2013 WPT Montreal Day 1B – Updates



Derrick Rosenbarger is the leader of Day1b at the partypoker World Poker Tour Montreal Main Event in Montreal. 128 players have advanced from the 308 that entered this Saturday in Canada. That makes for a total of 220 survivors for Day 2 on Monday from the 523 total entries.

Day 1C begins tomorrow at 12pm ET. Any player that busted on Day 1A or Day 1B can re-enter tomorrow before the start of Level 7.


Day 1b Chipcounts

First Name Last Name Seat Status Chip Count City Country
Derrick Rosenbarger Table 55, Seat 6 Still in 211,200 Clovis USA
Lucas Greenwood Table 52, Seat 9 Still in 195,100 Toronto ca
Adam Kornuth Table 60, Seat 4 Still in 184,700 Grand Isle USA
Chris Dombroski Table 50, Seat 4 Still in 183,300 Wesley Chapel USA
Grayson Ramage Table 51, Seat 9 Still in 179,500 New York USA
Yann Dion Table 61, Seat 8 Still in 173,200 Quebec
Nicholas P Grippo Table 63, Seat 5 Still in 157,300 Arlington Heights USA
Byron Kaverman Table 64, Seat 2 Still in 156,300 Fort Jennings USA
Jerry Wong Table 53, Seat 4 Still in 145,000
Nicholas Petrangelo Table 60, Seat 8 Still in 140,000 USA
Kevin Macphee Table 57, Seat 7 Still in 134,100 Coeur D Alene USA
Greg Ostrander Table 65, Seat 6 Still in 134,000 Webster USA
Micah Raskin Table 54, Seat 3 Still in 132,500 old westbury NY  USA USA
Darren Elias Table 56, Seat 7 Still in 126,000 Monclair USA
Jonas Mackoff Table 52, Seat 1 Still in 121,900 North Van Ca
Patrick Eskandar Table 59, Seat 3 Still in 119,500 Gulfport USa
Darren Rabinowitz Table 65, Seat 1 Still in 119,400 Las Vegas USA
Matt MaraFIOTI Table 60, Seat 5 Still in 119,300 tORONTO CA
Ricky Tang Table 51, Seat 8 Still in 118,200
James Gibson Table 51, Seat 7 Still in 117,900 stonewall ca
Nikolai Sears Table 54, Seat 8 Still in 117,700 Davisburg USA
Antonio Esfandiari Table 53, Seat 6 Still in 113,300 Las Vegas USA
Per Martin Jacobson Table 50, Seat 1 Still in 111,200 Sweden
Michael Dybnis Table 61, Seat 4 Still in 110,500 Miami Beach USA
Jesse Yaginuma Table 49, Seat 5 Still in 110,100 Los Angeles USA
Keven Michael Stammen Table 64, Seat 1 Still in 104,800 Silino USA
Afshin Majidi Table 61, Seat 7 Still in 102,400 Richmond CAN
Roger Geremia Table 63, Seat 2 Still in 97,500 Indian Head Canada
Donald Abdelhay Table 53, Seat 7 Still in 96,900 Brossard Canada
Chris Back Table 53, Seat 2 Still in 95,600 Canada
Mackenzie McDonald Table 49, Seat 1 Still in 92,500 Ottawa on
jake Schwartz Table 49, Seat 2 Still in 92,300 NY USA
Hauke Gerde Table 54, Seat 4 Still in 92,200 Otterfing Germany
Jamie Armstrong Table 51, Seat 4 Still in 92,000 New York USA
Joseph Kueter Table 50, Seat 9 Still in 92,000 lv USA
Samuel Bisrat Tsehai Table 54, Seat 1 Still in 92,000 on USA
John Gordon Table 64, Seat 8 Still in 91,200 Seminole USA
