2011 Playground Poker Legends Tournament Results

Jean-Sebastien Bergeron - Playground Poker Legends Tournament Winner
Jean-Sebastien Bergeron - Playground Poker Legends Tournament Winner

The Playground Poker Legends Tournament came to a close last night and the results are in! The day, which began with the Legends Banquet and gave players access to some biggest names in hockey; big names such as Jean Beliveau, Yvon Cournoyer and Henri Richard and many others. As the tournament kicked off at 2:30 following the 2 hour banquet, players were given the opportunity to score impressive $300 bounties for knocking out one of the legends playing in the field. Poker pros in the field included Trishelle Cannatella, Valerie Ross and Jennifer Leigh – also worth the same tidy sum.

In the end, the final table was composed of local players long after all bounties had been had. At 17 player remaining they all put 100$ to give 17th to 14th 400$ and $50 more for  13th and 12th. The deals didn’t stop there, however, at 7 players remaining another deal was struck to give $2,000 to each player deal for 2000$ each and leave in the with $3,000 being reserved for 3rd, $4,000 for 2nd and $5,800 for first.

Loose play dominated the end of the event with an impressive number of all-in calls. To be sure, there were some very unique flops, with 3rd place being given away to trip aces. The event came to a conclusion at round 26 when Jean-Sebastien Bergeron beat the entire field of 125 players to come out on top after nearly 12 hours of solid play.

Legends Tournament Results

Position Name Total Winnings
1 Jean-Sebastien Bergeron $5,800.00
2 Arthur W. $4,000.00
3 Stephane Nadeau $3,000.00
4 Ryan Sgrignuoli $2,000.00
5 Humberto Castillo $2,000.00
6 Yohann Nataf $2,000.00
7 Wafic Fala $2,000.00
8 Sid Michaels $1,000.00
9 Nicolas Renaud $1,000.00
10 Alexandre Schiefke $1,000.00
11 Bobby Morin $450.00
12 Simon Gosselin $400.00
13 Arianne Labelle $350.00


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