2013 PCA Update -Top Canadian Results


3 top poker playing Canadians collectively bagged more than $1.2 million dollars at the 2013 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $10,000 Main Event final table on Sunday. While first place was just shy of $1.9 million dollars, just making an appearance in the final 8 was good for some fat pay-days as follows:

4th   Jonathan Roy    $560,000

5th   Owen Crowe      $435,000

 7th   Yann Dion         $230,000

 It took more than 60 hands to eliminate the first of te 8 and unfortunately the next elimination came when real life friends Yann Dion and Jonathan Roy found themselves all in pre-flop after Yann shoved A-9 ahead of Roy who woke up with Ace-King suited.

Jonathan’s dominating hand held up, sending Dion to the rail and finally adding some chips to his stack to play with.

It wasn’t long until a recently crippled Andrey Shatilov moved 7 big blinds all in before Owen Crowe, who attempted to isolate with an Ace Nine of his own. Unfortunately for Crowe, Ace-King showed up once again in the hands of a later position player, this time belonging to Jerry Wong. After all five cards had run out, “Big Slick” once again prevailed for a double elimination that left Owen with a 5th place finish and $435,000 for his troubles.

Wong wasn’t done crushing the dreams of our Canucks quite yet it seemed and when Roy 3-bet with a pair of 7s pre-flop, fireworks ensued; Jerry 4-bet Ace-Jack only to have Jonathan answer back with a 5-bet shove of more than 38 big blinds and half of Wong’s stack. Not shy to take the flip a quick call and jack on the flop found Roy eliminated in 4th for $560,000.

Some great runs by some of the best in the country after even bigger efforts; congratulations to all three!

They weren’t the only Canadians pulling top results over the past few days either, below are some other notable and in the money finishes:

PCA 2013 Event #19, January 10th-11th

$1,100 No Limit Hold’em

1st Regent Lacroix – $80,020

9th Christopher Bush – $6,640

14th Pierre Routhier – $4,980

19th Ami Barer – $3,880

37th Graydon Kowal – $2,400

38th David Mcmann – $2,400

39th Michel Arsenault – $2,400

Total Entries: 380      Prize-Pool: $368,600

PCA 2013 Event #20 Date: 10 January

$1,100 Pot Limit Omaha/Dealer’s Choice


1st Septimiu Popescu – $27,140

Total Entries: 80     Prize-Pool: $77,600


PCA 2013 Event #18, January 10th-11th

$5,300 No Limit Hold’em 8-Max


9th John Krpan – $19,860

10th Will Molson – $19,860

14th Michael Watson – $16,080

Total Entries: 195       Prize-Pool: $945,750

The $25,000 High Roller has also whittled it’s way down from 204 to just 15 players at the time of writing; Shawn Buchanan and Mike Watson were still in the hunt for their share of the nearly $5,000,000 prize-pool and approximately $1,424,000 first place prize. Their guaranteed at about $70,000 now, but that’s chump change for these two bosses. Play will continue until a final table is reached, which will be live streamed on PokerStar.TV Monday.

Things are winding down at the 2013 PCA, but we’ll keep an eye on things until the last of the dough has been awarded; check back soon!



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