2012 WSOP Top Performers – The Ones We Didn’t See Coming


2012 WSOP Top Performers-The Ones We Didn’t See Coming (And Made a Positive ROI)

With just one Canadian contender left in the $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event late on Day 6, it seemed an appropriate time to look at some of the top Canadian performers we didn’t have on our “Ones To Watch” lists…only this time and having the luxury of hindsight, we took it even one step further.

There were quite a few names Canadian names that came up big or multiple times over the summer that warranted a second and deeper look, but the trick was to narrow it down to those that came out with “profit” or a positive ROI. While we didn’t make any corrections for any IRS regulated tax with holding, (30% on any profits over $5,000 at Caesar’s properties we have been told), we are also under the impression most of this may be recoverable under International Tax Treaty law anyway.

Ashkan Razavi 2012 WSOP

These lists could go on forever; let’s face it, our country is filled with awesome players. With only a few days left before the tables at the Rio get folded up for the summer, we wanted to cover just a couple more names that may have been lost in 50 straight days of recaps.

We’ll still look to interview a few more of these bracelet winners, the last Canadian standing and take our coverage right up to the final nine, but in the meantime, we figured might as well shine a bit more spotlight on these top performers…

New Westminster’s Ashkan Razavi tops the list as far as dollars won, cashing for a total of $786,542 and claiming his first World Series of Poker Bracelet. Razavi playing a combined $41,000 in buy-ins over the series, cashing in 2 of 12 events. This puts his 2012 World of Series Poker at a Return on Investment of 1818%, with $745,542 in profits.

Ashkan now has $992,301 in tracked live tournament cashes, with a total 4 career WSOP in the money finishes. This was his second final table to date, having placed also 5th in $1,500 WSOP Pot Limit Omaha tournament back in 2010.

Timothy Adams

Burlington’s Timothy Adams claimed $554,896 from $36,500 in buy-ins, cashing in 6 of 8 events he played in; put another way that’s a 75% in the money success rate. His ROI for the 2012 WSOP looks to be at about 1420%, with $518,396 in profits. Besides winning a bracelet, Adams just missed another official final table with a 7th place finish in the $10,000 6 Handed No Limit Hold’em

Timothy’s “official” live tournament winnings now sit at about $737,741 and he has cashed a total of 10 times over his visits to the World Series of Poker.

Vaughn’s Nghi Van Tran took $29,000 in entries and ran it up to $203,207 for a profit of $174,207. This puts his 2012 WSOP ROI at about 600%, having finished 4th in a $1,000 event and making a deep run in the $10,000 No Limit Championship. Nghi (also known as “Henry”), played in a total of 11 tournaments, cashing in 2.

Nghi Van Tran

He has a total of 6 World Series of Poker cashes and $1,447,988 in tracked live tournament winnings from around the globe.

William (Bill) Thomson

Calgary’s William (Bill) Thomson went 1 for 1 at the World Series of poker, turning a $1,000 buy-in in the Senior’s No Limit Championship (the largest single starting day live tournament field in history at 4,128 players) into $82,322 with his 7th place finish. This $81,322 in profits puts him at a massive 8132% ROI and now puts him at roughly $130,000 in tracked live tournament career winnings.

Lesley Amos, hailing from Canadian parts unknown also entered only one event, taking her $1,000 in the Ladies No Limit Hold’em Championship and turning it into $20,148; meaning about a 1915% return.

Staying on the topic of the Ladies, Calgary’s Debbie Haigh was the last Canadian Woman standing in the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em Championship “Main Event”, finishing an impressive 370th out of 6598 players to turn a profit of $22,871 and 228% ROI.

Debbie played only one event at this year’s WSOP and it looks as if she made it count.

Terrence Chan

Vancouver’s Terrence Chan made headlines over this summer’s WSOP as he closed in on matching the previous record of 10 cashes over a single series; $79,500 in buy-ins and 28 events later, he did just that; cashing for $106,417 for an ROI of 33% and $26,917 in profits.

Chan, with now $1,012,301 in tracked career live tournament winnings, should have been on our BC “Ones To Watch” list from the get go, but this author made a very wrong assumption that his Mixed Martial Arts career and professional fights in Asia would keep him abroad this summer. He did however, find himself with a bronze medal and severe concussion after entering a grappling competition in Las Vegas, so it looks like he got the best of both worlds.

With a total combined 28 WSOP cashes and 4 final tables over the years, Terrence is always a hands down favorite to money in the game and narrowly missed his fifth final career final table appearance in the Six Handed $2,500 Limit Hold’em.














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