2012 WSOP Main Event End Of Day 4 – Tran, Cajelais, Smith, Adams And Bullock Charge Ahead

Erik Cajelais

One week has now elapsed since the first of 6598 players took their seats in the $10,000 World Series of Poker 2012 No Limit Hold’em Championship and on Friday the 13th, 666 players finally hit the money.

After a full days play, just 282 players remain, meaning that by the conclusion of Saturday’s play, the field will most likely have shrunk into the double digits and six figure pay-outs. This is the part that those serious players that have left their summer grind behind, now book flights back to support their friends from the rail. Family will be getting phone calls and local card rooms will begin to buzz about some of their own approaching some life changing opportunity.

It looks like there are a total of 16 Canadian players, left still in contention and we’ll highlight a few of them at the end of today’s report; there’s a lot to say today and we want to save a little for what will be one of the most weekends of poker in 2012.

How the players finish now relies on their skills, ability to handle the pressure and luck of the draw; any bad beats that are dealt are going to sting tenfold and haunt a few for years to come. Making the money in the Main Event is not an easy feat, most will try several times before hitting the mark, even fewer will be able to say they made Day 5.

Terrance Chan, who tied a previous all time record for number of cashes over a single WSOP season yesterday with his tenth cash of 2012 and Day 4 finish in the Main Event captured the meaning of both feats when he tweeted “@tchanpoker: Irresistible force or immovable object? We’re on the bubble & I’ll either have my 10th cash or go 9 straight years without cashing the main.”

Nghi Van Tran

Easily considered one of the best players in Canada and certainly the most consistent player we had in terms of tournaments played to in the money finishes this year, Terrence’s simple words certainly add merit to how difficult a grind it actually is to getting a Main Event cash on your poker resume.

Quite a few Canadian players did yesterday however and we certainly want to pen those names in this list of our Day 4 finishers, congratulations to them all:

Michael Neuber, (291st, ON), Griffen Benger, (304th, ON), Mark Demirdjian (307, DNR) and Darren Grant (332, ON) all earned $38,453 for making it late into the evening.

Jeff Hakim (352nd, QC), Justin Shih (366th, BC), Debbie Haigh (370th, AB) and Marc Karam (378th, ON) all cashed $32,871 for their deep finishes, with a special shout-out being deserved by Calgary’s Debbie Haigh in particular. It appears that Debbie was our last Canadian Women standing; at the time of her bust out, it was noted by PokerNews.com that only 12 women remained in the WSOP Main Event…in a numerically male dominated competition this translates to being one of only .0018% of the entire field that earned these particular bragging rights and statistically, a very impressive feat.

Carrying on, we have; Anthony Mar (383rd, BC), Mike “Timex” McDonald, (386th, ON), Shawn Buchanan (404th, BC), John Lavorato (406th, AB), Terrence Chan (410th, BC), Fabio Luongo, (418th, ON), Justin Ouimette, (422nd, ON), Guillaume Gignac (435th, QC) and Philip MacDonald of Winnipeg, (436th) who all hit the cash cages with their slips worth $28,530.

Richard Jeffery, (466th, AB), Simon Taberham (484th, ON), Zhi Pan (487th, BC), and Noeung Troeung of Montreal (514th) all earned $24,808 for their individual performances.

Rudolf Schwartz, (528th, BC), Henry Stratsser, (554th ON), Jason Gigliotti (569th, BC), and Jordan Knackstedt (590th, DNR) all made the second rung of the pay ladder; good for $21,707.

Completing our list of in the money finishers with a not so small min cash of $19,227 were; Justin Oliver (607th, ON), Kirk Specka (610th, AB), Adam Bennett, (611th, ON), Guillaume Rivet, (620th, QC), Ray Babao, (625th, ON), Vancouver Canucks goaltender and PlayNow.com spokesperson Roberto Luongo, (634th, BC) and Markham Ontario’s Dylan Shwartz in 649th.

Getting back to our headline names today, these 4 have all proven to be amongst our best contenders thus far at the 2012 WSOP; Montreal’s Erik Cajelais needs no introduction by now, a staple name at big final tables around the globe, a WSOPE bracelet winner and one of our All Time Canadian Money Leaders. He’s sitting in the top 20 with 1,600,000 in chips and few know better on how to put them to use.

Burlington’s Timothy Adams has certainly earned the title of a Top 2012 Canadian WSOP performer, already winning a bracelet, making 2 final tables and cashing 4 times prior to this one, totaling more than $502,000.

He’s obviously looking to go all the way again here with a count of 1.475 million.

Gavin Smith has been a household Canadian name for years and normally sits statically in the Top 5 of the All Time Canadian Tournament Money Finishers. He was getting short yesterday, but has come back with a vengeance and everybody knows that if Ole-G-Smith has chips and he has 830,000 worth of them… look out.

Vaughn Ontario’s Nghi Van Tran showed up with a vengeance in the closing events of the 2012 WSOP, already putting up a final table finish worth $158,512 and is clearly on a mission here. He’s well ahead of the pack at 1,411,000 in chips; expect him to be almost a lock to advance again today.

Last, but certainly not least is Calgary’s Joel Bullock, who appears to be the last Albertan standing with 575,000 in chips. He’s just an average pot away to being back to the current average of roughly 700,000 in tournament chips, but there’s a bit of a back story to help motivate our young “bull”; one of his best friends, Khoa Nguyen was last year’s Canadian last man standing after finishing 11th in the Main Event and placing just a few spots higher would mean he would be returning in the fall to represent their poker powerhouse crew, with the chance of becoming one of Alberta’s first and only WSOP made millionaires.

It’s going to be a nail bitter, so stay tuned, things are really getting good!






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