George Biliouras Table 65, Seat 2 Still in 89,900 Stouffville ca
Kyle Johnson Table 50, Seat 8 Still in 85,800 Edmonton Canada
Loni Harwood Table 56, Seat 6 Still in 83,300 Staten Island USA
Ramzi Karam Table 57, Seat 2 Still in 83,100 MTL USA
Xuan Liu Table 52, Seat 5 Still in 82,800 toronto ca
Guillaume Darcourt Table 63, Seat 9 Still in 82,200 Paris Europe
Jay Michael Dragland Table 64, Seat 7 Still in 82,000 Calgary Canada
Vincen Grenon Table 63, Seat 1 Still in 81,300 Trois-Rivieres Canada
Daniel Buzgon Table 49, Seat 3 Still in 81,100 Marlton USA
Derek Raymond Table 57, Seat 8 Still in 80,200 Portland USA
Guillaume Rivet Table 56, Seat 3 Still in 77,800 lorraine j6z 1r2
Matthew Parry Table 49, Seat 9 Still in 76,100 Fairport NY USA
Gregory Marcus Table 51, Seat 1 Still in 75,700 Flordia USA
Marco Caza Table 60, Seat 3 Still in 75,500 Legardeur Canada
Zennawi Petros Table 65, Seat 3 Still in 75,500 Winnipeg Canada
Irina Tchakarova Table 50, Seat 7 Still in 73,500
Gjergj Sinishtaj Table 61, Seat 2 Still in 73,300 Sterling Heights USA
Michael Bartholomew Table 59, Seat 9 Still in 73,200 London Canada
Carlo Nini Table 59, Seat 6 Still in 71,600 Montreal Canada
Andrew Graham Table 59, Seat 1 Still in 71,400 Newport USA
Robert Morena Table 56, Seat 9 Still in 71,200
John Krpan Table 52, Seat 8 Still in 71,000 Burlington Canada
James Joyner Table 55, Seat 8 Still in 69,800 Ponte Vedra USA
John Andress Table 54, Seat 9 Still in 69,500 USA
Laurence Grondin Table 65, Seat 5 Still in 67,900 Montreal Canada
Ravi K Raghavan Table 52, Seat 7 Still in 67,900 Northbrook USA
Chopra Naveen Table 57, Seat 4 Still in 64,200 woodbridge canada
Micheal Dietrich Table 59, Seat 8 Still in 63,000 London Can
carter swidler Table 56, Seat 4 Still in 62,400 MOntreal Canada
Samuel Greenwood Table 55, Seat 9 Still in 61,500 toronto ca
Joseph De Mers Table 56, Seat 8 Still in 60,900 Jackson USA
Maxime Laberge Table 52, Seat 6 Still in 60,900 Stoneham Et Tewkesbury CAN
Maurice Simard Table 64, Seat 4 Still in 59,000 Otterburn Park Canada
Stewart Chandler Table 55, Seat 2 Still in 58,300 Hillsborough CAN
Marco Cannizzaro Table 53, Seat 5 Still in 58,200
Sasa Stancic Table 51, Seat 3 Still in 57,600 Toronto Canada
Michael Dentale Table 56, Seat 1 Still in 57,000 AK USA
Jean-Philippe Piquette Table 54, Seat 5 Still in 56,400 Montreal Canada
Isabelle Mercier Table 60, Seat 7 Still in 55,200 Montreal Canada
Hugo Dumoulin Table 59, Seat 7 Still in 53,100 Notre-dame-de -l’ile-perrot ca
Kyle Hartree Table 61, Seat 1 Still in 51,900 Edmonton Canada
Mike Vaynshteyn Table 55, Seat 7 Still in 51,100 USA
Valerie Ross Table 63, Seat 3 Still in 49,300 Canada
Jonathan Plens Table 59, Seat 5 Still in 49,200 Toronto ca
Serge Cantin Table 55, Seat 3 Still in 49,200 St-Christophe ca
