Stardust Poker Classic II Live Stream


Stardust Canadian Poker ClassicWatch the Stardust Poker Classic II live from the Stardust Poker Mansion in Montreal right here on via Live Stream!  There is a $100,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool up for grabs. The event is a $550 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em freeze out. The event will run from Thursday through Sunday.

For more information about this event, be sure to check out Stardust Poker Mansion’s official website.

The stream will be running live on the following days:

  • Day 1A Thursday October 25 starting @ 7:00 PM
  • Day 1B Friday October 26 starting @ 7:00 PM
  • Day 1C Saturday October 27 starting @ 1:00 PM
  • Final Day Sunday October 28 starting @ 1:00 PM

CanadaPoker will be on hand to provide live updates, via our official Facebook page and  Twitter.


  1. Very much enjoying watching your live streaming of this event but where is the sound today please? It looses the sense of atmosphere without it – although still enjoying the poker regardless. Go on Xuan Liu, keep grinding. Must have won some big pots since I was watching yesterday. 🙂

    Nick in UK

      • No problem, Peter. Thank you for explaining. Actually later in the day it went really quiet, almost impossible to hear even with speakers on full volume, yet there was sound so maybe someone turned the knob down? Just to let you know. Anyway really enjoying your coverage so thank you again. Looking forward to the final table later today. 🙂

  2. Aha! The sound just popped back on. Thank you whoever it was, unless it’s just coincidence and you didn’t read my post above. 🙂 Much better now. 🙂

    Thanks, Nick

  3. Hi. Sorry to be a pest and bring this up again but first of all can someone please check that audio cable again when you get a moment? Not getting any sound at all now. Also when an all in and a call, can you ask the dealer (if it’s possible) to keep the pocket cards close to the top of the flop? At the moment you can’t always (often?)see who has got what or only what one of the players have got. Maybe bit late to ask with only 3 left but if anyone can, that would be much appreciated. Thanks. I’m here to the very end now regardless. 🙂


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