2012 Canadian Poker Championships at Yellowhead Casino – Results


The 13th annual Canadian Poker Championships at Yellowhead Casino in Edmonton wrapped up on Sunday October 7, pulling together combined prize pools of more than $331,600 over it’s 5 No Limit Hold’em events.


Here are the results:

Tuesday October 2

$220 Event
First Name Last Name Prize Won
1st Garrett Bok $9,500.00
2nd Paul Simonato $5,250.00
3rd Chris MacPherson $3,450.00
4th Claude Spelliscy $2,600.00
5th Ben Grenier $2,065.00
6th Julie Rak $1,700.00
7th TJ Tully $1,400.00
8th Amyn Ukani $1,250.00
9th Robert Miller $1,100.00
10th Traci Horpestad $950.00
11th Cliff Green $830.00
12th Mark Horpestad $720.00
13th Roger Hoyt $720.00
14th Jason MacKenzie $600.00
15th Francis Fan $600.00
16th Al Thome $500.00
17th David Devere $500.00

Wednesday October 3

$550 Event
First Name Last Name Prize Won
1st Azad Ismael $16,000.00
2nd Dan Libsekal $9,500.00
3rd Joe Tumpek $7,600.00
4th Phil Sousa $4,900.00
5th Marc Tougas $3,800.00
6th Joe Herlein $3,100.00
7th Bashar Ramahi $2,500.00
8th Chris Hedderson $2,180.00
9th Will Ng $1,790.00
10th Thomas Doran $1,500.00
11th Gary Nagel $1,242.50

Thurday October 4

$800 Event
First Name Last Name Prize Won
1st Toufic Chehayeb $17,300.00
2nd Oliver Gergely $11,000.00
3rd Ian Alvarado $8,000.00
4th Devin Verstraelen $5,500.00
5th Kai Ngai $4,450.00
6th Jason Garritty $3,850.00
7th Grant Wall $3,200.00
8th Ron Lauzon $2,543.00

Friday October 5 & Saturday   October 6

$1100 Event

First Name Last Name Prize Won
1st Calvin Haczkewicz $44,200.00
2nd Malcolm Bolger $25,100.00
3rd Patrick Gunraj $16,000.00
4th Erwin Elias $12,550.00
5th James Sikora $10,050.00
6th Stan Szymanski $8,250.00
7th Kevin Barrett $6,670.00
8th Cliff Green $5,650.00
9th Roy Sklarchinsky $5,000.00
10th Holly Berry $4,525.00
11th Gary Best $3,600.00
12th Tyson Stevenson $3,600.00
13th Ye Ping Shan $3,140.00
14th Steve Loncarevic $3,140.00
15th Alex Kau $2,750.00
16th Alex Sutherland $2,750.00


Sunday October 7

$330 Event
First Name Last Name Prize Won
1st Bashar Ramahi $9,150.00
2nd Steve Dahrouge $5,450.00
3rd Louis Le $4,350.00
4th Traci Horpestad $2,800.00
5th Jeff Harcourt $2,200.00
6th George Price $1,800.00
7th Alfredo Manuel $1,500.00
8th Dave McLeod $1,200.00
9th Albert Domoslam $1,000.00
10th Stafen Pasemko $855.00
11th Marvin Shoup $700.00
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