2012 Playground Poker Fall Classic – WPT Montreal Event 1 to 5 Update


The action has been non-stop at the WPT Montreal preliminary events making up the 2012 Playground Poker Fall Classic, with 5 events completed by Tuesday night and a $330 Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better underway; so far every event has reached their field caps and added alternates. Thanks to the added seating capacity of a massive tournament hall that seated players for the first time in Event 1, it hasn’t been a problem to get everyone in on the excitement.

Throw in 17 to 21 cash tables running at peak hours, a more than $142,000 Bad Beat Jackpot that already hit and was auto reseeded at $75,000 as well as 5-10 cash tables that have running through the night, it goes with-out saying that the results are still making their way out as staff concentrates on delivering top quality poker.

Regardless, we can tell you who made the final tables and show you some pretty big smiles so far, as things ramp up to the $3,300 WPT Main Event that gets started on Thursday. Judging by the 895 entry field for Event 1, we can expect some massive prize-pools for this 2 starting day tournament.

The list of notables expected is something quite impressive on its own; Daniel Negreanu, Phil Laak, Antonio Esfandiari are few of pokers most recognized names, while various sources and tweets report that Canadians Greg Mueller, Simon Charette, Mark Radoja, Michael “SirWatts” Watson, Mike “Timex” McDonald, Xuan Liu, Isabelle Mercier, Jason Lavallee, Marc-Andre Ladouceur, Matthew Marafioti, John Lam and “Inheritance1 (aka “Wictor Glom”) will battle it out with the likes of expected visiting pros Allen Cunningham, Brian Hastings, Allen “Chainsaw” Kessler, Matt Salsberg, Christian Harder, Daniel Buzgon, Darryl Fish, David Diaz, Dwyte Pilgrim, Faraz Jaka, James St. Hilaire, Jason Koon, John Racener, Jon Aguiar, Joseph Cheong, Justin Zaki, Kyle Julius, Mohsin Charania, Seth Davies, Shannon Shorr, Shaun Deeb, Tom Marchese, Tommy Vedes, Dominik Nitsche and Nicky Evans and Yevgeniy Timoshenko…quite possibly the most talent packed field to ever gather in a Canadian poker venue!

CanadaPoker.com will be on site later this week to help bring you all the updates, while the players and staff at Playground Poker Club continue to pack the house and build the prize-pools; we’ll fill in the blanks below as things become available, but we do have some recent final table finisher’s names and results in the meantime for your perusal:

  • Event 5 – $300 + $30 No Limit Hold’em Six Max – Bracelet Event

1st Garry Lucci $18,000.00
2nd Pierre Routhier $12,000.00
3rd Patrick Leduc $7,500.00
4th Eli Israel $5,000.00
5th Rami Hammoud $4,000.00
6th Francois Cardinal $3,000.00
7th George Caragiorgas $2,200.00
8th Vlad Faubert $1,605.00
9th Siamak Soleimaniam $1,200.00
10th Setrak Sulouksf $1,000.00
11th Ami Alibay $800.00
12th Colleen Dureno $750.00
13th Zhao Kang Peng $700.00
14th Sinisa Stajic $700.00
15th Andrew Hansen $650.00
16th Oleg Boulchyi $650.00
17th Mike Fraser $600.00
18th Ron Farber $550.00
19th Oscar Ojeda Gomez $550.00
20th Jean-Sebastien Bergeron $500.00
21st Anthony Greco $450.00
22nd Mitch Tkatch $450.00

Total Entries: TBA (Sell Out) 


