on the turn and Siebert bets 400k. Pahuja folds and the two remaining players flip over their cards.

IMG_1832Sylvain Siebert: Aclub Qclub
Lily Kiletto: Aspade 8heart

Lily was drawing dead before the river: Jspade

Sylvain wins the hand and Lily’s eliminated in fifth place.




  • Alexander Lavigne Eliminated in 6th Place $98,574

IMG_1817Alexander Lavigne raises all in for 1.1 million from the cutoff and Serge Cantin makes the call from the big blind.


Cantin: TheartTdiamond
Lavigne: Kheart8club

The board runs out Jclub9spade5diamond5club3heart and Alexandre was our first elimination here at the final table of the PartyPoker WPT Montreal Main Event.



Level 29

Blinds: 40k/80k, 10k ante

The blinds are now 40,000/80,000 with a 10,000 ante for the start of Level 29 at the final table of the partypoker WPT Montreal Main Event.




Lily Doubles Second Time!

Lily Kiletto has just doubled up again, this time her 645K stack went all-in with  , and was up against Sylvain Siebert’s  .

The board showed     , and just like that Lily has grown her 370K starting stack to over 1.3M!


IMG_1790Lily Kiletto Doubles Up

Lily Kiletto, coming in as the short stack on this final table, found herself all-in preflop with   versus the   of Mukul Pahuja. The board ran in her favour, showing    , and she is still in the running in this WPT Montreal final table.


Meet the partypoker WPT Montreal Final Table

Serge Cantin  6,960,000
Serge Cantin 6,960,000
Derrick Rosenbarger - 1,985,000
Derrick Rosenbarger – 1,985,00
Mukul Pahuja 5,945,000
Mukul Pahuja 5,945,000


Sylvain Siebert - 8,435,000
Sylvain Siebert – 8,435,000
Alexandre Lavigne - 2,150,000
Alexandre Lavigne – 2,150,000
Lily Kiletto - 370,000
Lily Kiletto – 370,000


2013 WPT Montreal Final Table


We are *Live at the final table of the partypoker WPT Montreal Main Event at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal. Blinds will begin at 30k/60k with a 10k ante for the last few minutes of Level 28.


WPT Live Stream

WPT Montreal Poker ChipsWPT Montreal Royal Flush Girls


The WPT Montreal Live Stream will begin at 4:30 p.m. ET so you can watch every hand

The six remaining players will be on a table in the middle of the Tournament out at the final table. Recent WPT Caribbean champion Tony Dunst will provide the commentary here at Playground Poker Club.



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