Josh Kimmel Winner Event #2 – NLH Win the Button at Full Tilt Poker Montreal Festival Event


Josh KimmelCongratulations to Josh Kimmel, the winner of Event 2 in the Full Tilt Poker Montreal Festival. The winner took home $2,395 and the beautiful trophy. Congratulations are also due to Yohann Wagner, who placed second for $1,775.


Josh Kimmel and Yohann Wagner are now playing heads up for the win.


Rank Name Prize
1 Josh Kimmel $2,395
2 Yohann Wagner $1,775
3 Edgar Lucas $1,335
4 George Daoukakis $1,005
5 Glen Dmytrowich $760
6 Francois Gobeil $570
7 Reid Alesxander Bennett $430
8 Danny Rouleau $320
9 Matt Ranger $245
10 Sam Chiniara $180
11 David Kozak $180
12 Miguel Goncalo $170
13 Michel Latulippe $170
14 Ilan Hershkovitz $155
15 Dion Learning $155


4th & 3rd, two hands in a row

After almost a whole level stuck at 4 players, George got his chips in and was called by two players. Josh Kimmel ended up making a straight on the river to eliminate George in 4th place for $1,005.

On the very next hand, the second caller – Edgar Lucas – on the hand that eliminated George got it in and was eliminated in 3rd place for $1,335.

Josh Kimmel and Yohann Wagner are now playing heads up for the win.


5th Place: Glen Dmytrowich

The action on the final table started out pretty fast but when they got down to 6 players things slowed down quite a bit. Eventually Glen got it in but his Ace-Deuce wasn’t good against Josh Kimmel’s King-Ten. Glen takes home $760 for his efforts tonight.


We have a Final Table

We have the first final table of the Full Tilt Poker Montreal Festival. Ten players remain in Event 2 and they are playing with blinds at 8,000/16,000/a2,000.

The final table is made up of the following players:

  1. Reid Alesxander Bennett
  2. Danny Rouleau
  3. George Daoukakis
  4. Sam Chiniara
  5. Edgar Lucas
  6. Francois Gobeil
  7. Matt Ranger
  8. Yohann Wagner
  9. Glen Dmytrowich
  10. Josh Kimmell





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