Sol Bergren Table 52, Seat 4 Still in 49,100 saskatoon ca
Allen Butkovic Table 65, Seat 9 Still in 48,500 Edmonton Canada
Patrick Blye Table 60, Seat 9 Still in 48,400 Aurora CAN
Ryan Moriarty Table 57, Seat 1 Still in 48,100 Pearl River USA
James Andrade Table 51, Seat 5 Still in 46,900 Nobleton Canada
Christopher Kruk Table 63, Seat 8 Still in 46,300 Oakville Canada
Marshall Dutcher Table 51, Seat 2 Still in 46,000 Fredericton Canada
David Randall Table 60, Seat 2 Still in 45,000 Westerville USA
Victor Ramdin Table 59, Seat 2 Still in 44,000 Bronx USA
Matthew Salsberg Table 60, Seat 6 Still in 43,200 USA
Dylan Wilkerson Table 52, Seat 2 Still in 42,400 Toronto
Eleftherios Moukas Table 56, Seat 5 Still in 41,600 Montreal canada
Jean Francois Bouchard Table 49, Seat 4 Still in 41,500 Montreal Canada
Adrian Milroy Table 65, Seat 7 Still in 39,300 Montreal USA
Kevin Dawe Table 54, Seat 6 Still in 39,300
Matt Campbell Table 63, Seat 6 Still in 37,500 Chesterton USA
Stephen Standen Table 61, Seat 9 Still in 37,500 North Bay Canada
Stephen O’Dwyer Table 53, Seat 1 Still in 36,200 Dublin Europe
Andrew Cole Table 57, Seat 6 Still in 35,300 Mapledale Canada
Jeffrey Peter Madsen Table 53, Seat 8 Still in 35,100 Las Vegas USA
Shawn Buchanan Table 64, Seat 6 Still in 34,900 Abbotsford Canada
Stephane Anderson Table 50, Seat 3 Still in 34,600 ont ca
Spencer Stacey Table 64, Seat 9 Still in 33,600 Canada
Ivan Fazal Karim Table 65, Seat 4 Still in 33,100 Montreal Can
John Nelson Table 57, Seat 9 Still in 31,200 Curtice USA
Max Greewood Table 53, Seat 3 Still in 30,700 Toronto ca
Jeffery Hagen Table 55, Seat 5 Still in 30,200 North Chili USA
Nektarios Papadedes Table 61, Seat 3 Still in 28,800 Guelph Canada
Martin Rauss Table 49, Seat 6 Still in 28,500 USA
Lonnie Hallett Table 54, Seat 7 Still in 27,400 USA
Macradij Yacoubian Table 52, Seat 3 Still in 25,800 N Hollywood USA
Michael Hunter Table 64, Seat 3 Still in 25,200
Robert Miller Table 50, Seat 2 Still in 24,800 Colchester USA
Silvio Harrison Table 61, Seat 6 Still in 24,300 Toronto Canada
Sean Winter Table 56, Seat 2 Still in 22,200 Jacksonville USA
Gordon Vayo Table 59, Seat 4 Still in 21,900 Sun Matea USA
Micheal Jones Table 49, Seat 8 Still in 21,600 Great Brittian
Christina Marie Linderman Table 55, Seat 4 Still in 21,500 Las Vegas USA
Travell Tomas Table 49, Seat 7 Still in 21,400 Orchard park USA
Anthony Zinno Table 53, Seat 9 Still in 19,200 cranston USA
Samuel Chartier Table 51, Seat 6 Still in 19,000 Montreal Canada
Daniel Kelly Table 61, Seat 5 Still in 18,900 Potomac USA
Ryan Weber Table 63, Seat 4 Still in 18,700 Saint Charles USA
Zack Cooke Table 57, Seat 3 Still in 18,200 Chicago USA
Shane Donnelly Table 50, Seat 6 Still in 16,600 Lake George Canada
Scott Siever Table 55, Seat 1 Still in 15,900 USA


