2011 West Coast Poker Championships (WCPC) $1500 Moves into Day 2; Chip Counts


Day 2 of Edgewater Casino’s $1500 Main Event in Vancouver begins on Saturday, with those players remaining licking their lips and setting sights on the $90,558 top prize.

After a Super Satellite on Wednesday that drew more than 150 runners and awarded 15 players seats into the $1500 $150 Main Event, a total of 110 entries took their seats on Thursday for Day 1a.

Then on Friday, Day 1b seen 124 more entries, with players sitting down to take a shot, or try again, for their share of an approximately $340,000 WCPC No Limit Hold’em Championship prize-pool; an impressive 30% larger than the events 2010 depute.

More than a few well known names got into the mix: Brad “Yukon” Booth, Chris “maxxscam” Back, Scott “BigRiskky” Clements, Matthew “Jarfish” Jarvis, Jason “JAKoon1985” Koon and Terrance “Unassigned” Chan are just a few of the individual players with combined tournament career earnings of $1,000,000-$5,000,000; in some cases owning even higher totals, especially with high stakes cash games added.

If pieces of the puzzle found in the “twitterverse” fit together the way we see them, ‘Campbell’ Lu is also one of the tough opponents advancing; AKA none other than “Big_Nemo”, perhaps the most consistent Canadian online poker players in the major series held over 2010-2011.

Day 2 will resume play Saturday at noon, beginning at Level 9 and blinds at 600/1200. Those making the final table will return to play to completion on Sunday’s Day 3.

Here are the names of the players from each of the start days and their chip counts:

  • Day 1A & 1B

1st Place Galileo Castagnoli 175,375
Mansoor Hasib 151,600
Bryan Piccioli 124,325
Roneen Schaffer 122,800
Maxim Babko 117,600
Chad Sui 115,500
Bradley Booth 106,475
G.H. Su 98,775
Steve Wong 96,300
Jody Howe 95,250
Charles Shapro 94,100
CJ 88,575
Afshin Majidi 85,750
SB 83,925
Hanjoon “Mike” Kim 83,200
Zhi Pan 74,500
Dave S 73,075
Mark Speed 72,100
Matt Kachigan 69,875
Matt Jarvis 67,350
Arvin Ma 66,775
Douglas James 64,525
James Cambell 64,250
Tri Huynh 63,950
Matt Mortensen 63,025
Arif Dhalla 62,125
Big John 61,975
Allan Burger 61,525
Gene Loukerby 61,075
Jeremy Howe 60,475
Lev Keselman 58,100
Simon Harvic 58,075
Ge Meiyun 56,850
Glenn Sullivan 51,100
Vincent Rubianes 51,025
Craig Boyd 49,850
Joey Weissm 48,550
Tyler Hamade 46,575
Tom Karavas 46,475
Scott Davies 45,125
Phillip Elliot 44,725
Brandon Carey 41,675
Blake Randall 41,450
Amir Khakban 40,675
Homan Mohammadi 40,350
Don Krekoski 40,050
Nishi Tsunenisa 39,950
S Cohen 39,475
Kyle Ho 39,025
Anthony Smith 38,875
B Parpia 38,400
Victor Deol 38,300
Amichai Barer 37,825
Greg Roumanis 37,450
Lorraine Boe 37,250
Kosta Segonmis 34,950
Campbell Soup 34,350
Niel Davey 34,200
AP Smith 33,500
Ray Debruyn 32,550
Eden Stam 31,600
Andrew Tai 30,575
Greg Taylor 29,275
Thanh Dai 28,950
Sarkis Kassabian 28,850
Les Sam 28,775
Ilya Vikovlovski 28,400
Jeremy Yip 28,400
Viet Nguyen 28,100
Mike Kim 27,475
Tom Le 27,200
James Yeh 27,125
Dave Cung 26,750
JP Marques 26,700
Jun ishii Ishii 25,350
Winson Wong 25,350
Ryan Parmar 25,075
Brad Wilson 24,675
Chris Back 24,600
Ki Nam 24,575
Joanne Lewis 23,400
Leopold Chow 21,400
Jeff Gulid 20,075
Ivan Yau 20,050
Grace Lee 18,400
Shiraz Kassardjian 18,125
Kristy Lee 17,700
Juck Law 16,575
Shawn Rohatensky 15,925
Eric Chong 15,925
Mal Hagan 14,725
Cory Fischer 13,525
Brandon O’sullivan 13,425
Justin Mandair 11,125
Benny Cantin 6,575
John Agelakis 500
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