2012 Winter Classic at Boulevard Casino in Coquitlam BC – December 7 to 9th


Boulevard Casino Winter Classic

The Boulevard Casino in Coquitlam, BC will be hosting their annual Winter Classic Poker Tournament from December 7 to 9. This is an $1,100 buy-in tournament with an estimated prize pool of $250,000 based on a sold out tournament.

There will be two Day 1’s starting at Noon on Friday and Saturday December 7 and 8. The top players will return to play on Sunday December 9.

Super satellites will be held November 10th and 24th for a $220+$20 buy-in where 1 out of 5 winning an entry to the Winter Classic. There will also be a bounty satellite held on November 18 for a $220+$50+$30 buy-in also where 1 in 5 will advance.

For more info or reservations, contact the casino.

Boulevard Casino
2080 United Boulevard
Coquitlam BC V3K 6W3
Poker Hotline (604) 523-5359

December Schedule

Results of the 2012 Winter Classic tournament

  • 66 Entries on Friday December 7th Day 1A
  • 78 Entries on Saturday December 8th Day 1B

 Total of 144 Entries

JASON MANN  $                              42,249.00
JODY TRAINER  $                              23,941.00
MIN WANG  $                              13,379.00
RAJ POONI  $                                 9,858.00
DUC NGO  $                                 7,746.00
DAVID JONG  $                                 7,042.00
PETER LANCE  $                                 6,337.00
MARK HUGHES  $                                 5,633.00
STEVE LYNAR  $                                 4,929.00
TERRY BABCOCK  $                                 4,225.00
KAL KOONER  $                                 3,521.00
SETH MENNIE  $                                 3,521.00
KYLE HO  $                                 2,817.00
MATT REAMS  $                                 2,817.00
 SUNG KIM  $                                 2,817.00




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