Level 10

Level 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

The blinds are now 500-1,000 with a 1,000 ante for the start of Level 10. This will be the last level of play tonight.


Level 9

Small Blind 400
Big Blind 800
Ante 100
Chip Average 53.1k
Players Remaining 174
Entries 308

Level 9

Level 9: 400/800, 100 ante

The blinds are now 400/800 with an ante of 100. Of the 308 Day 1B players, 177 remain.

The players are back from their last break of the day and will now play the final two levels before bagging chips for tomorrow.

Players Chipcounts…

  • 196K – Adam Kornuth
  • 178K – Yann Dion
  • 172K – Derrick Rosenbarger
  • 154K – Micah Raskin
  • 140K – Jeff Madsen


WPT Montreal Main Event – Day 1b Gallery



Recent Eliminations

Level 7: 250/500, 75 ante

Jason Koon, Denis Gnidash, and Ones to Watch Danny Suied have been eliminated.

  • Salsberg Takes Out Buddiga


Dinner Break


Level 7

At the start of Level 7 the tournament clock shows that we have 229 players remaining from 309 entries on Day 1B. Registration is now closed. It looks like we have a total of 523 entries.


Level 6: 200/400, 50 ante

The field is now on a 45-minute dinner break at the partypoker WPT Montreal Main Event. Play will resume at 7:35 p.m. ET. There are currently 247 players remaining from the 302 that have entered on Day 1B at the partypoker WPT Montreal Main Event. The overall number of entries is now 517.


  • Christian Harder Eliminated


Level 5

Blinds: 150/300, 50 ante

The blinds are now 150-300 with a 50 ante for the start of Level 5 at the partypoker WPT Montreal Main Event. The field will play one more levels until the dinner break.


Level 4

Blinds: 100/200, 25 ante

The blinds are now 100-200 with a 25 ante for the start of Level 4. There will be a 15-minute break at the end of this level.


Level 3

Level 3: 75/150, 25 ante

The players are back from break and the blinds are now 75-150 with a 25 ante for the start of Level 3 at the partypoker WPT Montreal Main Event here at the Playground Poker Club.


The Ladies…

Christina Lindley
Christina Lindley
Isabelle Mercier
Kara Scott
Kara Scott
Xuan Liu
Xuan Liu
Laurence Grondin
Laurence Grondin
Carla Sabini
Carla Sabini


Level 2: 75-150, ante

The blinds are now 75-150 for the start of Level 2 at the partypoker WPT Montreal Main Event. There will be a 15-minute break at the end of this level.


Day 1b: Shuffle up and deal!


They’re playing 10 levels today with 15 minute breaks after every second level plus a 45 minute break after level 6. Late registration will close at around 7:15 and the day will finish up before midnight.


