2013 Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Poker Championship Results


Manitoba-Liquor-&-Lotteries-Poker-ChampionshipsThe  2013 Manitoba Lotteries Poker Championship came to a recent close at McPhillips Station Casino in Winnipeg and took place between September 25 to 29. The popular tournament included a total of four events and drew a total of 771 entries for the four events which culminated into a prize pool of $362,500.

Here are the 2013 Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Poker Championship Results for the four events.



Winnipeg Sun $600 No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament September 26-27, 2013


Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson
1st Eric Johnson  $23,556 Winnipeg, MB
2nd Igor Grinevsky  15,068 Winnipeg, MB
3rd Michael Smith  10,199 Saskatoon, SK
4th Kyle Doberstein  7,278 Winnipeg, MB
5th Jaysen Thibault  5,452 Thunder Bay, ON
6th Edwin Seagris  4,268 Sioux Lookout, ON
7th Robert Kostesky  3,473 Rossburn, MB
8th Steven Mitchell  2,924 South Porcupine, ON
9th Sean Fabian  2,535 Winnipeg, MB
10th Patrick Tang
  2,251 Winnipeg, MB
11th Jimmy Paulenko  2,040 Winnipeg, MB
12th Zennawi Petros  1,880 Winnipeg, MB
13th Mirko Krmpotic  1,757 Winnipeg, MB
14th Anthony Imperial  1,661 Winnipeg, MB
15th Nicholas Luhowy  1,585 Stonewall, MB
16th Richard Allan  1,524 Portage La Prairie, MB
Total prize pool  $87,450 159 Entrants


92 Citi FM $300 No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament Friday, September 27, 2013

Maurice Roy
Maurice Roy
1st Maurice Roy
2nd Joe Gallo
3rd Kyle Menne
4th Phu Tai Lu
5th Patrick Serda
6th Ronald Bourne
7th Garry Hobson
8th Erwin Hipolito
9th Nick Luhowy
10th Margaret Krowiak  1,384
11th Mustafa Peyawary  1,190
12th Adam Arlukiewicz  1,043
13th Peterson Dunford  930
14th Tyler Nugent  842
15th Edward Quennell  772
16th Ernie Ritchie
17th Linda Loubier  670
18th Jordan McAllistar  633
19th Brandon Billings  602
20th Patrick Reber  602
21st Jimi Olais  602
22nd Tim Gauthier  602
23th Greg Close  602
24th Ryan Morrell  602
25th Ian Menard  602
26th Mike Rose  602
27th John Pynn  602
28th Ken Hunter  469
29th Chris Clisby  469
30th Glen Murdock  469
31st Ryan Garrity  469
32nd Ricky Arceo  469
33rd Matt Bretecher  469
34th Crystal Sloan-Wallace  469
35th Ken Kuan  469
36th Kelly Dickson  469
Prize Pool  80,325
Bounties  17,850
Total Prize Pool  $98,175 357 Entrants


PlayNow.com $400 No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jackson Oniske
Jackson Oniske
1st Jackson Oniske  $12,823 Thompson, MB
2nd Mark Deguzman  8,273 Winnipeg, MB
3rd Jason Lesaage  5,664 Winnipeg, MB
4th Ryan Smith  4,098 Saskatoon, SK
5th William Hall  3,119 Winnipeg, MB
6th Dennis Comber  2,484 Winnipeg, MB
7th Randy Galang  2,058 Winnipeg, MB
8th Trent Sapach  1,764 Thompson, MB
9th Michael Hirschkorn  1,555 Winnipeg, MB
10th Brian Friesen  1,403 Winnipeg, MB
11th Robert Briggs  1,290 Winnipeg, MB
12th Greg Berg  1,205 Winnipeg, MB
13th Sheppy Coodin  1,139 Winnipeg, MB
Total prize pool  $46,875 125 Entrants


2013 Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Poker Championship

$1,100 NLH Tournament Saturday, September 28 – 29, 2013

Neil Bechdolt

1st Neil Bechdoldt  $35,561 Winnipeg, MB
2nd Riley Kielich  22,944
Steinbach, MB
3rd Paul Weenusk  15,707
Oxford House, MB
4th Greg Jackson  11,365 Winnipeg, MB
5th Mark Golub  8,650 Winnipeg, MB
6th Wade Richardson  6,890 Winnipeg, MB
7th Said Shahinfar  5,709 Winnipeg, MB
8th George Dahl  4,893 Winnipeg, MB
9th Ryyan Koleric  4,313 Winnipeg, MB
10th John Margolis  3,891 Winnipeg, MB
11th Jamie Florence  3,578 Winnipeg, MB
12th Tim Gauthier  3,341 Kenora, ON
13th Mike Krakalovich  3,158 Winnipeg, MB
Total prize pool  $130,000 130 Entrants


Congratulations to all the winners!!




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