Event 1 (a,b,c) – 135$ + 15$ No Limit Hold’em Re-Entry – 50k Guaranteed

1st Stephanie Daigle $24,000.00
2nd Peter Johnson $16,000.00
3rd Giovanni Perin $12,000.00
4th Lance Perkins $9,000.00
5th Jonathan G $7,000.00
6th Pierre-Alain Dubois $5,500.00
7th Alex Sauriol $4,000.00
8th Yousef El-Farawi $2,800.00
9th Sourasay Souvanh $2,000.00
10th Wesley St-Jean $1,400.00
11th Fany Auclair $1,200.00
12th Gabriel Perreault $1,200.00
13th Patrice Primeau $1,200.00
14th Yannick Kwan $1,200.00
15th Jesse Dee $1,200.00
16th Gilbert Eusebio $900.00
17th Hatem Battikh $900.00
18th Alain Blais $900.00
19th Nizar $900.00
20th Minh Luu $900.00
21st Michael Mellor $600.00
22nd Francis Lanthier $600.00
23rd Martin Leveillee $600.00
24th Nicolas Ronaude $600.00
25th Jeff Gariepy $600.00
26th Jonathan Poulin $600.00
27th Nelson Gagnon $600.00
28th Marco Ariesteo $600.00
29th Blair Haslam $600.00
30th Damian Guevara $600.00
31st Alois Korak $400.00
32nd Jean-Francois Marin $400.00
33rd Eric Theroux $400.00
34th Tommy Coulombe $400.00
35th Izo Tibagwa $400.00
36th Pablo Mariz $400.00
37th Jean-Francois Daunais $400.00
38th George Meny $400.00
39th Richard Shamshoum $400.00
40th Robert Renaud $400.00
41st Chris McGray $350.00
42nd Shawn Martell $350.00
43rd Ahman Baalbaki $350.00
44th Denis Quirion $350.00
45th Daniel Smouha $350.00
46th Gaston Groulx $350.00
47th Madison Glover $350.00
48th Brigitte Korak $350.00
49th Dong Yi Fan $350.00
50th Nagy G. $350.00
51st Martial Bonnaire $300.00
52nd Alain Neveu $300.00
53rd Yannick Lamarre $300.00
54th Glenn Dmytrowich $300.00
55th Kosta Pappa $300.00
56th Benoit Dagenais $300.00
57th noel aronson $300.00
58th Serge Girard $300.00
59th Pierre Routhier $300.00
60th Andrew Lalonde $300.00
61st Bob Taylor $250.00
62nd Mark Amar $250.00
63rd Maria A. $250.00
64th Danny D’Amour $250.00
65th Jerry F $250.00
66th Kevin Lavoie $250.00
67th Eugene Kim $250.00
68th Rebecca Sicurella $250.00
69th Robert Mandelzys $250.00
70th Melanie Ares $250.00
71st Michael Travis $200.00
72nd Frank Amorelli $200.00
73rd George Kazarian $200.00
74th Etienne Clement $200.00
75th Christian Beauchesne $200.00
76th Joe Pereira $200.00
77th Vito Bellezza $200.00
78th Angelo Amato $200.00
79th Nicholas Goldring $200.00
80th Tina Sigalos $200.00
81st Sean Balfour $200.00
82nd Guillaume Doyon $200.00
83rd Daniel Germain $200.00
84th Dustin Farber $200.00
85th Nicolas Soudre $200.00
86th Steven Collin $200.00
87th Danielle Dagenais $200.00
88th Steve Stelluti $200.00
89th Suzanne Poirier $200.00
90th Dale Manucdoe $200.00

Total Entries: 895       Prize-Pool: ~ 120,000$    (221 advanced, 90 paid)


Event 2 – 100$ + 10$ – Win the Button

Name Awarded To Amount
1st Yohann Wagner $5,100.00
2nd Cory Dean Pipella $3,000.00
3rd Frederic Moss $3,000.00
4th Jonathan G $1,600.00
5th Sean Klein $1,280.00
6th Alexander Mac Innes $950.00
7th Benjamin David Armstrong $650.00
8th Michel Gauthier $450.00
9th Minh Luu $350.00
10th Sinisa Stajic $325.00
11th James Bruyere $300.00
12th Marc-Andre Racine $300.00
13th Kareem George $275.00
14th Maria A. $275.00
15th Robert Pouliot $250.00
16th Francois Brabant $250.00
17th Brett Balemti $225.00
18th Robert Leboeuf $225.00
19th Jesse Dee $200.00
20th Tanner Watkins $200.00

Total Entries: TBA (Sell Out)

  • Event 3100$ + 10$ Ante Up – Bracelet Event

1st Diana Shamshoum $3,500.00
2nd Steven McCallum $2,200.00
3rd Kyle Janisse $2,200.00
4th Stephanie Bouadana $2,200.00
5th Evan Hayden $575.00
6th Sebastien St-Onge $575.00
7th Han Quang Huynh*** $575.00
8th Vincent Tringle $575.00
9th Gary Yee $575.00
10th Stephane Mcgraw $575.00
11th Matt Ranger $300.00
12th Daniel Leddy $250.00
13th Luciano Iacovella $250.00
14th Jonathan Leizerovici $235.00
15th Sinisa Stajic $225.00
16th Robert Amireault $225.00

Total Entries:  TBA   Total Prize Pool:  TBA


Event 4 – 100$ + 10$ Satellite WPT – 6 Seats Guaranteed

Daniel   Schreiber 3,300$   WPT Main Event Seat
Chris   Murphy 3,300$   WPT Main Event Seat
Alex   Lariviere 3,300$   WPT Main Event Seat
Ricardo   Augustin 3,300$   WPT Main Event Seat
Gabriel   Vezina 3,300$   WPT Main Event Seat
Joseph   Hanna 3,300$   WPT Main Event Seat
Brian   Morgan 3,300$   WPT Main Event Seat
Vijay Chand 3,300$   WPT Main Event Seat
Albert   Goyette 3,300$   WPT Main Event Seat
John   Sawers 3,300$   WPT Main Event Seat
Gary   Lucci 3,300$   WPT Main Event Seat
Omar   Nasrallah 3,300$   WPT Main Event Seat
Colleen   Dureno 3,300$   WPT Main Event Seat
Claude   Coulombe 3,300$   WPT Main Event Seat
Jean-Pierre   CloutierJean-Pierre Cloutier 3,300$   WPT Main Event Seat

 Total Seats Awarded: 15 (49,500$ Cash Value ~ 495 entries)

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  1. was there last week the next best poker to vegas they treat you just great it is a must for any poker player io go i am from n.s. and well be back for sure frank jones


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