Day 1B Player Eliminations


Aaron Scott Massey Busted out
Aboud Georgos Busted out
Adam Foster Busted out
Alberto Scuderi Busted out
Alemu Makonen Busted out
Alex Venovski Busted out
Amer Sulaiman Busted out
Andrejevic Andjelko Busted out
Andrew Holland Busted out
Anthony Pace Busted out
Aquino Peter Busted out
Athanasios Polychronopoulos Busted out
Azim Popatia Busted out
Benjamin Reinhart Busted out
Benny Chen Busted out
Bianca Perron Busted out
bill kontaratos Busted out
Bradley Smith Busted out
Brandon Steven Busted out
Bryn Kenney Busted out
Cameron Murray Busted out
Carla Sabini Busted out
Charles Alexandre Sylvestre Busted out
Chris Lockhart Busted out
Christian Harder Busted out
Christophe Pereira Busted out
Christopher Annouza Busted out
Christopher Clisby Busted out
Connor Joseph Drinan Busted out
Cory Blum Busted out
Dalibor Buha Busted out
Daniel Suied Busted out
Daniel Cote Busted out
Daniel Heimiller Busted out
Danny Boyaci Busted out
David Paredes Busted out
David Tuthill Busted out
David Becker Busted out
Denis Gnidash Busted out
Derrick Bessette Busted out
Devin Verstraelen Busted out
Diana Shamshoum Busted out
Doug Hartwick Busted out
Doug Wasyk Busted out
Duff Normand Charette Busted out
Ebony Kenney Busted out
Eddie Daldalian Busted out
Elliot Smith Busted out
Eric Bourget Busted out
Eric Thibodeau Busted out
Eric Afriat Busted out
Fabrizio Buonaguro Busted out
Faraz Quddus Jaka Busted out
Felix Sides Busted out
Francois Goulet Busted out
Francois Tarrab Busted out
Gabriel Rouleau Busted out
Gary Lucci Busted out
George Xanthoudakis Busted out
Giacomo Fundaro Busted out
Gilbert Diaz Busted out
Giuseppe Galluzzo Busted out
Govert Jan Antonius Busted out
Gregory Katayama Busted out
Henry Wong Busted out
Hugo Theotol Busted out
Ivan Markovic Busted out
Jaki Knelsen Busted out
James Mckenny Busted out
James Calderaro Busted out
James Rubin Busted out
James David Petzing Busted out
Jared Jaffee Busted out
Jason Lavalle Busted out
Jason Bigelow Busted out
Jason Koon Busted out
Jason Mandanici-Turcot Busted out
Jean Roy Busted out
Jean Louis L’ecuyer Busted out
Jean-Philippe Matte Busted out
Jeffrey Alan Yarchever Busted out
Jeremy Menars Busted out
Jhonatan Morales Busted out
Jody Willard Trainer Busted out
Joe Gualtieri Busted out
Johannes Mueller Busted out
John Hashem Busted out
John Tunstall Busted out
Jonathan Gottlieb Busted out
Jonathan Driscoll Busted out
Jordan Vaillancourt Busted out
Joseph James John Jasin Busted out
Joseph J Gray Busted out
Josh Kimmel Busted out
Justin Zaki Busted out
Kara Scott Busted out
Kevin Blake Busted out
Lily Kiletto Busted out
Linda Huard Busted out
Lloyd Mandel Busted out
Love Imari Busted out
Lucas Constable Busted out
Lue Huang Busted out
Malachy Hagan Busted out
Marc Etienne Blais Busted out
Maria Ho Busted out
Mark Radoja Busted out
Martin Leblanc Busted out
Martin Steven Malone Busted out
Marvin Rettenmaier Busted out
Mathieu Laframboise Busted out
Matthew Glantz Busted out
Matthew Giannetti Busted out
Max Shuster Busted out
Michael Linster Busted out
Michael Noor Busted out
Michael Frazin Busted out
Michael Neuber Busted out
Michal Wywrot Busted out
Michel Chevalier Busted out
Mihail Sheiman Busted out
Mike Jeanveau Busted out
Mike Leah Busted out
Nicholas Soller Busted out
NIcholas Verkaik Busted out
Nicholas Petrina Busted out
Nick Di Desidero Busted out
Nicolas Bernatchez Busted out
Nikolaos Alafogiannis Busted out
Noah Schwartz Busted out
Oubella Brahim Busted out
Pahuja Mukul Busted out
Patrick Braga Busted out
Patrick Serda Busted out
Paul Theodore Klann Busted out
Per Hindrikes Busted out
Peter Kaemmerlen Busted out
Peter Balais Busted out
Pratyush Buddiga Busted out
Rajesh Vohra Busted out
Reynald Lachance Busted out
Richard Johansen Busted out
Richard Brown Busted out
Richard tarbell Busted out
Robert Greenberg Busted out
Robert Muzzatt Busted out
Robert Notkin Busted out
Robin R Bergren Busted out
Rubens Tarzia Busted out
Ryan Simmons Busted out
Ryan Eriquezzo Busted out
Ryan Smith Busted out
Ryan Christopher Flynn Busted out
Ryan Michael Doyle Busted out
Said Michailidis Busted out
Samuel M Panzica Busted out
Sebastien Rioux Busted out
Shannon Shorr Busted out
Shaun Deeb Busted out
Simon Tang Busted out
Sinan Tawfik Busted out
Spencer Cossette Busted out
Steven Kerr Busted out
Sylvain Siebert Busted out
Tao Liang Busted out
Taylor Black Busted out
Tim Ulmer Busted out
Timothy Reilly Busted out
Todd Terry Busted out
Tomas Fara Busted out
Tony DiMaria Busted out
Tyler Kenney Busted out
Veng Chhe Do Busted out
Viken Artinian Busted out
Vincent Cheung Busted out
Vineet Pahuja Busted out
Vlad Faubert Busted out
Wei Xu Busted out
Wil Failla Busted out
Young Min Kim Busted out



Full schedule for the tournament:

Day 1A: Friday, November 29
Day 1B: Saturday, November 30
Day 1C: Sunday, December 1
Day 2: Monday, December 2
Day 3: Tuesday, December 3
Day 4: Wednesday, December 4
Final Day: Thursday, December 5



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