2013 Alberta Poker Championship Results


Casino Edmonton Presented the “10th Annual Alberta Poker Championship”. The Championship took place at Casino Edmonton between January  22th to the 27rd.

The Alberta Poker Championship featured a total of five events including three No-Limit Hold’em events and a Pot Limit Omaha tournament.

Here are the Results:

Alberta Poker Championship 2013

$1100 Event

 Place  Name    Amount
1st Ali Rabah $40,000.00
2nd Bashar Ramahi $23,000.00
3rd Quentin Siffledeen $15,900.00
4th Bubba Brar $11,500.00
5th Jeremy Singleton $9,500.00
6th Kris Steinbach $7,450.00
7th Jimmy Lee $6,100.00
8th Ian Alvarado $5,000.00
9th Rick Mombourquette $4,100.00
10th Cory Walker $3,200.00
11th Cole Gauthier $2,700.00
12th Rick Jones $2,500.00
13th Brian Lee $2,350.00
14th Andrew Beliveau $2,225.00
Total Prize Pool $135,525.00


              $250   PLO Event

1st Duc Nguyen $7,750.00
2nd Rick Huard $4,420.00
3rd Bijan Emmanuel $3,260.00
4th Brendan McCallum $2,450.00
5th Brett Chrichton $2,040.00
6th   Aleeyah Jaduaji $1,630.00
7th   Brad Power $1,290.00
8th   Sal Sen $1,090.00
9th Tim Racine $880.00
10th Jimmy Lee $750.00
11th Wendell   Saddleback $610.00
12th Theodore Timmermans $540.00
13th Sam Tu $492.00

Total   Prize Pool



$550 Event

1st Cal X $16,100.00
2nd Cliff Green $9,200.00
3rd Brian Lee $7,200.00
4th Glen Cymbaluk $5,250.00
5th Kris Steinbach $3,750.00
6th Jody Fayant $3,250.00
7th Deron Noksana $2,750.00
8th Alemu Makonen $2,350.00
9th Ian Alvarado $1,950.00
10th Bashir Ramahi $1,550.00
11th Laverne Tourand $1,250.00

Total Prize Pool



Short Handed Event   $300 Event

1st Jason Mackenzie $9,500.00
2nd Ron Lauder $5,650.00
3rd Brian Flemming $4,200.00
4th Steve Dyck $2,800.00
5th Bernie Beller $2,300.00
6th Ivan Lau $1,970.00
7th Paul Brar $1,650.00
8th Jimmy Lee $1,350.00
9th Richard Potvin $1,075.00
10th Daniel Klassen $925.00
11th Lamar Price $755.00

Total Prize Pool



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