2011 COPC Heads Up Championship Gallery


Event #3 of the 2011 COPC the signature Heads Up Championship wrapped up on Wednesday August 17 after 32 competitors battled it out to the finish. The Main Event battle featured John Wilson and Joel Bullock. Both men had to play 4 rounds of best 2 of 3 tournaments before making the final matchup. John defeated Arif Dhalla, Nav Shergill, Alemu Malconea and Derek Arnold. Joel defeated Michael Malm, Brandon Gibbons, Norm Overdijk, and Qi Hu.

After an intense 2 days, the last man standing was John Wilson who is crowned the 2011 COPC Champion following in the footsteps of previous winners Matt Jarvis and Benjamin LeBlond. Congratulations go out to John who took $25,000 for first place and to Joel who won $15,000 for 2nd place. 

You may view our photo below.




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