2012 Station Poker Classic $700 NLH Freeze Out Results

MPPC Winner
MPPC $700 NLH Event Winner Justin Leeson

The Station Poker Classic wrapped up yesterday with their final event, the $700 No Limit Hold’em Freeze Out ($630 + $70 entry fee).   A total of 193 entries made up the $121,590 prize pool and the top 20 players made the money. The winner of the event was Justin Leeson of Calgary, Alberta who won $32,352 for first place. He was followed by Robin Bergren of Saskatoon who took home $22,553 for 2nd place and Gord Matt from Regina in 3rd who won $13,784.

Casino Regina once again hosted a great tournament to kick off spring and we look forward to seeing you this fall at the Harvest Poker Classic, the sister tournament of the Station Poker Classic.

Here are the full tournament results:

2012 Station Poker Classic $700 Buy In Results

March 24, 2012

1st Justin Leeson – Calgary, AB $32,352
2nd Robin Bergren – Saskatoon, SK $20,553
3rd Gord Matt – Regina,SK $13,784
4th Matt Seitz – Weyburn,SK $9,722
5th Jackson Oniske – Thompson,MB $7,184
6th Neil Bechdoldt – Winnipeg,MB $5,537
7th Troy Nisbet – Rosetown,SK $4,432
8th Chad Lummerding – Saskatoon,SK $3,669
9th Senad Selimanovic – Regina,SK $3,127
10th Buddy Little – Thompson,MB $2,733
11th Kerwin Rempel – Winnipeg,MB $2,440
12th Danette Holzwarth – Lethbridge,AB $2,218
13th Sam Dickson – Oxbow,SK $2,047
14th Darlene Gosling – Regina, SK $1,913
15th Robert Peters – Edwin,MB $1,807
16th Bruce Nairn – Winnipeg,MB $1,722
17th Dan Matlock – Outlook,SK $1,653
18th Joe Williams – Winnipeg,MB $1,597
19th Khaly Dang – Mississauga,ON $1,550
20th Kelly Loudon – Sceptre,SK $1,550

Total Prize Pool: $ 121,590

 Entrants – 193





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